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"Oh, I met Uncle Ye Yan in the hospital just now."

Boss Luo had intended to head back to Officer Ma's sickroom; yet, he encountered Ren Ziling halfway---And now, both were sitting in Ren Ziling's red MINI-CLUBMAN.

"…So you didn't tell me that until now?" Luo Qiu turned to this lady driver.

While Ren Ziling shrugged, "I forgot after I heard the explosion… Do oxygen machines have such formidable force when they explode? It's so weird…"

"Be careful when driving."

Luo Qiu warned her of that, then looked out through the car window.

Uncle Ye Yan--- A relatively younger one of the people working with his father, who joined some international organization located in Lyons, France, several years ago.

Occasionally he heard some news about Uncle Ye Yan from Officer Ma, who had been keeping touch with Luo Qiu's family.

If his father was still alive, he would probably be satisfied with and glad to see the accomplishment of his former brother in arms.

If his father was referred to as the first idol of his… then Uncle Ye Yan could be called the second one.

Luo Qiu grinned unexpectedly… he used to have a dream.

It was probably the third evening.

Her father was lying over here.

Thankfully the hospital still had some humanity and provided first aid to her father… No matter what, the hospital first performed emergency treatment on her father, which Luo Xin felt fortunate and appreciated it. Nevertheless, she had to worry about the enormous amount which followed… So did her mother who was waiting for the operation.

Yet Luo Xin didn't feel desperate. After the teachers were aware of her situation, they started requesting donations at school. Not only that, the hospital helped contact charity organizations and issued some reports for calling on help.

There were really many good people with her in the society.

The little girl didn't really know much about society but at this moment, she realized that they were people who would help those suffering.

For example… in this big envelope with encouraging words, there was a fairly 'large amount' to Luo Xin.

It appeared near the pillow in her father's sickroom… Who put it here?

"Luo Xin, don't give up, your father will be OK."

She turned her look back to the words on this envelope, feeling these were kind of familiar.

A warmth feel came from her heart, expelling the devastation.

Whereas something flashed across the window. As Luo Xin walked to the window, she found a new large envelope.

It was another large sum of money. The little girl gazed at it in a trance… but here was the fifth floor, how could it be placed?

Was is from the god? The girl couldn't help imagining.

They were a lot of rich and selfish guys.

Mo Xiaofei didn't think it wrong to rob the rich and assist the poor.

Meanwhile, he tried not to make the same mistakes.

Mo Xiaofei warned himself inwardly--- he became more careful to avoid a repeat of the same tragedy.

He swore that he wouldn't leave any opportunity to that vicious place to take advantage of him again. Looking at the girl standing in some room of the fifth floor, Mo Xiaofei clenched his fist.

He not only wanted to maintain society's justice… but he longed to wipe out that wicked place!

'Yes… as long as annihilating that place, I can atone for my crime and make up for my mistakes!

With a deep breath, Mo Xiaofei took those 'prisoners' to the abandoned factory noiselessly.

He stirred the bracket fixed on top, letting all 'prisoners' sit down. Mo Xiaofei took out bread and water and threw them on the ground.

He wanted these guys to confess but not die here--- until they awaken to their mistakes.

Mo Xiaofei stood over here, watching these people looting one another for the mere food.

"The inherent weakness of humans is really hard to vanish."

As the result, Mo Xiaofei thought the reenlistment for them should be doubled at least--- It was then those who were looting food all fell down in an instant, as if being knocked out.

Mo Xiaofei bristled in anger for a moment, turning around furiously--- In front of his eyes, the one he met in the hospital… the boss of that place had been standing at the back of him quietly.

'Did he come to me?!'

Mo Xiaofei gritted his teeth. The scattered metals all around floated immediately, forming a line on both his sides.

"There are 39, 17 more than last time." Boss Luo eyes swept through those sleeping 'prisoners', "There shouldn't be a mistake this time?"

"Have you come before?" Mo Xiaofei concentrated; in the meantime, more and more materials were being gathered around him.

Yet at this moment, Mo Xiaofei felt his chest tighten and could not breathe. He felt dizzy before vomiting a mouthful of blood from his mouth.

He couldn't hold his body and knelt down to the ground. Those metal pieces gathered around him fell down on the ground.

Mo Xiaofei coughed painfully--- He covered his mouth but blood leaked out from the gaps between his fingers.

"What… did you do to me?" Mo Xiaofei watched Luo Qiu in terror.

Yet Luo Qiu said without emotion, "You obtain the power of telekinesis by getting the opportunity to develop your brain at the price of your soul. However, your physical body cannot afford the power that you can accommodate. Simply put, if you keep using it, the ability will become stronger and stronger which will destroy your body more quickly."

Luo Qiu expressed it by drawing an analogy. "What's the result if keeping inflating a balloon?"

Mo Xiaofei seemed to see a balloon explode after being expanded to its limit, which made him feel icy cold all over.

The balloon… would eventually burst.

As for him, would he die in the end?

"You… you did this intentionally?" Mo Xiaofei struggled to stand up, looking at Luo Qiu… Well, it should be called glaring at him.

Luo Qiu had no desire to explain any more about this part--- The new boss of the club decided to be unjustly blamed because he managed he was the one to facilitate this deal.

Might as well act the villain then.

Luo Qiu was without expression, "I came to you for nothing else but to remind you… that your soul will belong to us after your death."

Mo Xiaofei rushed over to him… but quickly stopped.

His opponent did nothing yet he sensed fear… which caused his legs to lose strength--- A few minutes ago, he even prepared to wipe out that vicious place.

Why was it so absurd?

Boss Luo opened his mouth suddenly, "One question… the more you use your ability, the faster you will collapse. Do you still want to be a hero like before?"


Mo Xiaofei… found it difficult to answer this question.

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