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Chapter 1008

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The entire Chen clan's troop was killed?

Chu Yang also jerked .

Then, he instantly thought: Oh my, did Miss Zi do it? How did those people from the Chen clan anger her… That caused her to be so angry that she killed all of them…

But everyone in the room was greatly taken aback!

It was not just shocking, but utterly shocking!

What clan was the Chen clan? What power did they have? The Chen clan was one of the nine dominant clans!

Adding on to the fact that those from the Chen clan were here to participate in the Medicine Banquet, they were definitely the elites within the clan! Such people absolutely were protected by experts! And… the most important thing was, after the Medicine Banquet, experts from each of the nine great clans must be present to accomplish a great project together!

That's the most important thing after the Medicine Banquet .

The reason why Zhuge Shanyun had invited the three law-enforcement masters, the Ye clan, Ling clan and Chen clan over here first was to make arrangements for this matter .

Now, they didn't need to wait for the Chen clan anymore!

What's this even?

"What has happened?" After Zhuge Shanyun recovered from his initial shock, he sat down slowly . And when he asked this question, his entire person had actually already calmed down .

Chu Yang praised him secretly in his heart .

With Zhuge Shanyun's endurance level, he was indeed worthy of his position as the clan master of the Zhuge clan . There's no use in rushing there now since the accident was already over . Moreover, before the situation was known, rushing there now… might not be good .

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"The Chen clan… Chen…" That warrior still sounded hasty even after he spent a while calming himself down .

Zhuge Shanyun frowned and said, "You shall have a cup of tea first . Calm down and say slowly . There's no need for you to hurry . "

Ling Hanwu, Han Xiaoran and the rest all sat down . After experiencing the initial shock, all of them had their hearts full of doubts .

That person sat down, panted for a few breaths, held up the cup of tea, and drank all the tea down in one mouthful .

Zhuge Shanyun frowned and said, "Let all those people who have gone to welcome the Chen clan come in . If there are witnesses unrelated to the Medicine Banquet, bring them in as well . "

As he said, he cupped his hands towards Han Xiaoran, Mu Jiuyou and Yuan Jinbao, and said smilingly, "Since the three law-enforcement masters happen to be here, you shall listen to the ins and outs of the accident . "

Han Xiaoran and the other two law-enforcement masters nodded their heads solemnly .

This matter could be said to be a big case that shocked the entire Nine Heavens! If it's mishandled, and the Chen clan wanted to take revenge and threw up an upheaval, it would create chaos over the entire martial world!

If the Chen clan pointed their fingers at the Zhuge clan, the Zhuge clan would really be over .

Now, Han Xiaoran and the other two law-enforcement masters were here and they could investigate the accident clearly in front of everyone . Although this seemed hasty, it could clear away the suspicion of the Zhuge clan .

Because no one could doubt the testimonies of three law-enforcement masters .

Not for long, seven or eight people rushed in . There's another person who's dressed like an ordinary warrior, and he apparently had come from a foreign land . Chu Yang almost laughed when he saw this warrior .

He actually knew this person . He's Nangong Shifeng! Nangong Shifeng from the Jinjian Organization . Now, he could be said to be Chu Yang's man .

It's only that Nangong Shifeng's face was already smoother, and the tattoos and words on his face were already gone . Although his face was still black and didn't look good, it's already a world apart from that of before .

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Nangong Shifeng also saw Chu Yang, but Nangong Shifeng didn't see Chu Yang's real appearance before and thus didn't recognize him . His eyes swept past Chu Yang and the crowd, then he lowered his head .

"Clan master, this person has witnessed the whole process of the accident!" that warrior reported respectfully, "After the accident, he left, but he bragged in a restaurant, saying: Those people from the Chen clan are really fools . If I was one of them, I would have directly apologized, then all the rest wouldn't have happened… My subordinates felt that he spoke strangely, so they went up to examine him . "

"Senseless mouth! Really senseless mouth!" Mu Jiuyou said as he looked coldly at Nangong Shifeng .

Everyone nodded approvingly .

You've witnessed such a big matter; It's still alright if you just quickly walked away from the scene, yet you actually went away to brag… Saying you would so and so and so if you were one of them… Isn't your mouth senseless?

Chu Yang shook his head and sighed .

This mouth of Nangong Shifeng… He had suffered loss last time because of his big mouth, now he actually… had repeated this mistake .

Nangong Shifeng was clever and could play petty tricks well, but he repeatedly suffered from his big mouth . The first time was when he met Ye Shiyu, and the second time, when he met Chu Yang . And now… Nangong Shifeng had suffered another loss because of his big mouth .

Then Chu Yang realized that Ye Shiyu was here too .

Ye Shiyu already started to scream from aside, "I see why this person looks so familiar to me! Hey, isn't this Nangong Shifeng? Who has removed the tattoo on your head for you?"

