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  Mo Xiaofei sat down at the original place for a very long time in a trance as if he had lost his soul. Who knows when but the club's boss left without noise.

A good while later, Mo Xiaofei raised up his head and stretched out one finger, pointing at a steel tube.

In a distance, the steel tube floated up. Mo Xiaofei took a deep breath, then pointed at a second one and the third one… Good, nothing happened.

Nonetheless, when it came to the fifth one, a pool of blood erupted out of his nose.

Bang! Bang! Several steel tubes dropped on the ground, lying in disorder.

"I have no power anymore… I have no power anymore… If I keep on using my power, I will die… will die… die…"

He held his head with both hands, curling into a ball--- When he reached home, Mo Xiaofei was unaware how he had gotten back.

His brain was a blank. The potential threat of death at any time swept over his heart lightly but it caused a horrible wound that would be never healed.


Mo Hongqi heard some noise and walked out immediately from the studio in his wheelchair. However, he saw the depressed look on his son's face, which made him frown. "What's wrong?"

Mo Xiaofei shook his head, saying a response without any second thought, "Dad, I'm OK… It's nothing, I'll go cook for you."

He stepped into the kitchen---This period, especially the recent days, unlike usual, Mo Xiaofei hadn't cook for his disabled father as soon as he returned home.

If he didn't want to die… then he would avoid using the ability. Nevertheless, would he continue his former life?

'Let me carry on the life as usual… Anyhow, there's no Brother Quan to threaten me.'

'Will die, will die, will die, will die, will… die.'

'Don't wanna die, don't wanna die, don't wanna die, don't wanna die, don't wanna… die.'

Dinner was silent. After that, taking advantage while his father headed back to the studio, Mo Xiaofei had intended to place his father's firefighter uniform and the smoke helmet back to its former space.

Just as the items were placed into the cabinet, his father's voice sounded. "Xiaofei, what are you doing?"

His grip wasn't firm so the uniform fell down. Mo Xiaofei turned around hastily but saw his father's wheelchair approaching.

"I… I planned to wash them because they are sitting there for too long."

Mo Xiaofei dared not make eye contact with his father, so he just lowered his head to pick up the suit as a cover up.

Mo Hongqi showed a smile, taking the firefighter uniform to him and put it on his legs to play around. There was only yearning expression revealed from his face… This suit had been worn recently and not just once.

Yet Mo Hongqi wasn't to reveal it. Instead, he eyed his own son, "Since your mother isn't at home, help me put it on and have a look. I haven't worn it for ages."

Disregarding whether Mo Xiaofei agreed or not, Mo Hongqi started to try on the coat. While Mo Xiaofei saw this, he had to help his father with the pants, before supporting him to stand up and walking to the mirror.

Mo Hongqi stroked his belly that had grown a lot, saying with laughter, "Oh, it's a little bit unsightly due to the figure out of shape."

Mo Xiaofei hastened to say, "No, not like that, you look the best while wearing it!"

Mo Hongqi smiled without words. He merely sat down, taking off the uniform and folding it slowly. Mo Xiaofei asked him with confusion, "Dad…Have you ever regretted? That time…"

Raging fires and dense smoke, shouting, heat and desperation…

All these memories were brought back at one swoop. Mo Hongqi felt the collar of the firefighter uniform, tidying it carefully, before saying suddenly, "It wasn't because I wanted to be a hero or something. Just that, when you wear that uniform, you should do something to fulfill the responsibility it gives you."

Mo Xiaofei was dumbfounded. At the same time, Mo Hongqi patted his son's shoulder.

Mo Xiaofei lowered his head. "But it's meaningful only when you are able to do that… Otherwise, what's that for?"

Mo Hongqi fell silence for a moment. Then he asked suddenly, "You're in the fire with a bad condition and short of energy, plus you're clear that you're going to die if stay there for another 10 more seconds. However, there is a fainted person that had inhaled excessive smoke. If you take him away, you won't be able to leave safely… Under such circumstances, what will you do?"

Mo Xiaofei gazed at him abstractedly.

