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Instinctively, she felt scared.

Luo Qiu looked at the butterfly monster who was grasping his clothes.

After realizing Luo Qiu's gaze, the little butterfly monster let go his clothes and revealed an uncomfortable expression.

Luo Qiu came down from the balcony of the workshop and headed towards Officer Ma. Then he waved, letting his body float to one side so that he could sit there more comfortably.

The metal and steel hill had scattered and the body of the hideous monster emerged.

Somehow, the monster's body was impaled by many sticks of rebar when it was covered by countless of steel pieces.

Even though it couldn't move, or it could be because it was dead due to the rebar which protruded out of its body, it still maintained a standing posture.

As an extra side character, wasn't it a little… frightening?

Boss Luo was thinking about this question while looking at the butterfly monster, "Take it easy, it was only a temporary prop, don't worry."

Luo Dance breathed a sigh of relief, then opened her eyes wide to look around. "What are you doing? Is it for fulfilling the customers' demands?"

"Dear guest, do you want to know? If you can give us something in exchange, maybe I'll let you know."

Miss Servant Girl whispered in her ear after she appeared quietly behind her.

Luo Dance jumped in fright, shaking her head promptly and retreating due to lack of valuables on her.

Luo Qiu then walked to Mo Xiaofei with You Ye following along.

She took a look at the youth on the ground that showed a smile but had his eyes closed. In a light tone, she asked, "Master, are you still hesitating on whether you should get his soul?"

The servant girl knew that if the steel bars didn't go through that monster's body, he wouldn't be able to preserve.

Such explosive use of that ability would only make Mo Xiaofei's body break apart--- Yet, now, he wasn't totally dead.

This was because her new boss had kept this scene under control that happened before.

While Luo Qiu squatted, fishing out a packet of tissue, before getting a bottle of water nearby. He wet the tissue to wipe clean the bloodstains remaining on Mo Xiaofei's face. "The courage of a split-second, defeated his inherent weakness and the fear of death… Actually I don't know how to define a hero but they should definately have courage."

The boss, who had his own plans, was gently scrubbing the other half of Mo Xiaofei's face, "Yet, is this a temporary moment of bravery or could it be sustained? And he'll definitely be confronted with the same problem and choice in the future… Will he be able to burst out the same courage just like this time?"

Putting down the clean Mo Xiaofei, Luo Qiu stood up and gave a smile to Miss Servant Girl. "It's just like aging wine. If time makes the courage hiding in the soul get mellower and thicker, along with a more tempting fragrance… then would you like to wait?"

"You Ye is willing to accompany master and wait."

Officer Ma only felt that he forgot something, as if he was distracted momentarily… When he opened eyes, the only scene he witnessed was the falling of dozens of people to the ground.

He looked at the cellphone in his hand, 'F*ck… When was the screen broken?'

'Did I call for others to come?'

His colleagues were busy helping move those fallen people out to the ambulance and his sister was coming towards him with a vengeful face… While watching these, Officer Ma felt confused.

Everything was weird.

Two days after, Officer Ma was still baffled--- He had no idea who arrested them---the missing people.

The opinions varied about this villain. Someone said he was strong, some said they couldn't see his figure clearly. There was even a saying that the crime had been committed by a woman…

According to these different opinions, it was even impossible to draw the portrait of the criminal, which made the policemen despair for two full days.

Only Officer Ma who had went out alone was restricted strongly by the superiors. He was confined to the sickroom by the hospital and his superior because of unapproved leave… Therefore, all he could do was read newspapers.


Someone was knocking on the door.

A youth stood at the doorway of the sickroom with a walking stick and a hesitant face.

"Who are you?" Officer Ma was stunned, asking in a low voice. He recalled that he was one of the guys that had been rescued by him from the factory.

He seemed to be hospitalized due to the heavy injury.

"It's you…" Officer Ma had some impression and frowned, "Sorry, what's your name… what Xiaofei?"

"Mo Xiaofei."

Mo Xiaofei deeply breathed, walking to Officer Ma's bed with the support of his walking stick, "Sir… Are you feeling better?"

Officer Ma smiled, telling him how brave he used to be in old days and some words like it was just a slight wound and he would get recovery very soon.

"So, what did you come over to me for?"

Mo Xiaofei gathered his courage, "Sir… I came to confess my crime."

"Confessing your crime?" Officer Ma gave a start.

Mo Xiaofei deeply breathed, "I killed several people in the workshop… and wounded you. I even caught a lot of people and locked them up."

Officer Ma opened his mouth and knitted his brows. He then stretched out his palm and opened it, "Give me a punch in my hand."

