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Yang Taizi was regulating his breath.

Several hours later, when Yang Taizi finished regulating his breathing, Ghost King Tongtian, who went into the waste mountains nearby in these two days came back.

He could smell the odor of putrefaction emitting from Ghost King Tongtian which was getting stronger and stronger.

"Are you injured?" Ghost King Tongtian knitted his brows while watching the slight pale face of Yang Taizi.

Nevertheless, without saying anything else, Yang Taizi barely whispered, "Ghost King, our partnership has come to its end this time. I've no idea whom your disciple came in touch with. But I have to seriously tell you, the opponent is too powerful to be provoked, even if we joined hands."

While Ghost King was astonished. "You guys have fought before? Is that guy the one who hurt you?"

Yang Taizi told the truth. "Previously, the opponent merely destroyed my guided crane but this time… it warned me directly. So, we are done here. I won't continue it any longer."

Ghost King Tongtian went into a frenzy. "You f*cking cow nose Taoist! How dare you threaten me that day?! Now, you became cowardly because the opponent fiercer?"

Yang Taizi snorted. "The deal between us is consensual. However, you broke it and crossed the border to arrive here. I didn't want you to act wildly against the law, so I intended to help you… Well, I have my own reasons for helping you as well. All I want to tell you is that your rival is stronger than you. Plus your disciple suffered from his own actions, so you should know your place."

"Whatever," Ghost King Tongtian said in rage. "I must get revenge! If you're afraid, then retreat back to the temple. I don't need your assistance!"

While Yang Taizi snorted. "You really are ungrateful. Do you think I don't know that you're refining vicious zombie arts using your disciple's dead body? Well, it'll be fine if you take it back to your land after refining but it seems you don't plan to do so."

"Useless Taoist! Are you going to stop me?"

"I just hope for you to turn back as soon as possible, giving up that over-confident thought."

"You think I'm scared of you?" A weird green light exuded from Ghost King Tongtian, projecting lines of characters tattooed on his face. It was really like a demon.

Yang Taizi deeply breathed, with legs apart slightly, taking a Big Dipper posture while holding the yellow sigil paper. His Taoist tunic billowed without wind and purple air appeared between both his eyebrows.

The air was thick with the smell of gunpowder; nevertheless, the surroundings suddenly turned cold. Just then, a black flame appeared and spread out rapidly. Finally it became a circle of black fire.

A sense of dismay suddenly came up to Yang Taizi and Ghost King Tongtian. Both couldn't attend to each other, rather, they bolted towards the outside of the fire circle! Yet as soon as their body got close to it, the black flame shot out as if was sentient.

Both of them were hit by the weird black fire. The scary part was, the black flame just by lighting up their garments already gave them a terrifying feeling. Their spirit suffered from a piercing pain and their souls felt like they were being stabbed by steel needles or burned by a raging fire.

The pain was not a physical feeling… but was a mental one, and more importantly, a pain that struck their important souls.

Both of their two screeched, pulling apart the clothes that were alit in a hurry.

Just then, a female voice came from all directions, "Only one of you can leave away… I don't care who the person will be."

Yang Taizi's look underwent a huge change…'This voice, was it from that horrifying woman at that auction site and that dangerous place?'

'His disciple's death had some connection with that place… No wonder my 12 magic arts could be destroyed soundlessly and silently.'

"Wait! I didn't know! Otherwise…" Yang Taizi even stopped the use of his pretentious title.

Yet his words were interrupted immediately before he finished talking.

"The black flame will contract, so you won't have long."

The circle of black fire was contracting… or one could be said it was gathering! The black flame appeared to make a ring; however, if one intended to jump out, it'd shoot out flames which were really vicious.

Yang Taizi had no time to argue, because Ghost King Tongtian intended to take action first… to kill him!

'It was really unwise to promise Ghost King's request due to a momentary sense of greed! Well, forgot it. I'm unwilling to die here and lose the path to immortality!'

Yang Taizi was mumbling some words, forming a hand seal using the 3 fingers of left hands, while his right hand held the yellow sigil paper upright and abruptly let out the purple light!

The two of them were matching by their own magical powers inside a ring of flame. The scene was ferocious.