Mo Hongqi shook his head, "If you stay there, it's more likely that two lives will be lost. But if you stop the rescue, no one will blame you, because you've tried your best… Therefore, how are you going to choose?"

'If you employ this ability persistently, your body will collapse much earlier… So, would you like to be a hero?'

Two different… but relatively suitable questions, kept on entangling each other, transforming into an unfathomable vortex.

And at the bottom of the vortex, was death.

"I… don't know."

The class meeting.

It was a donation activity for helping Classmate Luo Xin. They had no idea that how Luo Xin's father was… Thus, the classmates organized a visit for him.

Mo Xiaofei subconsciously wanted to apply but put down his hand noiselessly midway. No one noticed him.

From now on, he could no longer use the ability or his body would break down---He wasn't willing to let his parents feel sorrow; nevertheless, his short dream to be a hero had been smashed. If he went back to the reality, he was merely an ordinary person.

A Grade 9 student.

He had returned back to his weak himself.

"I heard that a few days ago, several students from my school died. It seems they were killed along with a gangster."

"Ah! Too horrible! I heard that Lily's father is missing these days."

"Hush, stop talking. Even if her father always punches others after he's drunk, at least he's her father, she will definitely worry about him."

"Alas… What's wrong these days? I feel so many bad events…"

Those guys… those 'prisoners' belonged in the 'jail'.

Mo Xiaofei lowered his head and went back home out depressed. He didn't pay attention to those guys anymore.

If he disregarded them, would they die of hunger? Mo Xiaofei was stunned. His hands and feet were cold because his burning ideas had been cooled down by the threat of death, just like being doused in cold water. Only then did he awaken furiously.

How many hooligans had he killed and how many families in pain did he contribute to?

"Teacher! I have something to do… so I requesting for leave."

In the class meeting, this guy who always lowered his head and kept silent, this ordinary-looking, relatively thin and weak boy, stood up suddenly. His voice was clear enough to be heard by every member.

As soon as he finished saying those words, he rushed out of the classroom without even taking away his items.

"A ghost's scream?"

Ren Ziling scowled, looking at this so-called Mouse Qiang. Not only did the police need informers, a senior journalist did as well.

"Yes, I have two friends that need money. They couldn't help but want to get some scrap iron, steel or electric coil or something else to sell. But in the end, they didn't get them, instead they were almost scared to death."

"Stupid, no ghost exists in this world." Ren Ziling shook her head, "Your friends must have done some guilty deeds and frightened themselves!"

"That really happened!" Mouse Qiang described vividly. "I heard those 2 guys mentioned that they heard some knocking sound and witnessed dozens of shadows that seemed to hang in midair. They also kept howling! There are rumors that ghosts appeared at that place!"

"Seriously?" Ren Ziling frowned.

Dozens of shadows… Knocking sound… Hanged? Howling?

"Where's that place?" Ren Ziling asked abruptly… And after interrogating, she stood up as soon as gulping down the hot milk.

"Wait! Ladyship, do you forget something?"

"Keep a close watch over here! If you see the f*ckin bodyguard comes downstairs, I'll pay you double later!"

Subeditor Ren hurried out of this teahouse. Mouse Qiang calculated with his fingers, feeling double the pay for a tip-off was pretty good. Therefore, he ordered a glass of cold drink. Sitting here was much comfier and cozier than being outside.

"Wait… what if he doesn't come downstairs?"

Mouse Qiang could only watch the bright red MINI-CLUBMAN pull away.

"Old Ma, I received the news. We maybe locate the position of those missing people."

The lady driver wasn't only good at drag racing, but was accustomed to make phone calls while driving.

Officer Ma choked on the soup his wife cooked that nourished the kidneys. "Is this a joke?"

"I said maybe. I'm going to check and let you know if something happens."

"Wait! Don't overdo it! Tell me the address! I'll have my henchman go and check… No, you come to the hospital to pick me up!" Officer Ma frowned. "You can't handle it if you meet that guy."

"Are you able to get out of bed?"

