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Guo Yushuo walked on the street sadly. Nobody would drink canned dark beer before 9 in the morning, except him.

He felt very disoriented.

"You've joined a very good university! And you chose a hot major as well!"

"This job is pretty good, work well, you will have a good future!"

"Dude! She's a good girl! Good for taking care of a home!"

"Wenwen, I'll be good to you. Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"Little Guo, what about taking your girlfriend to the victory banquet this evening?"

"Ho ho…Is this your girlfriend? Wow…Very good, she seems to be a pretty simple girl. How old is she?"

"Little Guo, I have faith in you, so I have to tell you the truth… she's not your cup of tea. You're a talented and handsome boy in our company and will be attending more banquets and social contact, so it's important to choose a girl that worthy of you. You are able to make contacts with men in the circle. Yet at the same time, you would have to forge connections with the ladies as well."

"Why are you learning to paint? You can save the money you earned… Clothes? It's not necessary. Just put a patch on it."

"Change jobs? I'm happy with my current work. And the colleagues in the gas station are all good! Oh, I saw one of your colleagues there. What's his name?"

"Did you drink? Don't drink too much, your stomach isn't good. Even if it is expected of you, you should not be like this, OK?"

"Yushuo…I don't know how to dance, so can I not do it? I don't know what they're talking about or how to accost their conversation, it's so awkward… can we leave now?"

"How about calling Little Guo to the weekend meeting? The tigress in my family said it isn't a problem to call him but we better not include his girlfriend… What the hell, everyone will go with their spouse, how could she ask Little Guo to join alone? It'll be so embarrassing."

"Tut, she's his true love. None of your business, maybe he's fond of girls from the countryside! Enjoying the taste of the country."


"I'm going to work! Oh, by the way, I've prepared the lunchbox. Have a good rest after lunch! Today I cooked your favorite dish---braised eggplant!"

'I… didn't like braised eggplant since long time ago.'

"According to your words, customer, you think your girlfriend isn't good enough, right?"

Distrust, astonishment, then fear and finally reverence followed after pouring out his story… He didn't know why he confessed the truth to a stranger… especially under such weird conditions.

Maybe this guy was not human.

An urban legend? Or a monstrous immortal or ghost? Guo Yushuo had some thoughts and worried about them. Whereas somehow, he felt more relaxed after pouring out all his stories.

"No… Wenwen is good." Guo Yushuo shook his head, "But, people should look forward, rather than march on the spot."

'Seems no difference with the thought that she's not good enough…'

Luo Qiu didn't hold a strong interest towards this new customer. However, he couldn't turn his back on a customer that comes to the club.

Since he was back from Romania, Boss Luo had started to think about how he could adapt completely to all sorts of customers… even considering the sources where the customer came from.

"Since you think she falls behind you, then why don't you forcefully end this relationship?" Luo Qiu began to take on his responsibility of the boss…

About how to tempt potential customers.

"No… I still love her," Guo Yushuo said seriously. "I promised her that I'll be good to her for a lifetime!"

Luo Qiu said without expression, "But obviously you're struggling in this relationship and even doubting your original promise, aren't you?"

Guo Yushuo seemed to about to answer him but didn't say a word in the end.

Luo Qiu added, "If I have her become suitable as you desire, then will the end result be different?"

'Suitable… Yeah, if Wenwen could become aspirant, willing to invest for herself, and more knowledgeable… even more graceful…'

Guo Yushuo couldn't help imagining the ideal girlfriend in his heart, saying with confusion, "Will she?"

"Of course, dear customer, you told all of this because you thought of something like that didn't you?"

"What do I have to pay?"

"First, you can pay one day of your lifespan to have your girlfriend become more interested in something. Do you agree?"

"Only one day?" Guo Yushuo asked inconceivably.

Luo Qiu said calmly, "It's about this price just for purely making her interested in some things."

"If it's only one day… then I'm willing!"

"Hope to see you again."

Brother Qiang, nicknamed Mouse Qiang in the society, gave a severe kiss to the 5 red banknotes in his hand, before turning to Ren Ziling with a joyful smile. "Thank you! Feel free to contact me if there are other matters like this next time!"

Ren Ziling frowned suddenly, "Mouse Qiang, stop gambling. Go home more often!"

Mouse Qiang opened his mouth, showing a mouthful of yellow teeth and said, "Fortunetellers said I have good luck this year!"

Ren Ziling shook her head, she couldn't be bothered to say more and went up the stairs of an old building. After climbing 7 floors of stairs, there was no sign of gasping for breath. Then she rang the buzzer.

Soon, an older woman opened it. She gazed at Ren Ziling puzzledly. "Who are you…?"

"Hello, is this KingKong's home?"

"You know my son?"

"Yeah, I'm his friend, and there's something I need his help with."

"Well, he's sleeping."

"You are… the journalist?"

Across the security door, KingKong frowned. It was obvious and easy for him to recognize the woman, who found his residence. "What's the matter?"

"Where's Jiaya?" Ren Ziling came straight to the point, "Lin Geng is still in ICU due to drug abuse, and his secretary fell from the building… and now Jiaya is missing. You're her bodyguard, so should know some inside information."

"Sorry, you found the wrong person," KingKong said stonily. "Just like you said, I'm only a worker. As her friend, you even don't know her situation. I merely met her during work so I know even less than you."

After these words, KingKong closed the door directly.

"Mum, if this woman continues knocking at the door, just call the police, that someone is harassing private homes!"

Ren Ziling clearly heard KingKong's words from outside… Those f*ckin words were obviously for her.

Subeditor Ren used to have a testy temperament when she was young but restrained herself to be a good mother these years. Yet, at this moment, she couldn't bear the indifferent treatment of being shut out, opening her eyes wide due to the anger.

"Tut, I don't believe you won't go out, as if you have no physical needs and need not find a woman! F*ck!!"

Thinking about this, Subeditor Ren called up her boss.

"Yeah! Boss? I'm requesting for leave today! Why? Do you want to see my period? What, you don't believe this excuse because I used it too much time? Do you believe I will mail my sanitary towels to your home?"

"Yeah, I believe you would do that…"

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