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Chapter 1010

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At this moment, there was really a huge commotion!

Nobody expected that those people who had suddenly appeared were Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou!

And this 'girl in black' who had created this big accident was actually the disciple of Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou!

Everyone was so shocked at the moment that they lost their ability to speak!

The once number two figures among the law-enforcement officers! The highest-ranking martial experts in the Nine Heavens!

But nobody knew since when these two experts had gotten a disciple . Now everyone had to be careful and tell their clans about this as soon as possible . The disciple of Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou wasn't someone whom they could afford to provoke . Once anyone provoked her… Chen Naihe and those people from the Chen clan were examples to learn from .

Before the Chen clan did anything to the girl, their whole troop was wiped out . If the clan really grabbed away the girl and did something to her… wouldn't their whole clan be exterminated?

The Chen clan was really unlucky this time . Why did it just choose to flirt with women at such a time? And if the Chen clan's elder hadn't come out, everything still had room for change; but that elder just so happened to be standing on the junior's side and helping him to bully girls!

It's still alright to bully ordinary girls, but it just so happened that the girl that they were bullying was the disciple of Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou…

What a firm kick on this piece of iron plate!

There were a total of five super big iron plates in the current Nine Heavens . Whoever kicked on them would be the hapless one .

The first big iron plate belonged to the Dharma Supreme . Provoking the Dharma Supreme would be equivalent to provoking all the law-enforcement officers in the Nine Heavens . This was the number one figure that nobody could afford to provoke .

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The second big iron plate was Ning Tianya . He was known as the number one expert in the world!

The third big iron plate was Bu Liuqing, and he's also claimed to be number one in the world! It's said that Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing had fought with each other for five or six thousand years just to claim the number one position in the world…

The fourth big iron plate was Yue Lingxue . His 'Three Thousand Miles of Frozen Ice' technique was sufficient to freeze the entire territory of the Zhuge clan into ice sculptures!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

The fifth big iron plate was Feng Yurou! Yue Lingxue's wife .

The whole world recognized these five big iron plates!

It's already unlucky enough to kick on one big iron plate, but the Chen clan had kicked on two! And it's two big iron plates that were the most united ones among the five!

No one could be more unlucky than the Chen clan .

If the Chen clan had only provoked Yue Lingxue, they could still ask Feng Yurou for mercy . If the Chen clan had only provoked Feng Yurou, they could still kowtow to Yue Lingxue… But now, they had provoked both of them at the same time!

"What happened next?" Zhuge Shanyun asked, after drinking a cup of tea as he felt a little dry in his throat .

"Next… That Chen Naihe seemed to be very surprised and said, 'It turns out to be Master Yue and Master Feng . Please forgive me for my discourtesy . I just found out that both of you already have a disciple, haha… I only have good intentions . I see that your disciple and my great-grandson make a natural pair, so I want to matchmake the two of them…'" Nangong Shifeng continued to narrate .

Everyone's face blackened .

It was said that Chen Naihe was a madman, but nobody believed in it . But now, everyone finally believed it; he's definitely a genuine madman! A lunatic!

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After being caught red-handed for flirting with others' disciple, he actually spoke such retarded words .

Who's your great-grandson? Who's the disciple of Master Yue? You actually wanted to matchmake both of them?…

It seemed that this guy not only had an accidental rebound from cultivation, but his brain had also retarded in the process of closed-door cultivation .

But everyone could understand a little of why Chen Naihe was acting this way: He had been in closed-door cultivation for more than 1,000 years and was out of touch with the outside world . This time around, he naturally wanted to revitalize his past glory . And if he had immediately kowtowed to others and pleaded mercy in front of all his descendants… it would be too shameful .

Besides, he's from the Chen clan and he's a sixth stage Supreme Martial Artist . In ordinary circumstances, Yue Lingxue could give him some face no matter what .

So it's understandable that Chen Naihe said such things that appeared to be stern but actually feeble in essence…

Moreover, Chen Naihe thought, Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou were law-enforcement officers, and they couldn't take the lead to open up a war against the nine great clans .

But tragedy was destined for this fellow because Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou were no longer law-enforcement officers now!

So, this sentence of Chen Naihe was certainly the root of the trouble, but it had also become Nangong Shifeng's capital of exercising his big mouth . Because this fellow had bragged this way: If you had kowtowed and pleaded for mercy earlier, how would you die…

Nangong Shifeng continued, "Then Master Yue Lingxue said, 'Motherf**ker! Who is your great-grandson, and how can he be compared to my disciple? This sentence of yours is sufficient to give you a capital offense!'"

Everyone felt speechless as they listened till here .

There's an improvement in Master Yue's oral skills . It's actually already a capital offense for others to compare their descendants with his own disciple!