"What a joke! I used to serve in the army in Yunnan Province, didn't die even after being shot by 6 bullets!"

"Are you sure you'll be OK?"

Ren Ziling watched Officer Ma, who still wore a hospital gown, with uncertainty, turning off the engine of her car. Officer Ma touched his mustache and suddenly looked at the car window by Ren Ziling's side in amazement, showing a surprised look.

Subeditor Ren gave a start, turning around to look. Unexpectedly at this moment, her hands were seized.

Officer Ma had handcuffed Ren Ziling's arm to the steering wheel with smooth actions.

Subeditor Ren was extremely wrathful, "I treat you as one of my own but you dare to cuff me?"

Office Ma showed a bitter face, "Let's be reasonable, sister. Let we police deal with the following issues. And you stay here. If something is discovered, I'll call my colleagues for support."

"Ma Houde!! Let me go, you b*tch! Or I'll tell your wife you look for prostitutes 10 times every month!!!"

Officer Ma acted as if he didn't hear that, merely pulling out the car keys. Nevertheless, he couldn't help counterattacking, "If I could go 10 times a month, would I have to drink kidney-nourishing soup?! Don't look for trouble. If the guy is hiding there, it'll be 10 times' more dangerous than you can imagine."

Ren Ziling was so furious she didn't say a word.

Officer Ma glanced at her and in the end just exited the car. However, the moment he left, she said in a low voice, "Keep your cellphone on and stay in touch. Tell me what happens… I'll settle this matter with you after this!"

"No problem, sister!"

Officer Ma closed the car door, climbing over the iron bars and headed towards the factory workshop.

"Master, do we not care about Miss Ren?"

On the floor of a certain workshop, You Ye let go of the window-shades, letting it return to its original shape.

The club's boss felt it was pretty inconceivable that Ren Ziling and Uncle Ma could find this place and felt that Ma deserved a hearty round of praise. He shook his head and answered directly, "No need."

"What about Officer Ma?" You Ye went on asking.

Luo Qiu replied after thinking for a while, "Actually I just wanted to see how Mo Xiaofei is doing today… Who knows what will happen next. Let's take a look first."

He walked to the other side of the room and opened the door. Then looked down quietly at some place in the workshop.

In the obsolete workshop, Mo Xiaofei was rotating a winch and letting down the people that had been hung for a day one by one.

It was hard to tell if the youth's mood was gloomy or delighted.

At this moment, a butterfly dashed out from somewhere. Luo Qiu held out his hand and the butterfly fell onto his finger.

However, the moment it stopped, the butterfly flew away again in fright. Under the lighting, it turned into a familiar figure gradually.

The little butterfly monster, Luo Dance---Why was she here?

Boss Luo revealed a puzzled expression. Unexpectedly, she opened her mouth in a flurry first, "A, A terrifying thing is chasing after me… run quickly…"

Luo Qiu was stupefied.

The gate of the workshop then opened with a loud noise… it was Officer Ma, Ma Houde.

'Let them leave by themselves after waking up.'

Mo Xiaofei thought this way… these guys were weak but if they had been released, they should have a way to leave.

Since he intended to be an ordinary person again, then he might as well cut all connections with these ridiculous guys.


Gazing at these guys who had been put down; however, the people Mo Xiaofei apologized to were those relatives and friends of theirs.

Boom, Boom.

The workshop alarm rang at this time.

Mo Xiaofei was dumbfounded. The first response was that 'Has the boss of that place comes again… and wants to… laugh at me once more?'

Mo Xiaofei took a deep breath. Whatever---everything he did in this period, deserved to be mocked.

'I… I'm always a coward. Despite gaining power, that will never change.'

The youth felt a bitterness in his heart. He looked through the abandoned machines. It wasn't the club's boss---but the policeman that appeared---The victim who was hurt due to his recklessness!

Why was he here… And how did he get here… Was it because of that place?

Mo Xiaofei retreated in fright, he kept stepping back until he was at the sides of those 'prisoners'. Then, he stumbled, toppling to the ground.

'What now… Am I going to be discovered?'


