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Chapter 1000

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Diwu Qingyun was about to continue screaming when he instantly saw Diwu Qingrou's cold eyes .

Next to him, two Saint level experts from the Diwu clan were looking evilly and indignantly at Diwu Qingyun .

These two Saint level experts felt like collapsing!

They were responsible for guarding Diwu Qingrou . He had warned them repeatedly to not make any mistakes, and the duo had also sworn that they would guard Diwu Qingrou well .

But it just so happened that Diwu Qingyun had charged in at this critical moment!

Usually, outsiders were rare in Diwu Qingrou's courtyard . Diwu Qingrou didn't like to be disturbed either . Thus, his place could be said to be extremely quiet .

This time around, to avoid disturbances, Diwu Qingrou had specially invited these two nine stage Saint level experts to guard him, and warned them to be sure to pay attention to any movements outside . Once there's anything going on outside, even if it's a massacre, they shouldn't let anyone step in!

This way, it would be reliable in every aspect .

But, it just so happened that things sometimes got so weird!

When you thought that everything was all right, accidents just happened! And this accident had happened at the last moment! All your previous efforts had gone to waste!

At the last moment, the door was actually smashed into pieces!

At this moment, the sorrow in Diwu Qingrou's heart was really inexplicable .

But he didn't express his frustration . He tiredly shook his head, turned back, waved his hand, and said softly, "Drag him out and behead him . "

Diwu Qingyun was stunned . "You you… You betrayed me, and you actually still…"

Before he finished speaking, he was already lifted up murderously by the two Saint level experts, and they dragged him out .

Only then Diwu Qingyun realized that Diwu Qingrou was serious . He struggled terrifically . "Qingrou! Qingrou! You you… you can't treat me like this! You can't…"

He screamed all the way as he was being dragged out . He finally became desperate and shouted, "I'm the steward of the Zhuge clan . What rights do you have to punish me! What rights do you have?!!"

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Diwu Qingrou lowered his head and didn't say a word . After a long time, a shrill cry was heard from outside .

The two Saint level experts dashed in and stood directly in front of Diwu Qingrou . "Qingrou… we…" Guiltiness was written all over their faces .

Diwu Qingrou let out a long sigh and said lightly, "This is the will of heaven… I don't blame you . "

The duo would have felt better if Diwu Qingrou had reprimanded them, but he didn't blame them for anything . This made the two Saint level experts feel more uneasy .

"It's my fault," Diwu Qingrou said smilingly, "I should have thought of this . Besides, I should have arranged some people to guard at the gate . But I didn't…"

Then, he waved his hand tiredly . "You both can retreat now . I've suffered from a backlash and need some good rest . "

The two Saint level experts retreated with a complicated look on their faces .

Diwu Qingrou stood up slowly . His body swayed a little and blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth . He looked somewhat fatigued, but his face was full of doubts .

"Why? I should have thought of arranging someone at the gate, but why didn't I think of it? Even if ordinary people can influence the revelation of heavenly secrets, won't this problem be solved as long as they're on the street and don't come in? Why didn't I think of this?"

"I'm really careless!"

Diwu Qingrou sighed .

This accident was really weird, and there was no reason to blame anyone . There were two Saint level guards here, and it's also a remote place here . If they had cast out their Saint level divine senses here, no one near 1,000 feet in the vicinity could come in . Why would guards still be needed at the door?

Actually, Diwu Qingrou had only missed one point, which was: Whoever witnessed the Nine-Hearts Heaven Observation would be attracted towards it!

But it's the first time that Diwu Qingrou used this secret technique . How could he think of everything?

"Is this really the will of heaven? The will of heaven makes me unable to see the future of the Diwu clan?" Diwu Qingrou said softly . He waved his long sleeves and picked the seven copper coins on the ground into his hands .

Then he walked two steps towards the stone table in his room . He stood still, but his body started shaking at the next moment . He held onto the stone table for support; but finally, he couldn't resist slapping his palm down!

The stone table was smashed into powder!

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Diwu Qingrou had finally vented his utter anger!

"Originally, I wanted to get rid of him through Chu Yang's hands, but I didn't expect it's me who had to do it in the end! It's still me who's disadvantaged this time around," Diwu Qingrou muttered to himself and said mockingly, "King of Hell Chu, can't you just allow me… to plot against you once?"

He thought about how he, previously, had never failed in scheming and using his wits to authorize the world, but it just turned out that he had been suffering repeatedly under Chu Yang's hands . He couldn't help but feel miserable…

He let out a long sigh and said, "This is the will of heaven…"

As Chu Yang walked along the street, he saw that the street was bustling with people .

