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Chapter 1006

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When Chu Yang reached the front doors of the Shui Yue garden in the evening, he could still hear his heart pounding: don't you ever want to fold the nine heavens?

The words of the sword spirit!

Of course, Chu Yang knew what the sword spirit meant was: Don't you want the ultimate ability to be able to fold the Nine Heavens?

I want it!

Of course, I want it!

Not only do I want it, having this ability wouldn't even be enough to satisfy me!

But for now, I will have to continue this journey step by step . As long as I'm still alive, I will be able to reach my goal one day! When that time comes, I can laugh at the mountains and rivers and be indifferent to this world . Even though I will be lonely, I still want to be able to control the world!

Chu Yang looked up, "Shui Yue garden" came into view .

Shui Yue garden .

The number one attraction in Tianji City!

The water reflects the despairs of people, the water reflects the moon in the sky; when people get drunk at Shui Yue garden, you can hear the despair in songs muttered by the people .

Chu Yang fixed his gaze afar and realized that the place was a huge lake . The fog was so thick that he could hardly see the horizon . Now that it was dusk, mist surrounded the lake, similar to clouds rising in the sky .

Even though clouds were high up in the sky, it seemed close, just like the mist .

In the sky, a new moon could be seen . The reflection of the moon in the lake rippled, looming in the heavy mist . Standing there, it was very hard to differentiate whether it was land or sky .

Behind the plaque of Shui Yue garden was a white jade bridge . It was the only way in and out . It seemed narrow yet grand!

Even though it was not wide, the bridge covered the entire breadth of the lake, and was connected to the Shui Yue garden which was situated in the middle of the huge lake . People walking on the bridge, felt as though they were walking on clouds . The mist flowing around the sides of the bridge, made people feel as though they were riding the wind .

Even if the tackiest commoner were to stand there, he would have felt himself becoming more elegant .

When Chu Yang stepped forth, two burly men guarding the bridge stopped him and asked, "Who are you?"

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"Chu Yang from the South East, I'm here for the banquet . " Chu Yang replied .

"Envoy Chu! Please . " The two men bowed .

Chu Yang thanked them and continued to walk .

At the head of the bridge, there were two large pillars on either side . The left one stated: You may be able to travel around unnoticed . But get drunk at Shui Yue garden, and you will be like a clumsy fool!

The one on the right stated: Once you are drunk, you fight and kill without mercy .

Chu Yang muttered the words under his breath .

The guard beside him smiled . "This must be the first time you are visiting Shui Yue garden, which is why you are unfamiliar with the origin of the words . "

There was actually a hint of pride in his words .

Chu Yang raised his eyebrows . "Oh?"

The big man smiled and said, "The two sentences on the left were left by Supreme Martial Artist Ning, Ning Tianya when he came for a drink . Envoy Chu, if you observe closely, these two sentences were engraved using his fingers in one stroke . "

Chu Yang said, "Oh… so Supreme Martial Artist Ning was here before . "

The big man laughed and said, "Yes . As for the one on the right, Bu Liuqing, Supreme Martial Artist Bu came after a few months and saw the sentences left by Supreme Martial Artist Ning . He laughed and exclaimed, Since old Ning has left a message, I shall do so too . That is why he engraved those words . "

When the man was explaining, his voice was filled with emotions, especially while imitating the arrogant tone and behavior of a Supreme Martial Artist .

Chu Yang shook his head and said, "You are so knowledgeable . "

However, in his mind, he was thinking: Even if Bu Liuqing came here, he would not have said such kind of words . Even though the engravings on the stone is real, this guy's words are purely made up .

Having walked just ten steps on the bridge, he could already feel the breeze entering his sleeves . He could feel the wind blowing at his upper arms, and at that moment, he felt like he was floating .

Water flowed gently under the bridge, giving out soft wavy sounds . At that moment, the surroundings gave off a special sense of calmness . All the troubles seemed to disappear into thin air .

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Only peace and satisfaction were left behind .

Dressed in black, Chu Yang watched the light slowly diminish across the horizon and the earth gradually fall into darkness as he slowly walked across the white jade bridge .

He was not even halfway across the bridge .

He thought: If I'm in the nine heavens, walking between clouds, the feeling should be like this, right?

For a moment, he was actually reluctant to leave .

As he continued quietly, he thought of something: Not everyone who drinks in Shui Yue garden is a powerful martial artist . Isn't it open to the public? Will those unskilled rich men fall over this bridge when they are drunk and maybe even drown?

So, there should have been many people who drowned under this bridge?

With that thought, Chu Yang was dumbfounded and was no longer reluctant to leave . He strode forward .

In Shui Yue garden, three people were staring at the white jade bridge .

One of them was thin and tall . He wore a light robe and held his hands behind him . He said calmly, "This Envoy Chu, I wonder if he can walk here within an hour?"

