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Chapter 1007

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The sound was stiff, cold, and like the colliding sound of metals .

Upon hearing this sound and without looking back, an image arose in his heart: skinny, scraggy, tall, had eagle-like eyes and a face that looked like that of a corpse!

He raised his head and saw a person in green robe standing in front of him .

Chu Yang stepped up the last stair and stood in front of this person .

He raised his head and nodded .

Indeed .

Skinny, scraggy, tall, had eagle-like eyes and a face that looked like that of a corpse!

Chu Yang had guessed it all correctly

He said smilingly, "You are?"

That person in green snorted and said, "I'm the law-enforcement master of the South region! I'm called Mu Jiuyou!"

Chu Yang smiled and said, "I see, it's Law-Enforcement Master Mu . Please forgive me for my discourtesy, may I know what you've said just now? I was nervous and didn't hear you clearly . "

Mu Jiuyou said angrily, "You're still pretending? Chu Yang, Envoy Chu! How majestic and daring you are! In my South region, you killed people just like cutting vegetables! A few slashes, and blood would be flying all over the place! I shall ask you, what authority do you have?"

Han Xiaoran, that fat man and a person in purple followed up and stood in a line, looking at Mu Jiuyou and Chu Yang .

Han Xiaoran was smiling . He's obviously very confident that Chu Yang could get through this .

Chu Yang's face turned cold and he said lightly, "Law-Enforcement Master Mu, you're wrong in saying this!"

Mu Jiuyou said furiously, "Where am I wrong?"

Chu Yang said coldly, "I thought that you're joking with me, but I didn't expect that you're not . I even thought that you would commend me highly or express your deep gratitude towards me upon seeing me, but neither was this the case . What I didn't expect the most was that, because of this matter, you've come to accuse me the moment you saw me! I feel utterly surprised!"

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Mu Jiuyou smirked . "Kid, you mean, we should be grateful towards you and commend you for overriding my authority and killing people in the South region, that's under my jurisdiction? Aren't you dreaming? Say for yourself why I should be grateful towards you!"

Chu Yang said calmly, "I would like to ask, do the law-enforcement officers have any record of everyone in the area of jurisdiction? For instance, records of rape and pillage?"

Mu Jiuyou was startled and said, "What do you want to say?"

Chu Yang said softly, "The Sun clan had been throwing their weight around in the region and colluding with the law-enforcement officers to bully the residents here! Law-Enforcement Master Mu, I suppose you don't know these things?"

He added lightly, "If you say you don't know, you should thank me for telling you this . "

Mu Jiuyou stared furiously at him . He didn't know how to answer Chu Yang .

If he said that he knew, he would be guilty of connivance! If he said that he didn't know, he would be blamed for inadequate oversight of the region .

"The task and mission of law-enforcement officers are to eradicate the tyrants and return peace to those good people!" Chu Yang said righteously, "What's there to pity about having these villains killed? Although I had to override your authority by a bit, I believe that even the Dharma Supreme would clap for me if he's here!"

Mu Jiuyou snorted and said, "If that's the case, you're not only not at fault for killing people in my place, but you also have merit?"

"Of course it's merit!" Chu Yang said resolutely, "Law-Enforcement Master Mu, not only I've eliminated those villains in your region of jurisdiction, but I've also protected your reputation and avoided you to be charged for not supervising your region of jurisdiction well! That's to say I've made a huge contribution to your region!"

"Law-Enforcement Master Mu, if you're still not contented, we can each submit a statement to the Dharma Supreme and let him judge for us!"

Mu Jiuyou was at a loss of what to say . How could he not know that law-enforcement masters have the rights to directly write to the Dharma Supreme? If Han Xiaoran really did this… the Dharma Supreme would at the very least scrape a layer of skin off him!

He felt enraged as he looked at Chu Yang .

He had originally wanted to deal a head-on blow on this fellow first, but he didn't expect that the reverse could happen .

"So, Law-Enforcement Master Mu, if you want to commend me, I could only accept your commendation, since it's impolite of me to refuse it," Chu Yang said smilingly .

"Hahaha… Mu Jiuyou! You're defeated this time!" that fat man laughed as he said, "You think that everyone is afraid of your dead face, haha . This brother really has a glib tongue! Glib tongue! Old Brother Han, you've really gotten a good helper . "

Han Xiaoran said smilingly, "The endurance level of my little brother of course can't be compared to that of ordinary people!"

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He turned around and said to Mu Jiuyou, "Mu Jiuyou! My little brother is right in saying this! You're in charge of the South region, but how does it look like now? If not for little brother's help in purging it, you wouldn't have good fruits to eat a few days later when the Dharma Supreme comes! Now you get the punishment you deserve, humph!"

Mu Jiuyou's face flushed . He snorted and flicked his sleeves . "Even if my people are wrong, it's not other people's turn yet to punish them! Han Xiaoran, I'll turn back to revenge you next time . "

Han Xiaoran said lightly, "If you want, feel free to get to my South-East region! As long as you kill those bad guys, not to mention a dozen of them, even if it's 10 thousand, I won't frown at all . And, I'll promise to invite you to have a drink for one person that you've killed!"

Mu Jiuyou snorted, turned around and walked back, sitting heavily on his chair . Then he gave Chu Yang a few stern glances .

Han Xiaoran also snorted before looking towards Chu Yang and said smilingly, "Little brother, let me introduce this fat guy to you . He's the law-enforcement master of the North region, Yuan Jinbao!"