Mo Xiaofei intended to stand up and leave this place. Without thinking, he wanted to let his body fly off the ground, yet stopped the next instant.

'The more often you use your ability, the faster your body will collapse!'

'Will die, will die…'

Mo Xiaofei glanced around in a flurry then rolled his body on the ground quickly. He dirtied his body and twined a messy iron chain over himself. At last, he pretended to faint, lying on his stomach.

His heart beat rapidly.

"F*ck… There are some people over there! Hey! You guys! Are you OK?"

Officer Ma stepped quickly towards them, squatting and supporting one guy, before reaching for his pulse. Sensing this guy was still alive, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Wake up! Wake up!"

He was shaking the person he could access to---Mo Xiaofei panicked and couldn't keep calm due to voice and footsteps getting closer.

He accidentally touched the iron chain on his body and made a sound; therefore, Officer Ma rushed over to him, slapping him hard on his cheek. Mo Xiaofei couldn't help opening his eyes and asked in terror, "Who are you…"

"There is one conscious here!"

Officer Ma breathed deeply. "Don't worry, I'm a policeman! Even if I didn't bring my ID, I'm really a cop! And I'm here to bring you out! Tell me who imprisoned you guys here? And where's that person?"

Mo Xiaofei shook his head, as if he didn't know a thing.

Officer Ma was helpless. He knew some victims couldn't calm down after experiencing excessive trauma, hence he didn't interrogate too much, instead, he fished out the phone, "Yes, we found a lot of people. Well, I'm going to ask for people to come and rescue them, we'll talk later…"

That would be good for now. They were waiting for being saved by policemen as victims… As to how to explain it later, it would be a topic for another day.

Watching this old policeman who wore hospital clothes, Mo Xiaofei opened his mouth and wanted to say something… However, he found he was not eligible to talk in this situation.

He lowered his head deeply.


A black shadow dashed furiously from side window… Unnatural strength, extremely hideous and… really terrifying.

It was covered all over with disgusting mucus as if it had been burned or bitten by countless vipers and centipedes. The moment it appeared, it brought about a foul smelling odor with it.

The crystal skull, which seemed to have grown from its chest, or it might have been inserted there, gave off a more horrible atmosphere.

Seeing such a monster showing up, Officer Ma was taken aback, which caused the cellphone in his hand to fall to the ground.

"F*ck… What's the date today? July 14th of the lunar month? (the day before Ghost Day in a Taoist Festival)?"

Officer Ma swallowed his saliva. For over 20 years, he had seen all kind of extremely vicious prisoners… but never this kind of horrific monster.

He retreated in fright, while the monster ahead had twisted its head, the ghost-lamp-like eyes looked towards him, stepping closer.

While in a panic, Officer Ma picked up an iron rod, readying himself and convincing himself that he could beat down his enemy even though the monster gave him a terribly odd and horrible feeling.

The iron rod was severely smashed down towards this ugly guy's head!

This would definitely be the fatal blow, or at least badly injured an ordinary human; however, it had no effect on this monstrosity. Instead, Ma was swept far away with just by a wave of its arm.

Because his old wounds hadn't recovered, plus with the serious new injury, Officer Ma spat out a mouthful of fresh blood in one swoop. Realizing he had been knocked 7 meters away, he rejoiced about his brilliant decision of confining and keeping Ren Ziling away from here.

Officer Ma struggled to stand up, looking at that panic and overwhelmed student while shouting, "Don't be distracted, get out here quickly! Do you wanna die?"

Mo Xiaofei quivered, turning around to flee away… Yet he stopped after several steps, "Police, Let's go as well! That… is a monster!"

"What did you call me?"

"Po, police."

"Then don't waste the time!"

Officer Ma picked up another iron rod, gritting his teeth, "If I leave, what about these guys? Will I deserve the title 'Policeman'? Don't trouble me! I've called some people, and they will come over soon! If you want to help me, just get out here! Get far away!"

"Get far away…"

Mo Xiaofei ran out of the workshop in fright.