Another person was of medium build . His round body gave others the impression of a rich man . His round belly and face made him look quite cute . Even though he did not smile, his figure made him look as though he was . "There are hidden mechanisms within Shui Yue garden . It purifies the mortal heart and cleanses the spiritual soul . If it's his first time walking on the bridge, I doubt he can walk to the end within an hour… I feel that this Envoy Chu, would definitely take more than an hour . "

Between the two, was the stern-faced Han Xiaoran wearing a big robe with wide sleeves . He clasped his hands behind his back, his eagle eyes staring at Chu Yang who just stepped on the bridge . "Do you think that my little brother is useless like the two of you? " he said calmly .

Both of them harrumphed and said, "Brother Han, do not jump too early to conclusions…"

Han Xiaoran said lightly, "You can purify your heart while on the white jade bridge, you can get drunk in Shui Yue garden; a cry, a laugh over a glass of wine . A lifetime of spring . There are good scenery, good wine and good food . This is a happy occasion which would be better if only there weren't two oblivious people . "

The facial expressions on the other two changed .

That very moment was when Chu Yang was on the bridge, not halfway across it yet and was slowing down . "Brother Han, your little brother seems to be entranced," the two mocked .

"Many people often jump to conclusions right from the start . However, in the end, they just lose face . " Han Xiaoran said calmly .

The faces of the two changed . The tall man yelled, "You think this envoy of yours can actually withstand the purification of the soul? You should realize that he is walking slower and slower!"

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Han Xiaoran was not affected and said faintly, "Facts speak louder than words! The two of you should use your eyes to see and not use your mouth to comment . People succeed not by using their mouths . "

The two men ignored him and sneered .

At that moment, Chu Yang suddenly sped up . The black clothes flowed, as he walked toward them without hesitation .

He neither ignored the scenery nor slowed down . At the same speed, he walked towards Shui Yue garden . Other than that little pause when he just got on the bridge, the whole process was actually as smooth as the flowing river .

The three, including Han Xiaoran, were shocked .

The three men had all walked on the white jade bridge before . When they first set foot on the bridge, they all had different reactions though they all managed to cross within an hour .

However, judging by the speed at which Chu Yang was walking, he definitely needed less than 15 minutes to do so!

Maybe, he didn't even need five .

As the three people looked on seriously, Chu Yang had already crossed the bridge .

His black attire blended in with the night as he walked coolly, looking as though he was riding on the mists . Soon after, he reached Shui Yue garden and his figure could no longer be seen .

Han Xiaoran smiled, and asked with a raised eyebrow, "How do you feel about my envoy?"

The tall and thin man twitched his lips and said, "He is just an unromantic boor, that's all . "

Han Xiaoran smirked and said softly, "I pity the South law-enforcement master!"

The round-faced man laughed, "This is nothing, let's make him utterly drunk later! Haha, haha… . . "

When Chu Yang reached the door at the front of Shui Yue garden, two young women in white bowed and greeted him . "Are you the South East envoy, Envoy Chu? "

"Yes, I am," he answered .

"Welcome Envoy Chu, please follow me," one of them said, before turning around and gracefully guiding the way . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Chu Yang said: "Thank you, Miss . "

He followed her up the tower .

The staircase opened up Chu Yang's eyes; the staircase was built out of white jade . There were messages left by people on the wall every few steps, and all the messages were left by important and famous people in the nine heavens .

While walking, the young woman explained the messages to him .

On the walls, there were four big words: "All laws come from the heart!"

However, beneath the four words was a long horizontal line .

"This was written by Dharma Supreme Fa when he visited Shui Yue garden that year . " the woman quietly explained .

"Dharma Supreme Fa?" That was the second time Chu Yang had heard that name!

Fa Zun, the real dictator of the Nine Heavens!

The supreme leader of all law enforcers in the nine heavens!

However, after seeing those words, Chu Yang frowned . Those words, 'All laws come from the heart'… if they were used to describe one's cultivation in the martial arts, they were still appropriate . However, if they were used to describe the laws of the nine heavens, it would be overbearing, not to mention insufferably arrogant, making it sound as though he was the greatest .

On the way up, there was a message from Ye Di at the third storey: Spend the night at Shui Yue garden, get drunk at Shui Yue garden .

Adjacent to it, was Xiao Se's message: Listen to the water flowing here, half of the lake is filled with desolation, the other half with blood, one half filled with happiness; the other half with tears; one half filled with skeletons, the other half still empty .

It seemed like those two had come together .

After that, all the way up until the ninth floor, there were no more messages, the young woman in white smiled and said, "Envoy Chu is the cream of the crop, if possible, can you leave a message in this tower?"

Chu Yang smiled and asked, "Me?" He chuckled before saying, "Maybe one day, but not now . "

The woman smiled and said, "If that's the case, Envoy Chu, my lord's banquet, is on this ninth and top floor!"

Chu Yang thanked her and continued walking .

Just as he stepped in, a cold voice was heard . "Are you the South East law enforcement envoy? Their first physician? Chu Yang?"

"Thank you for your concern . I am honored to be selected by law-enforcement master Han to be the envoy . As for the title of the first physician, I'm afraid that I am not worthy enough . " Chu Yang answered .

The voice let out a cold laugh . "You are the South East envoy, yet you meddled with the laws of the South, on my territory . Surprisingly, you did it without any hesitation . Who gave you the permission and courage to do so?!"

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