Whereas outside the fire circle, Miss Servant Girl was carefully reading a Chinese cuisine recipe, "Jadeite tremella (Steamed oilseed and tremella), dried tremella 15~20g, mashed chicken 120~150g…"

After a while, a horrifying wail suddenly came.

Subsequently, the fire circle automatically formed a gap. Dozens of terrible wounds could be seen on Yang Taizi. His robe was torn so badly it seemed to have been mauled by a beast. Finally, he limped out, grasping a broken peachwood sword.

"Ghost King Tongtian has suffered the extreme penalty. I didn't know his disciple offend your club. I hope you can forgive and tolerate me if I did any actions that brought about displeasure," Yang Taizi said in a weak tone.

Yet, this cold-hearted woman focused on the book in her hands… this odd book which she was obsessed with. After a while of hesitation, Yang Taizi said, "I'll never let out today's matter. Ghost King Tongtian was an amateur and didn't receive solid training and not belong to any sect. In future, no one will give trouble to your club…"

"Phoenix lying in its coop(Braised hen topping with chicken soup as gravy, with quail eggs, fish maw and some veggies as decoration), hen, fish maw… and sliced bamboo shoots? You Ye blinked her eyes, shifting her attention to Yang Taizi and asking him, "Little Taoist, what are sliced bamboo shoots?"

'I've talked a lot… but she wasn't even listening at all?'

'And she's reading… recipes??'

Yang Taizi swore secretly but still had to answer her question right now. "…Should, should be some dry products like winter bamboo shoots."

"Really?" You Ye nodded, vanishing in front of Yang Taizi without a sound.

Yang Taizi, who was called little Taoist just now, cold sweat. Then he plopped on the ground with a wet and cold back.

"What is this lady studying, she's too scary…"

However he didn't understand her meaning yet…

On the other hand , the black flame was dying out gradually. After having a good rest, Yang Taizi frowned and stood up, walking back to the dead body of Ghost King Tongtian, seeking something. He fiddled around the body with the broken peachwood sword.

He said angrily, "Where's the crystal skull… F*ck!"

Three guys that were captured went into a coma and beside them, Mo Xiaofei was there.

At this moment, Mo Xiaofei was biting bread and drinking yogurt. When he looked down through the rooftop, he sensed that not only the telekinesis ability but his audition and visual capabilities had become pretty strong as well.

All of a sudden, a voice crying for help could be heard.

It was a common thing, which also happened frequently… robbery.

Mo Xiaofei had no time to eat the bread, instead, his eyes started to sweep through the structure of this area. Then, he jumped from the 20th floor down, having his body slip into the box in the small and short house.

A middle-aged man holding a black satchel ran into an alley with complex construction, planning to avoid the guy who was robbed and chased after.

Right then, his feet seemed trip over something, staggering before falling down to the ground eventually.

The satchel rolled to one side… Then was picked up by someone.

It was a guy who wore a weird firefighter uniform that was too loose to fit him, along with a breathing mask.

"You have hands and feet, yet has no desire to improve yourself and only want to rob other' money?" Mo Xiaofei looked at this fearful middle-aged man with a dismissive look.

That man ground his teeth, standing up and dashing towards him, "Give it back!!"

"Humph, you still don't want to repent!" Mo Xiaofei snorted and waved his hand and before the man could pounce on him, he was sent flying and fell into the rubbish heap.

Mo Xiaofei shook his head as he got close to this man. Looking at this man that was glaring at him and feeling his hostility from his eyes, he said coolly, "Slowly repent."

He lifted up this man but found that he didn't resist, only spitting a mouthful of blood...

Mo Xiaofei was stupefied, looking towards the rubbish heap subconsciously… a heap of broken glass.

There were several broken beer bottles!

Gravity had made the man crushed some… which let the broken bottles stick into his back!

His back was red with blood. Mo Xiaofei quivered, his hands trembled so that the man dropped on the ground. He stepped back without second thought… until he came to the wall.

The man's eyes closed.

Dead… was he dead?

All at once.

"Where are you? Come out! Damn B*tch! You dare to rob my items!! Come out!!"

The owner was coming!

Mo Xiaofei was flustered, no other idea came except for flying into the air. Regardless of being seen or not by others, he merely wanted to flee.

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