However, disputes were rarely seen here, showing that public order was maintained fairly well in this city .

Zi Xieqing was covered in veil, and very few people dared to disturb her .

After finishing their meal, the trio strolled around the street .

"Do you think Diwu Qingrou will feel miserable?" Chu Yang said smilingly .

"Of course he will, but I'm curious what plot will he set next time," Zi Xieqing smiled and said, "I'm really impressed by this person's intelligence and wits . I really look forward to the both of you having another battle . "

Chu Yang snorted and said, "While both of us squeeze our brain juices to think of how to resolve each other's attack, you're just going to see the fun…"

The trio chatted along as they followed the crowd .

Chu Le'er's turned her little head left and right as she observed the surroundings . Although she's smart, she's after all young and curious about whatever she saw . Her pockets were filled with all kinds of small gadgets within a short while, and she also had a packet of nuts in her hands, shelling and eating them as she walked .

Her brows danced as she ate .

There's a crowd in front . Someone was divining through glyphomancy .

A signboard was seen above the crowd .

"Your luck and fate can be measured by just one character!"

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These were the few words on the signboard .

Zi Xieqing saw it and said, "What is it about?"

Chu Yang said, "You write one word, and he'll infer with it your past, present and future, fate and fortune, and life and death . "

Zi Xieqing snorted, looking at this big signboard and said, "What a big talk! If he could see everything from just one word that you've written, he would be really a supernatural being! I want to go and have a look . "

Chu Yang pulled her back . "What for? To see a quack?"

Zi Xieqing said, "I want to write a word for him, and see if he's really good at this . "

Chu Yang was helpless and could only follow her forward . The trio jostled their way in . Chu Yang was at the front, so he simply 'attacked' in with his cultivation .

In the middle, there was a table, a stack of white paper, a writing brush and an inkstone .

An elder in white was sitting in front of the table . He looked haggard and had a serene look .

In front of him was a macho in white . A look at him would know that he's a foreigner and the elder was divining for him .

Before the elder was a character for visiting .

It looked like this macho wanted to use this word to be divined .

"Isn't this fellow thinking too highly of himself in using this character?" Zi Xieqing snorted .

At this moment, the haggard-looking elder took over the word and inspected it in his hands for a while . Then, he raised his head to look at the macho, and said, "This guest, since you're testing your future with this word, I'm going to say whatever I see . If I said anything that's not pleasant to your ear, please don't blame me . "

The macho in white laughed and said, "Why would I blame you? This is just for fun . "

Several people around him laughed together with him .

The elder's expression remained firm, and he said, "This character is '天' . You've written it with much strength . It's obvious that you've gotten used to ordering people around and you're also very conceited . You're a slightly headstrong man, and you need to take note of this . "

This macho's face changed . Before the elder finished speaking, everyone knew that the elder was alluding that the macho was arrogant, proud, headstrong, and extremely conceited .

The elder was exactly correct in saying this . The macho said, "Elder, please continue . "

The elder carefully observed the character and said, "The character '天' is made up of two characters, '一' and '大' . You believe that you're very mighty, but there's ultimately still one person who's blocking your path . "

"This character '天' already represents the biggest thing in the world . So, even if you have endless wits and means, you ultimately can't succeed… in your life!"

The elder looked up at the macho and continued heavily, "If you have any ill intents, get rid of them quickly! This can ensure your safety for your whole life! You must know that if heaven can grow further, it won't be called heaven!"

The macho started to sweat heavily .

He thanked the elder, gave him a purple crystal, then led his indignant subordinates away, without even turning back .

Such reactions showed clearly that the elder was exactly correct about the macho .

The elder looked at the crowd and said, "Who else wants to be divined? One purple crystal per character . "

Everyone shook their heads .

One purple crystal was needed to test one character, and this seemed to be an amount only that macho, who seemed to come from an upstart family, could afford . One must know that if one purple crystal was converted into money, it's sufficient for an ordinary family to lead a sufficiently good life, and they might still have some savings in the end .

"I'll come . " Zi Xieqing walked forth one step and sat opposite the elder .

The elder's eyes flickered, and he asked, "Which character are you going to test?"

Zi Xieqing snorted and said, "I want to test this character!"

She raised the writing brush and vigorously wrote a big character!

A commotion rose among the crowd when this character was finished writing .

It's actually still the character '天'!

…'天' means 'heaven' in Chinese'一' means 'one' in Chinese'大' means 'big' in Chinese

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