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Chapter 1314: 1314
The God of death has been waiting for good news . When the Dragon summoning array is activated, there is a lot of movement . He sees the time gate through the eyes of the demigod skeleton puppet .

However, he was not willing to leave the demigod skeleton puppet there, waiting for the dragon clan to pass through the time and space gate .

The demigod skeleton puppet is a precious puppet in the hands of death . It's very important . It can't be damaged just to see the dragon clan .

So the God of death didn't see what happened in the gate of time and space . However, once the five gods fight with the dragon clan, it will definitely shock the whole god world . This kind of thing can't be concealed .

But the God of death, left and right, did not hear anything about the divine battle between the five gods and the dragon clan, just like the gate of time and space on that day was false .

"It's impossible . It took so much effort . How could it not work!" Death murmured to himself .

Why, knowing the terrible consequences of the return of the dragon clan, does "death" encourage all the evil spirits to activate the Dragon summoning array to summon the dragon clan back to the world .

It's because death and the other ten gods are going to have no way to live . Once they wake up this time, they will fall asleep if they don't have enough faith . It's most likely that they will fall asleep forever .

In view of the situation that God belongs to the big world, the possibility of obtaining enough power of belief is extremely small .

Only when God belongs to the big world, can he bring opportunities to the ten gods .

"Death, in just two days, nearly 200 of my followers were killed . Now many of them are wanted!" The God of fire contacted the God of death .

"Two days on my side, three hundred!"

"I lost more than two hundred days!"


The nine gods reported what happened to death through the illusion of the small world, and their words were full of complaints .

They all know why the five temples and the Supreme Council suddenly did so .

This is revenge . Revenge "twilight of the gods" opens the Dragon summoning array .

Although the previous five temples have been suppressing the cult followers, they have not reached the present level .

In just two days, the control of all the gateways has been strengthened . Everyone who uses the gateways, regardless of their identity, needs to go through the temple's "light magic" authentication before they can use the gateways .

This has never happened before, which has cut off the way for cult believers to use the portal .

Except for a small number of cult followers who have their own teleportation gates, most of the cult followers are unable to move .

The noble knights cooperated with the sacrifice of the temple and examined many suspicious objects who were suspected to be the followers of evil gods . Under the influence of the "light magic", the followers of evil gods had nowhere to hide .

The most terrible thing is that among the noble knights, almost all of them are led by level five Templars, which is also an important reason for the large-scale loss of cult followers .

In the past, even if the cult followers could not defeat their opponents, it was still possible for them to escape .

But now we meet level 5 Templars, which greatly reduces the chance for cult followers to escape .

The most serious blow to the "twilight of the gods" in this campaign is not the loss of cult followers, but the removal of strongholds that have been in operation for many years .

In particular, some commercial stars and some planets not controlled by the temple are the key targets of this attack .

For thousands of years, the strongholds established by cult followers were cleared in this operation . Li .

It can be said that in the future, it will be countless times more difficult for the gods to absorb new believers .

In particular, the headquarters of the "twilight of the gods" was destroyed by David, and the five bishops of the "twilight of the gods" were all in their own ways, which also made this campaign lose contact with many forces of the "twilight of the gods" .

"Death, this is the result of your proposal to open the Dragon summoning array . I don't see the chaos after the Dragon summoning array is opened . On the contrary, my followers have suffered a great loss!" The God of fear said in a deep voice to death .

"God of fear, it's true that I proposed to open the Dragon summoning array, but you also agree . In such a situation, what you need to do is not to blame me, but to face it together!" Death's light return .

"Together? In order to activate the Dragon summoning array quickly, you attacked me secretly and made me lose a statue . Is that what you call common face "The God of blood" said hatefully at this time .

The "God of blood" is very angry with the "God of death" . This time, because he was destroyed by the "God of death", he did not come and recover many of the power of faith and statues in the temple, causing huge losses .

"God of blood, your careful thinking, who don't know, you want to delay time to get more benefits, I just want to let all gods no longer waste resources!" The cold-blooded God of death .

"Now, at dusk, I'm not going to leave my headquarters . I don't want to see you again at dusk . " "The God of blood" looked at all the gods in the phantom and said in a deep voice . After the "God of blood" finished, he directly cut off the illusions of the small world and disappeared from the illusions of other small world gods .

All the gods were shocked, and the "God of blood" withdrew from the "twilight of the gods" . This is the first time that a spirit explicitly proposed to withdraw from the "twilight of the gods" .

The "Mother God of the forest" just lost contact and did not say the words of quitting in front of all the gods .

The words of "the God of blood" have a great impact on all gods . After the "twilight of the gods" of the Twelve Gods, there are nine left .

The most important thing is that the gods have lost their trust in dusk, even before, but the relationship between the gods has never been so tense .

Now every God is facing the biggest trouble, a large number of believers have been killed, hidden bases and forces have been removed, all of which make the gods feel that the end is coming .

The "God of death" is also restless, and his situation is not the same . Just when he communicates with the gods, he also feels that the connection between believers and his faith is constantly broken .

"Ladies and gentlemen, I, the God of fire, also withdraw from the twilight of the gods today . This may be my last meeting with you, because I may fall into deep sleep forever, until my small world self destructs and my soul falls into endless space turbulence!" "God of fire" said in a disappointed tone .

