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Chapter 1001

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"Another for visiting .

The elder looked at her with sympathy and said, "You wrote this word with heartfelt respect, so it is filled with energy, coursing through the clouds . "

"And all lives are forms of gratitude . In your heart resides a gratitude of recreation . This also explains exactly that… the feelings you have towards the person you are looking for, are respect and gratitude, not love . If it was, there would be great misery, deep-rooted and unresolvable pain… The signs would then be different . "

The elder smiled and said, "So I cannot guarantee the prospects that you are asking about, but I can say that in your life, there will be surprises yet no danger, and your misfortunes will turn into blessings . Your future is the steps in front of you, and also in the Nine Heavens . Wherever you go depends on your will . "

Zi Xieqing was perplexed . "Then may I ask, the person I'm looking for, could he ever be found?"

Her tone had completely changed to be respectful and humble .

The elder sighed . "I have a few words for you . "

"Do speak," Zi Xieqing said .

"As I mentioned before, what was originally one person has become two . Hahaha…" the elder replied .

The elder paused before continuing in a low voice, "Is it possible to have power beyond belief? It's very taxing to be the greatest of all . How do you complain in a life full of hardships? To travel the world yet to find no place like home . It is impossible to split a girl's heart into halves . When are resentments ever for oneself? If you long to roam the heavens a few rounds, how do you cherish the people before you?"

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"How do you complain in a life full of hardships? To travel the world yet to find no place like home… When are resentments ever for oneself… How do you cherish the people in front of you?" Zi Xieqing muttered the words several times and after a long while, she exclaimed, "But there isn't anybody in front of me!"

Suddenly, she beamed . Tossing over a purple crystal, she said, "You rascal, at least what you said made sense . " She gently got up .

Everyone was stunned .

This lady indeed had abnormal mood swings . You obviously knew that he was right thus paid him and yet you could not spare him of your sharp tongue . Speaking of it, that was rather harsh of you to call the elder a 'rascal' . How f*cking old were you to call an elder a 'rascal'?

However, the elder did not take it to heart . With a smile, he said, "If that's the case, thank you for the rewards . "

His eyes that had seen the world, gleamed as he continued, "Having seen someone of such great status today, my life has not been a waste . "

Still smiling, Zi Xieqing made a sound of disgruntlement and turned around without replying .

The elder chuckled yet again .

He spun around and looked at Chu Yang, "Young friend, do you want to check a word as well?"

Chu Yang thought for a while and said, "If that's the case, I guess I wouldn't mind . "

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He casually sat down .

This elder was obviously not from the Zhuge clan . But right here, he gave off an aura so similar to one that belonged to the Zhuge clan that nobody could tell that he was not one of them . Even some of the warriors from the Zhuge clan who were passing by looked at him with reverence .

A look that one would give to an elder of the family clan .

But the elder was composed and never responded to these behaviors . In fact, he seemed to be hiding a laugh of mischief, which left Chu Yang astonished .

Furthermore, the elder's cultivation was vast like the ocean, which was impossible to see through .

It was reasonable for him to not be able to see through it . But for Zi Xieqing to not be able to do so, it was unusual .

So Chu Yang stepped forward and sat at the table . He had to see where exactly was this man from?

The elder watched Chu Yang take a seat, and with raised eyebrows, examined him . Eyebrows slightly wriggling, he asked, "Gentleman, since you have sat down, what word would you like to check?"

The moment Chu Yang looked up, he realized that the elder's eyes were deep . It was as though he was looking at an autumnal lake – he could only tell its coldness, but not its depth .

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Those eyes were so vast that galaxies could fit in them as well .

Chu Yang said with a smile, "Since you have the skills of a god, no matter what I write, you must be able to read it, right? It was eye-opening to watch you check two words in a row . You have my respect . "

The elder kept smiling and said, "You are flattering me . It was merely a trick to earn a living – making people happy to get a few bucks . "

Chu Yang laughed, saying, "You are being humble… May I ask your full name?"

The elder chuckled heartily and said, "You, little one, must be trying to figure out my roots . "

He paused, and then continued, "I do not concern myself with worldly issues and it has been this way for a long time . These days, I have had enough of tranquility and decided to travel around . As for my name, it's just a nickname, so it won't matter . "

"You must be a high-ranking senior . I apologize for any offense . " Chu Yang laughed and stopped probing further .

The elder laughed and said, "I rise and fall with the wind, watch and chase the clouds . I've lived life freely for a long time . I'm not like the people in your world, prim and proper and ambitious . "

Chu Yang's eyes flashed . "Great people are the most carefree . These are the people I envy the most in my life . "

The elder chuckled . "Young friend, what word do you want to check?"

Chu Yang lifted the pen, and said, "The word that I want to check, you have already checked it twice before . "

The tip of the pen swiveled on the white piece of paper, with force and elegance, just like a battle of two armies, filled with overwhelming bravery and determination . It perfectly resembled the opposing armies, each fighting on with dignity and loyalty .

Just based on the movement of the tip of the pen, one could tell the fierceness of the battle .

Under the light of dusk, thousands of soldiers fought their lives . In the chilling wind of the night, falling leaves scattered, a single horn brought upon life and death and a single cry opened up the doors to hell .

Swords were pulled out and arrows fired, the warhorses bolted across the battlefield!

Beacon smoke tainted the sky, blood stained the ground!

Chu Yang gently put down the pen, carefully looking at the writing once before handing it over . He laughed, saying, "Here you go!"

Everyone in the crowd saw the word and burst into talks again! They whispered left and right, their faces showing amazement .

What a weird day it was today! With just a little work, three people had come forward to check their word and all three of them checked the same word .

The word that Chu Yang wrote on the paper, was yet another '天'!'天' means 'sky' or 'heaven' in Chinese, in this context, it means 'heaven''一' means 'one' in Chinese'人' means 'person' in Chinese'二' means 'two' in Chinese

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