That monster… He couldn't handle it… Will die…will die…

'It's not worth… those men, not worth… not worth…'

"If you keep on using this ability, your body will collapse more quickly…"

'Will die, will die, will die, will die, will die…'

'Don't want to die, Don't want to die, Don't want to die, Don't want to die, Don't…'

"Will I deserve the title 'Policeman'?"

'Will die… Will die… Will die… Will die…'

'The ability, ability… Ability… Ability…'

'Coward, will die, coward, Don't want to die, coward…'

"Dad, have you ever regretted…"

'Will die… Will die… Will die…'

"Will I deserve the title 'Policeman'?"

"If you keep on using this ability, your body will collapse more quickly…"

'Will die!'




"… when you wear that uniform, you should do something to fulfill the responsibility it gives you."



He was really old! And what f*ckin rule, 'Those who are not on duty are not allowed to take their guns out!

'F*ck, f*ck!!'

Within just a minute, Ma Houde felt it was even more difficult than doing 10 rounds of physical training!

After spitting out another mouthful of blood, Ma Houde tried to stand up… 'I don't admit I'm old!'

A sudden sense of dizziness made him close eyes, collapsing and fainting.

The fallen policeman didn't realize that the ugly being was approaching him step by step.

The ugly being opened its bloody mouth, green light flickered in its eyes, intending to bite down on this guy that suddenly collapsed.

Tasty food--- It didn't have intelligence, it had nothing. It even didn't know where it came from and was without the ability to think about it. All it felt was hunger.

The fresh flesh and blood kept luring it.

All of a sudden!

Its body was brutally struck by something… and knocked it away from its food! Looking at the food he was just about to reach, it went crazy all at once.

It jumped on the guy that knocked him away!

Likewise, it was flung away once more… It didn't know how to think; yet, it could feel that this guy was unparalleled weak.

Actually, he really was weak.

After sending the monster flying twice, there was already a mouthful of fresh blood in Mo Xiaofei's mouth. his whole body seemed to be protesting against his behavior.

However, he bit down, clenching his fists to their greatest extent and bearing the pain that almost made his head explode, making all of the surrounding steel and iron pipes… float.

Mo Xiaofei waved his arm. Those dozens, even hundreds of metal pieces in various sizes shot towards the ugly monster like bullets!

Ping! Ping! Pang! Pang!!

The metal pieces struck against the ugly being, as if striking on the wall. It was too tough to be cut through!

Getting rid of the mass of metal objects, it walked towards Mo Xiaofei step by step!

Mo Xiaofei suddenly coughed up some blood. His head was splitting with countless voices resounding in it, warning him to leave or he would die.


The youth gave out a roar! All the metal pieces flew towards this ugly monster!

Yet this time, they weren't shot out. Instead, they were pressuring and entrapping this monster, one after another!

Steel plates were pressing against its body, while thick and long steel bars were binding its four limbs and neck!

More and more! More and more! More and more!!

It was getting close, close, close, each step was filled with difficulty!

Mo Xiaofei's eyes were very red, blood was constantly oozing from his eyes. His ears were starting to bleed as well. He didn't know what thing was supporting him.

He thought it was not necessary to preserve anymore… Nevertheless, his body and his will were doing all these against his mind.

The monster kept getting close, and all the metal pieces entrapping it had increased to a horrifying extent--- It was like a giant magnet which attracted countless of metal pieces, even though its neck was broken and hands were crooked.

One step… one step… It eventually stopped, before opening its mouth as if wanting to make a sound.


The giant metal mountain fell down to the ground ultimately and the monster couldn't move any more.

Mo Xiaofei knelt down immediately.

He was bleeding from his mouth, nose, and ears and didn't seem to be able to feel his heartbeat anymore. His body looked like the situation where it was beaten up by Brother Quan, as if it had.

He was like the light of the flame flickering in the wind… already nearing the end of its life.

Mo Xiaofei suddenly smiled. In the pool of blood, he revealed a faint smile.


'I might have understood your thoughts that year…'

'Dad, am I qualified to be the hero in your heart now?'

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