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"Master No.9, aren't you going to go in?"

Black Soul No.9 had wandered outside this antique shop for days on end. However, as far as Tai Yinzi concerned, there was no sense to do this.

Today the green hand black soul couldn't help asking him despite the haughty and standoffish master.

"You followed me since several days ago." Black Soul No.9 suddenly focused his gaze on Tai Yinzi.

Well… it really had been several days.

"Go find customers by yourself," Black Soul No.9 added.

Tai Yinzi gave a start. He revealed reluctance on face yet felt delighted at heart… However, to not let the same awkward thing happen as the first time he got credit from the boss, it was better to give the matter further thought.

Tai Yinzi headed towards the antique shop called Gu Yue Zhai while thinking of this. To his surprise, just after two steps, he was scared to a halt by the abrupt voice of No.9.

"What are you going to do?"

Tai Yinzi turned round, "Master No.9, I want to go into… Well, go to other places to have a look."

Tai Yinzi cursed him in his heart using new words he learned, 'Sl*t is f*ckin so hypocritical. You should have told me earlier that this is your area… but you didn't even act these few days. What the hell is that supposed to mean!'

Nevertheless, he left in silence.

He had stayed alongside Black Soul No.9 for this period hence was aware where to look for high-quality customers---Of course, there was no need blindly guess. However, that was if he was willing to extend his working hours, he could find the method to distinguish if one was an excellent potential customer.

But… this hundred-of-year old ghost was truly reluctant to pay the price that was calculated by dozens of years as a unit.

"Brutal B*tch! Just wait until I become the top Black Soul Envoy in achievements and then become the steward of Envoys and the most popular one. I will order you to serve me a footbath!"

Black Soul No.9 watched Tai Yinzi leave, saying in a low voice, "Blockhead, no wonder you've been manipulated last time. But you're kind of sinister and it's good to be ambitious."

A black Maserati Ghibli was driven gently to the gate of Gu Yue Zhai. When he saw the old woman who stepped out with the driver's support, Black Soul No.9 made a face that showed a slight hint of confusion.

Why so?

His mood had been depressed recently, which caused a lack of desire to seek customers like usual.

"Who on earth are you…"

It was still the old town.

Luo Qiu was sitting on the sofa in his old apartment, reading the account book from the club… These were all the debts he had to get back later.

Some would be due after a long time, while others would finish in two years, some even shorter.

"Did it promote the advance of human beings, or…"

When thinking about that, Ms. Servant Girl, dressed in nun robe, appeared in front of him, "Master, the butterfly monster isn't here anymore, she may have left."

Luo Qiu nodded, asking after closing the account book, "Have you found something?"

You Ye passed Luo Qiu a folder with information on it. "These are the lists of land transfers in the old town belonging to Everlasting Heart Group. The buyers are basically the relatives of top managers of the group."

Luo Qiu looked down these documents.

You Ye continued, adding, "It's just a trick by selling their own resources to themselves. The group buys the land at a low price. Some day, as the policy about rebuilding the old town has been published and is able to attract the necessary investment, bidding for land to be developed will be a must… Therefore, if it is successful, they'll obtain a wealth of resources from the old town in the lowest pay."

Boss Luo knew his own intentions, "I wish this house to be preserved unless it collapses naturally."

You Ye said softly, "As Master wishes."

Luo Qiu shook his head, "If I'm considered as the club's customer then I am the person with the harshest transaction terms."

To be honest, it was cost-effective to master a language in 5 days, yet Luo Qiu knew it was for the same purpose as he got the ability of teleportation---For working more efficiently.

If it was something that didn't concern the club's business, then the altar would be extremely stingy towards the boss.

Concerning this matter, to make himself feel better, Boss Luo imagined the voice of a little girl. "Solve your private business by yourself, even the president of a company can't misappropriate the company's assets!!"

One could only use the company's property when it would be beneficial to the club…

"Are you going to screw over the urban development plan and change the developing area? If so, please pay 10 years of your lifespan."

After a thorough calculation of his remaining lifespan, which would put him in debt if he completed this transaction with the club, Boss Luo had to suspect You Ye's words.

'As long as I wish…'

'Then if some day I lost my mind and planned to screw the world's will, how much lifespan will be considered enough…'

'Think of it, can you get stronger without recharging?'

The new boss was absent-minded and recalled a famous sentence from some boss.

"Let me think about it."

Luo Qiu said as looking at You Ye… then, he suddenly thought of something.

The club would not care as long as it was profitable… Therefore, did it mean, if I were to give it enough benefits, it would follow his own thoughts, and perform slight changes to the tasks?

Boss Luo was distracted once again while gazing at the heavy account book.

In the evening.

When Guo Yushuo returned home, he was stupefied… looking at his girlfriend who gave him a sweet smile.

It was refreshing.

Guo Yushuo asked without a second thought, "Wenwen, why…"

Wenwen touched her hair, then twirled it in front of Guo Yushuo. "Who knows why, I just yearned to change my hairstyle and bought some clothes with my colleague. Do I look good?"

"It's good." Guo Yushuo's eyes lightened up.

However, Wenwen showed him a depressed look. "But I've spent all my wages on a haircut and buying clothes! My God, am I crazy… No, I can't waste more of my money!"

"Not a waste!" Guo Yushuo hastened to say, "Just do it occasionally!"

Wenwen merely shook her head, "No more opportunity to wear this clothes…Oh right! I can wear it next month at my uncle's wedding! Oh, no no, too showy!"

Though wearing stylish clothes and had a change of hairstyle, in the end, it was merely a momentary interest, instead of an essential change.

It weakened his original joyous mood all at once.

Guo Yushuo looked out of the window.

That place really had fantastic power.

Merely by reducing a day's lifespan…

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