Nangong Shifeng shuddered for a moment and said, "I'm lucky to have met a divine doctor…"

Giggling like a girl, Ye Shiyu said, "Good, good, I'll give you another one tomorrow . "

Nangong Shifeng lowered his head . A flash of profound hatred swept past his eyes .

Zhuge Shanyun coughed and said, "You're Nangong Shifeng?"

Nangong Shifeng replied, "Yes, I am . "

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Zhuge Shanyun nodded warmly and said, "We've called you here just to know what had happened at the city gate in the afternoon . We'll let you go after you've finished telling us . You don't have to feel too stressed . "

Nangong Shifeng nodded . "Yes, clan master . Thank you . "

Zhuge Shanyun laughed and said, "Good, you're smart . I'm the current clan master of the Zhuge clan, Zhuge Shanyun . As for the three opposite you, they're Sir Han, Sir Yuan and Sir Mu, the law-enforcement masters from the South-East region, North region and South region respectively . On your right is the second master of the Ling clan . As for the two young masters from the Ye clan, you know both of them, so I'm not introducing them to you . "

Nangong Shifeng lowered his head and said, "Yes . " He was shocked that all those present here were big figures .

Zhuge Shanyun said, "I'm introducing these people to you not to let you know them, but to tell you that if you speak a fake word, it'll be a disaster for you! You must consider what you're going to say carefully . "

Nangong Shifeng's body trembled and he said, "Yes, I'll keep that in mind . "

Zhuge Shanyun laughed . "Then you shall explain the afternoon's accident in detail . "

Nangong Shifeng agreed . He licked his lips and started recalling, "I felt a little stuffy in the city in the afternoon, and I don't look good, so no one wants to come up to me . So I went to the city gate to have a look at the experts coming into the city . I was thinking of earning some extra income if I met anyone who didn't know the way around the city…"

Chu Yang laughed in his heart, but also felt a little touched .

Nangong Shifeng had gone to the city gate definitely not to earn 'extra income', but to help Chu Yang inquire news…

"When I arrived at the city gate, it was already dusk . The Chen clan was rushing forward from afar, and they looked imposing . "

"When they were not more than two miles from the city gate, a young girl in black came galloping from afar and her horse got in front of the Chen clan's troop…"

Nangong Shifeng recalled .

"A girl in black? What does she look like?" Upon hearing this, everyone instantly understood that the accident probably had something to do with this 'girl in black' .

Chu Yang felt strange: A girl in black? It seems that Zi Xieqing has been wearing white clothes all along; besides, she never wears black clothes . Why would there be a girl in black?

"This girl in black had her face covered with a black veil, and she looked quite slim . I didn't see her face clearly," Nangong Shifeng replied .

"Alright, continue," Zhuge Shanyun said .

"By then, they were already very close to the city gate . The girl in black crossed the Chen clan's troop and was about to enter the city . But at this moment, there's a person from the Chen clan who laughed and said, "How sweet-smelling! What a big hip! This girl, did you just fart a sweet fart? Gee, you're indeed a beauty . Even the fart of a beauty smells good . "

Everyone frowned the moment this sentence was spoken .

These hooligan words were said from the mouth of someone from the Chen clan?

This is too… indecent .

"Someone from the Chen clan said this?" Han Xiaoran asked .

As a law-enforcement master, having handled countless cases in his life, he had a sensitive mind .

"Yes," Nangong Shifeng said as he blinked his eyes and added, "That time, there's a heavy wind from the South . As the girl in black galloped past the Chen clan, the dust on the ground was stirred up… This… This…"

"Oh, ~~~" Everyone took a tumble . It must be that the dust had dirtied those people from the Chen clan, and the Chen clan was deliberately finding fault with this girl in black . What kind of clan was the Chen clan? How would they be willing to suffer from such a loss?

"Besides, the person from the Chen clan who spoke… seems to be the nineteenth young master of the Chen clan, Chen Feiyu…" Nangong Shifeng added on after some hesitation .

"It turns out to be him! No wonder!" Everyone frowned deeply upon hearing the name 'Chen Feiyu'!

Chen Feiyu, the nineteenth young master from the Chen clan; he's known for being lascivious and could be said to be a famous lecher in the Nine Heavens! He even cultivated using 'Cloud-Rain Double Technique', which required both yin and yang energy .

Nobody felt surprised at all that these words came out from Chen Feiyu's mouth . It would instead be a wonder if Chen Feiyu didn't say such things when he's present in the troop .

Chen Feiyu had done many evil deeds these years, but he had the backing of the Chen clan, so the law-enforcement officers could do nothing to him . It seemed that this lecher had met a hard opponent this time around .

"That girl in black immediately turned her horse back upon hearing these words and said: Who's the one who spoke just now?" Nangong Shifeng actually sounded murderous as he imitated the way the girl in black had talked .

Everyone gazed at one another . It looked like this 'girl in black' had a great background . Even if she didn't know that the other party was the Chen clan, she still dared to confront a troop of over a hundred people . How would she be an ordinary character?

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