The God of fire finds it hard for him to turn over again . His followers have been reduced to below the warning line . Maybe he can rely on the believers in the small world for a few more years, but in the end, he will slowly decline with the decrease of believers in the small world .

The "God of fire" is the most powerful God in the "twilight of the gods" . His withdrawal makes more gods lose their expectation of the "twilight of the gods" .

The future described by "God of fire" is the future where all the gods have a great possibility . Sadness rises in the hearts of the gods .

In the illusions of small worlds, the figure of "God of fire" disappeared .

"I went to sleep, too . I have no believers any more!" "The God of storm" continued after "the God of fire" left .

The last Temple of the God of the storm was taken away by David . The only hope in the end was the statues of the headquarters of the gods at dusk . The rest of the believers of the gods at dusk helped the God of the storm gain some believers .

Because the time of belief of these believers is too short, they are all shallow believers .

However, the headquarters of the gods at dusk was also taken away by David, which cut off the last source of the storm God's belief in the world .

Originally, if there was no problem with the gods at dusk, the rest of the gods promised to rebuild their statues for the storm God at a certain price . However, under the current situation, the gods are too busy to care about the storm God .

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The "God of the storm" disappeared simply, but it gave the rest of the gods more impact .

The rest of the time may have been too long since the dragon's call to the gods has been activated .

The "God of storm" is to expect God to belong to the chaos of the big world, so that he can get some believers to make him through the most difficult days .

In the end, it was thought that the believer would not have enough power in the world .

"At this time, I will not waste energy, and I will withdraw from" twilight of gods "and" death "and I will meet you in the turbulent space!" "Evil spirit" said in a strange voice . He gave a strange smile to "death" .

Later, the figure of "evil spirit" disappeared in the illusions of the small world, but his smile chilled the heart of "death" .

"Death" understands that this is his instigation to activate the dragon to summon the Dharma array, and the gods hate him to the bone .

Among the gods here, many evil gods are extremely evil . They can't deal with the "God of death" hiding in the small world, but they constantly curse the "God of death" .

By now, there is no basis for the existence of the "twilight of the gods" . Although the remaining gods did not say anything about quitting, they quietly closed the illusion .

The God of death looks at the empty vision . He thinks of the curse of the evil spirit, the eyes of all gods, and the doomsday predicted by the God of fire .

"I will never fall in silence like this . Even if I give everything, I will let the world always remember the existence of my God of death!" Death stood up from the throne of the skeleton and roared .

Home star of Zerg world, David released the space of Dragon King . Now home star is the safest place .

Although the facilities in the dragon palace were built for the giant dragon, he still liked the magnificence of the Dragon Palace very much . As long as the Dragon Palace was rebuilt, it would be the best place to live .

When David enters the Dragon Emperor space, he has a strange feeling that the rules here are the same as those of the Zerg world .

When the God belongs to the big world, he has not found this characteristic of the Dragon Emperor space, but feels that the rules of the Dragon Emperor space are extremely stable . Summon David into the "dragon battle" space .

Sure enough, the battle body can still absorb the power of Zerg belief through the "imperial inheritance pattern" in the Dragon Emperor space, which shares rules with the main world .

David also found that in the Dragon Emperor space, energy can be easily sent out of the space, which is supposed to be designed for the convenience of attacking enemies .

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In his heart, he was very happy . Before that, he was still worried about the direct exposure of the great Falun to the home star .

Sometimes David would take away all the gods, leaving only a huge array without "imperial inheritance pattern" . At that time, homeland star's defense was the weakest .

In addition, if there are guests coming in the future, David doesn't want outsiders to see the huge array driven by the imperial inheritance pattern .

If you transfer the huge array to the Dragon Emperor space, then everything can be solved .

Since David recognized the "book of the Dragon Emperor" as the master, only David can open the Dragon Emperor space . When the Dragon Emperor space is hidden, even David's spirit can't be perceived . You can imagine how good the hidden effect is .

David can do whatever he wants . There's no difficulty in moving a huge array . He set up the array himself .

It's just that some new settings have been made . The huge Dharma array in the Dragon Emperor space will provide the home star with the divine tattoo defense shield and emit the gas for survival .

David's God level avatars are all used in the huge array . They can enter and leave the Dragon Emperor space freely without additional permission .

David spent two days to solve this problem . There is no huge array on the surface of homestar . The cube super intelligent system will re plan the construction plan of the large area .

He also used the engineering robots of the interstellar Federation to build a set of comfortable furniture for him on the suspended dragon throne in the Dragon Palace .

As for the gems and "divine power crystals" on the throne of the dragon, David also collected the books and artifacts in the storage space .

In the days after that, David devoted himself to cultivation . In his spare time, he looked through the books that recorded the inheritance of gods and gods, and there were also some secrets from ancient times .

If not every once in a while, he would forget everything about the outside world .

The situation that Gods belong to the big world is becoming stable . The five shrines almost use the method of sweeping, sending a large number of sacrifices that can perform the "light magic", cooperating with the five level Templars of the Supreme Council, to investigate and clean up on each planet .

In the early days, the five temples investigated all suspicious targets, but now every time they arrive on a planet, they will identify all the people on that planet through the "light magic . " .

However, they are determined to eliminate all the five evils .

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