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Published at 14th of September 2019 02:45:00 PM
Chapter 1002

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The elder looked at the word and laughed bitterly . "Young friend, you have given me a difficult problem indeed . On the same day, three people in a row have asked to test the same word… You are going to ruin my reputation . "

Chu Yang smiled . "Your reputation is cast in stone . It can't be ruined by just anyone . "

The elder laughed widely and said, "Too bad, you aren't just anyone . "

He said "just anyone", those two words, with a heavier intonation, seeming to have a hidden meaning behind it .

As he said, he held up the piece of paper to his eyes and studied it carefully . "Well written! Well written!" he said, "These steady bold strokes seem to be written with steel and you can see the clear murderous intent in it . I can see a large number of people who have been killed behind it . Looking at this word makes me feel as if I am looking at the fold of the Nine Heavens . "

He raised his head and looked at Chu Yang, saying with a smile, "Young friend, the sin of killing is great with you . "

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Chu Yang smiled . "Please help me with this problem, wise man . "

The elder's expression became serious . "May I ask what you want to know?"

Chu Yang gave a faint smile . "Since everyone asked about their prospects, I want to know mine as well . "

After he said that, everyone had a strange expression on their faces .

First, there was a white-clothed man who wrote the word for visiting .

He stood up in a daze, as if he just had a dream . "Let's go back," he said and walked back unsteadily .

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Zi Xieqing and Chu Le'er walked behind him worriedly .

Chu Le'er tugged at Zi Xieqing's hand and asked, "Sister Zi, what happened to my brother?"

Zi Xieqing frowned and replied, "I don't know either . "

She had a niggling feeling that Chu Yang's godly spirit left his body for a moment . However, it returned back in the next moment, the very short time interval making her slightly befuddled .

On the way back, they suddenly heard a loud wail at an intersection . A large number of people were carrying a casket and turning at the front .

When Chu Yang looked closely, he saw that two of the people were those who went to give out food boxes with Diwu Qingyun in the morning, which made his heart jolt . He pulled away one of the people nearby and asked, "Who died?"

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"Master Diwu Qingyun died from a sudden illness . " The person was a martial artist from the Zhuge clan . Upon seeing Chu Yang, he knew that Chu Yang must be one one of the doctors attending the Medicine Banquet . Hence, he answered Chu Yang immediately .

"Diwu Qingyun is dead?" Chu Yang frowned, finding it weird . He thought in his mind: Could Diwu Qingyun have gone to find Diwu Qingrou to get even with him and Diwu Qingrou, especially since his plans failed and he got berated, killed Diwu Qingyun in a fit of anger? However, Diwu Qingrou didn't seem like such a petty person…

Chu Yang was right, Diwu Qingrou was not one who would kill in a fit of anger, but Diwu Qingyun did spoil his plans!

For this sort of plans, not just Diwu Qingrou, even Chu Yang would be unable to stop himself from killing someone .

Moreover, Diwu Qingyun was someone Diwu Qingrou wanted to kill .

Noises could be heard from afar, shouts of exclamations, shouts of excitement; someone shouted: the South Law-enforcement master, the South-east Law-enforcement master and the North Law-enforcement master had arrived .

From another side, another voice could be heard: the dominating family of the Nine Heavens, the Ye clan, had arrived too…

This voice was nearer .

The three law-enforcement masters seemed to turn at a corner, and were brought to another place to rest by the Zhuge clan . The Ye clan, on the other hand, were coming here directly .

Chu Yang pulled Zi Xieqing and Chu Le'er to stand at the roadside, feeling excited .

The Ye clan was here, but did the famous Ye Chuchen… the wife of his own teacher come?'天' means 'sky' or 'heaven' in Chinese, in this context, it means 'heaven''一' means 'one' in Chinese

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