"Master Feng Yurou said, 'It's a deadly sin that Chen Feiyu bullied people and flirted with women! And he actually flirted with my disciple! That's a sin upon sin!'"

There's nothing wrong with Chen Feiyu doing a deadly sin, but flirting with your disciple was actually a sin upon sin . But what sin was there above the deadly sin?

And she actually spoke with the tone of a law-enforcement officer .

This made everyone more speechless .

"Master Yue Lingxue continued, 'Chen Naihe is a lunatic, and he not only didn't stop his junior from committing the crimes, he still connived it . It's another deadly sin! All other people from the Chen clan didn't stop them either, but just stood by idly . This is connivance and they're all accomplices! So they similarly committed a deadly sin!'"

"So, Master Feng Yurou declared, 'Summing the above, all the people of the Chen clan should be damned! I'll kill y'all first, then I'll go settle with the Chen clan!' Then, two white shadows suddenly flew up and they carried out a great massacre!"

Cold sweat already crept up on Nangong Shifeng's head as he said till here .

Everyone also shuddered and had cold sweat over their heads as they listened .

This massacre was carried out with no reason at all…

It sounded that Feng Yurou and Yue Lingxue were still going to deal with the Chen clan afterward…

"A stretch of people from the Chen clan's troop was killed in a moment's time . Suddenly, there was a roar, and a dark monster-like person rushed up into the sky and said in midair, 'Two masters, are you not leaving our Chen clan even a bit of face?' Master Yue Lingxue said, 'If your Chen clan had a face, where would my face be?' And he continued his killing . "

Everyone sighed .

Yes, if the Chen clan had the face, where would be Yue Lingxue's face if his disciple had become a concubine of the Chen clan? With such a retarded brain of Chen Naihe, he really deserved to die .

"That monster roared and said, 'Run for your lives and report to the clan!' Instantly those people separated into five streams and fled in five directions . Master Yue Lingxue said coldly, 'You're still thinking of escaping? Three Thousand Miles of Frozen Ice!' Suddenly, the entire space outside the city gate turned into a huge piece of ice . The few figures which had fled were all frozen inside, and they couldn't move by a bit . "

"Then, Master Yue Lingxue walked up and said, 'My dear disciple, look, you must use the cruelest method in dealing with such villains . That would also be the crispest method in dealing with them . Kill them using the fastest way possible . ' As he said, he walked up towards a piece of ice and cracked a person's neck using one hand…"

"That girl in black followed behind him and said, 'Yes, teacher . ' As they spoke, Masters Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou finished killing all those Chen clan members on the spot, except for Chen Feiyu . Master Yue Lingxue asked the girl, 'How should this villain be punished?' The girl said, 'I've punished such kind of people before . I would just kill them with a stroke of the sword . ' Yue Lingxue shook his head and said smilingly, 'That's not enough! In dealing with such villains, we need to make him unable to become a person for all the time to come . ' The girl asked, 'Then what should be done?' Master Yue said, 'Destroy his form and soul!' As he said, he slammed down his palm . That Young Master Chen became a black hole, then it thickened and suddenly vanished…"

Everyone shuddered slightly as Nangong Shifeng said till here .

Especially when Nangong Shifeng was speaking what Yue Lingxue had said, he would look at Ye Shiyu, intentionally or unintentionally; Ye Shiyu's face instantly turned pale; as if it was him who Yue Lingxue was referring to .

"Master Feng flicked her sleeves, and the corpses of the Chen clan members, along with their horses, were blown away . I don't know where they went . Then she came over and lamented, 'There were so many people on the opposite side, and moreover they were from the nine big clans . Why didn't you just avoid them?'"

"That girl said, 'Teacher, I don't want to, but since this Young Master Chen dared to provoke me, he absolutely dared to provoke other women . If other women had no backings, how could they resist themselves from being flirted by him? I don't want to let go of such villains, so I must kill him!'"

"Master Feng said, 'But you clearly knew that you're not their opponent . How would you kill him?' That girl replied, 'Teacher, you'll naturally come out at the critical moment . I understand that my two teachers are following behind me; otherwise, I wouldn't have dared to provoke these villains so boldly . My intention is to make use of my teachers' powerful hands to clean away these villains in the world . '"

Everyone took a tumble .

No wonder this girl was so daring in confronting her opponents . It turned out that she was borrowing her teachers' knives to kill others .

How clever she was!

The wits of this girl really couldn't be looked down on .

"Master Feng said, 'Haha, little girl, your mind is really not simple . Let's enter the town and tell the Zhuge clan to behave better in the Medicine Banquet and not to offend my disciple… If our moods are good, we'll go find their elder to chat a few words . If our moods are bad, we'll also find their elder to have a chat…'"

Nangong Shifeng was already finishing his narration; but when this sentence was said, Zhuge Shanyun began sweating, and his stern face instantly turned into the color of bitter gourd .

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