"Law-Enforcement Master Yuan," Chu Yang said smilingly and clasped his hands to greet him .

Yuan Jinbao said smilingly, "Little brother, you're a clever young man . I admire you very much . "

The elder in purple behind strode forward and a warm smile revealed on his square and stern-looking face . He said, "Envoy Chu, I'm Zhuge Shanyun . "

Chu Yang was taken aback .

He had long known that there's definitely an important figure from the Zhuge clan here, but he didn't expect the clan master of the Zhuge clan to be here greeting the guests!

Zhuge Shanyun!

Everyone chatted along as they walked into the hall . It's fairly spacious . It was hundreds of feet wide and had dozens of table . One could see with a glance which was the head tables and guest tables .

Besides, the head tables didn't look imposing, nor did the guest tables appear estranged . It could be seen that the tables were designed carefully .

Chu Yang and Han Xiaoran naturally sat at the first table .

Zhuge Shanyun sat alone at a table . Besides, other than maid servants, there're no other people from the Zhuge clan .

This phenomenon made Chu Yang frown .

No matter what, as the master of the Zhuge clan, there should be more people serving him . Besides, since the clan master was making his appearance personally, the more men from the Zhuge clan there should be with him to accompany the guests .

But there's no one . This made Chu Yang instantly feel that there's another purpose in this banquet .

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The doctor from the South region's Law Enforcement Hall was sitting together with Mu Jiuyou, while the doctor from the North region's Law Enforcement Hall was with Yuan Jinbao . But, these two people were the fattest among all, and they had to squeeze in one table .

Han Xiaoran secretly squeezed Chu Yang's hand tightly, signaling to him to be calm .

Chu Yang understood and sat quietly .

Everyone started to chat .

Not for long, footsteps sounded from outside . A maid quickly came in to report, "Clan master, Second Master Ling and Miss Ling are here . "

Zhuge Shanyun immediately said, "Greet them in quickly . " Then he stood up .

Chu Yang looked on with a cold eye . He thought: When I came just now, this old man hid at the back, but now he's the first to stand up . Those from the nine big clans are indeed greeted everywhere .

Ling Hanwu and Ling Hanxue walked in as they chatted along .

Both of their clothes were as white as snow . They were tall and straight, and looked just like a pair of golden boy and jade girl .

The duo walked in and greeted others smilingly . Ling Hanwu's face slightly changed as he saw Chu Yang, and he walked over . "Brother Chu, you've actually come here so early . "

"My place is near here . " Chu Yang smiled .

Ling Hanxue also looked towards Chu Yang . She seemed to have thought of something and suddenly asked, "Brother Chu, is Miss Zi here?"

Chu Yang naturally understood why she had asked this way . It seemed that the valiance of Zi Xieqing had feared the Ling clan by quite some bit . He said smilingly, "She has gone out to play . It's a little inappropriate to bring family members here in this kind of formal setting . "

Ling Hanxue's face changed . She gave him a deep look and said, "I see, Miss Zi is your…"

Chu Yang smiled calmly, saying, "She's my ninth concubine . She's just a country girl and hasn't seen enough of the world . "

Ling Hanxue snorted and sat back coldly, ignoring him . With her cleverness, she of course wouldn't believe that a woman like Zi Xieqing would be a concubine! What's more a ninth concubine…

Since Chu Yang had said it this way, that meant he still did not want to speak the truth .

This guy actually still said that Zi Xieqing was some 'country girl'… If she's a country girl… Then there would really be no beauty in the world…

Ling Hanwu smiled bitterly and sat down with Ling Hanxue .

The Ye clan's people also came immediately after . But it was Ye Shiyu and that second master of the Ye clan .

"My aunt is feeling unwell after traveling for long distances . Clan Master Zhuge, please don't blame her," Ye Shiyu said . The table they were at was exactly opposite to that of Chu Yang, and Ye Shiyu saw Chu Yang at the first look . Instantly, his face turned pale…

Everyone felt strange: There's actually someone that can scare the third master of the Ye clan into such a mnner? They looked around curiously and saw Chu Yang gazing 'deeply and affectionately' back at Ye Shiyu .

Instantly, everyone had goosebumps!

The pores on Ye Shiyu's face widened and he instantly lowered his pale face . His body actually also shuddered for a moment .

Zhuge Shanyun looked somewhat disappointed as he tried to calm everyone down .

But no matter how disappointed he was, Ling Hanwu was more disappointed than him . Upon hearing that Ye Chuchen wasn't coming, he instantly turned on a restless appearance .

Everyone had basically all arrived, but Zhuge Shanyun had yet to announce the start of the banquet .

The few law-enforcement masters also sat quietly, as if waiting for some other people to come…

Chu Yang felt strange: Who else is coming? It seems that everyone knows except me…

Hurried footsteps sounded from the white jade bridge . From the sound, one would instantly know that the person rushing here was in panic .

Zhuge Shanyun's brows frowned tightly .

At the next moment, someone shouted hurriedly and terrificly, "Clan master! Something bad has happened… The Chen clan was attacked the moment they entered the Tianji City this afternoon! Among the 156-people caravan, which includes two young masters and four Supreme Martial Artists, no one survives the attack!"

Zhuge Shanyun stood up abruptly . "What?!"

Han Xiaoran, Yuan Jinbao and Mu Jiuyou also raised their heads abruptly, their eyes filled with disbelief!

How is this possible?

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