Mo Xiaofei stared blankly, but threw a fist towards his palm.

"Punch hard, you don't eat?" Officer Ma spoke ironically.

Mo Xiaofei gritted his teeth, tried his best to punch his palm with a clap sound, yet it was too weak to shake the palm.

Officer Ma then laughed at him, "Look at your f*ckin strength. It can't even kill a dog, how can you kill a person and hurt me? And caught dozens of persons? Then what are you able to do next? Flying to the heavens?"

"Well, it's really me…" Mo Xiaofei restated again.

Officer Ma interrupted his words and shouted at him in a deep voice, "Brat, listen, I don't know if you telling those words to me is due to your terrible experience with those stupid guys! But I'm telling you, if you're the killer, the workshop fellows will definitely identify you! But, even those guys don't know what the killer looks like! Besides, stop admitting that you injured me unless you managed to get a six pack, instead of such a scraggy figure!"

Mo Xiaofei felt anxious, "But it was really I in the workshop!"

Officer Ma lost his patience, "OK, tell me how did you kill him?"

Mo Xiaofei recalled for a moment and decided to hide the part of telekinesis. He was afraid if he revealed the existence of that place, it'd be bad for this policeman.

He was unwilling to see anything woeful happened!

"I, I used my fist, and foot… kicked them…"

Officer Ma frowned, "I don't know where you heard that… But those guys were surely assaulted and their bones were smashed. However, these were not lethal."

"What?" Mo Xiaofei was stupefied, "How come…"

Yet Officer Ma voiced deeply, "Brat, get out here! I have no obligation to make these clear to you and no time to play around with you! This is a hospital, pretty convenient to check your head if you're not awake yet! Get out!"

He got out of the bed and pushed Mo Xiaofei out as if sending off a salesman. Then, he waved his hand and said, "Get away from me!"

After closing the door, Officer Ma mumbled, "At least you should tell me why their hearts were not there?"

According to the post-mortem report---the fatal reason of their death was because their hearts were missing!

"What's wrong with this brat?" Officer Ma frowned, without no clue.

He was totally puzzled with the matters happening these days.

Mo Xiaofei was also puzzled… He didn't die but he had a hunch, that if the same intensity of power erupted in him again, death would be the only end to him.

What was strange was that those who were caught couldn't recall anything… unexpectedly nobody remembered the person wearing a firefighter uniform.

Even the matter that occurred in the workshop seemed to be forgotten by Officer Ma.

Only he remembered everything.

Was that a dream?


Looking at the guy showing up in the corridor with a fruit basket in his hand, Mo Xiaofei stopped subconsciously, turning and intending to flee.

Yet, in the end, he gathered up his courage and firmly walked towards him.

"Did you do all these?"

Luo Qiu watched the wall clock before saying, "It'll be better to hide something rather than publicize it. The factory issue does not only concern you."

Mo Xiaofei asked again, "Did you hide the truth of the workshop incident as well?"

Luo Qiu shook his head, "That's different. Well, you're the customer so I guess telling you will be alright… You're not the killer of those guys. At most you inflicted serious injuries to them. Nevertheless, if you hadn't injured them, they wouldn't have faced such a dreadful situation. From the above, you're considered as an accomplice. As for what the customer thinks, it's not within our scope of service. Of course, we'll happy to see the self-destruction of a customer due to their guilt. All in all, you just need to use your ability a few more times and it will be so."

Mo Xiaofei lowered his head.

It was not a direct murder but he could hardly absolve himself from the blame.

Suddenly, Mo Xiaofei raised his head firmly, looking at Luo Qiu with each other, "I won't use such an evil power any more! Except for saving people! Do you expect me to be guilty and self-destruct? No… I'll be guilty, crazily guilty, but never go along the way you want me too. I'll never be depressed! And I'm going to make up for my faults and crimes!"

Luo Qiu replied like a villain, "Oh? Will you? Make up your crimes… Is it the reason you make survive but ignore those families that fell into deep sorrow due to your fault?"

Mo Xiaofei took a deep breath. "I won't give excuses and know I can't make up for all the sins I have done in my life. But if I self-destruct, it'll only increase the sadness… At least I can do something helpful if I live on. Even though I won't have a peace of mind, even though I'll suffer, or spend all my life…"

He turned his attention to Luo Qiu, an unexplainable radiance could be seen in his eyes.

"…I'll bear those sins and move forward in awe!"

The look in his eyes was very good.

Much better than when they met last time.

As if, one could smell, a hint of light fragrance.

"What are you looking at?"

Subeditor Ren wiped the water on her hand while walking out of the washroom---Actually Boss Luo was waiting outside.

"A kid."

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