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Chapter 8

Luo Qiu went back home using the club’s teleportation method.

The familiar items in his bedroom made him feel like he was in another world.

The boss of the club could live for a long time unless he or she decided to wait for their death. Through the passage of time, the boss would lose everything, except the club.

But those were too far away now for Luo Qiu to comprehend. Though the precious incense in the club allowed people to feel relaxed and happy, it still couldn’t be compared to the feeling of sunshine brightening his small room.

Luo Qiu turned on his old CD player, feeling the cozy melody surrounding his room.

He laid on his bed and recalled all the events that happened these two days.

Despite finishing his first deal and adding 30 days to his remaining lifespan, he couldn’t afford to make light of his situation. The reason he returned home this time was just to calm himself down and plan his next move.

He was planning the path he would be walking—according to the rules, he could neither die nor age. However, due to his permanent youth, the secret couldn’t be kept after 10 or 20 years.

That led to a problem. He couldn’t stay in one place or be with his family for too long, because he would have to leave his family during their happiest moments and cause them to suffer due to separation.

Luo Qiu suddenly realized why the former boss was so excited and was extremely anxious to get away from his isolation.

He guessed that the former boss had witnessed his relatives, spouse, even later generations die a natural death…

In accordance with You Ye, he knew that the former boss was a taciturn guy.

The former boss only appeared when customers came, otherwise, he just stayed in his room, listening to the music for days.

You Ye had experienced 300 years’ loneliness with him.

As so, Luo Qiu might become the same as the former boss someday.

“So first, act as an ordinary person during the first ten years.”

Luo Qiu might become alone in the end, but at his current age, what he felt more was the amazement and mysteriousness from the club.

He fell asleep while he was listening to the English song titled

Just as he was about to asleep, Luo Qiu thought that if he longed for isolation, then everything he was experiencing was God’s grace.

It was evening, when he was awakened by sounds from the kitchen.

Luo Qiu walked out of his bedroom. From the smell, he could tell that someone was cooking his favourite meal.

The woman was dressed simply, a common blue blouse and jeans with hair tied up casually, and she was busy cooking in the kitchen in an apron. However, she was young and beautiful. 29 years old was when women are in their prime.

She should be wooed by many successful men, but instead she spent all her spare time taking care of that child.

She was Ren Ziling, now working in a newspaper office as a journalist. She seemed to have been promoted to subeditor recently.

She met Luo Qiu’s father, who was a widower then,

and they fell in love at first sight when she was interviewing him in concerning a murder case.

Maybe something unbeknown occurred that touched the widower and the young lady, which Luo Qiu didn’t know. After that, Ren Ziling became a member of this common apartment.

Three years later… the man left.

But she was still there.

“Luo Qiu, you woke up? I was about to wake you up after cooking.” Ren Ziling turned around when she heard sounds.

Presumably due to the high cooking heat, Ren Ziling’s bangs stuck close to her forehead, looking like silk threads.

Luo Qiu gazed at her without a word. Ren Ziling touched her face subconsciously: “Is there anything on my face?”

Luo Qiu shook his head, as he walked to the living room to watch TV, he reminded her: “You didn’t turn on the exhaust hood.”

“Oh no!!”

She tried to turn on the exhaust hood quickly but fumbled about nervously, yet she didn’t forget to say, “The meals will be ready soon. Go wash your hands.”

No response was heard from Luo Qiu, but Ren Ziling was accustomed to it and continued her cooking.

Luo Qiu turned on TV and watched the news—this had been his habit for years.

It was 9 o’clock, at the dining table.

Ren Ziling was confident in her cooking skills, and wanted Luo Qiu to eat more.

Luo Qiu suddenly said: “If you’re busy these days, then it’s not necessary to come back to cook for me.”

The club was still open…Luo Qiu’s timing might be much more unpredictable than this current subeditor.

Ren Ziling knocked her chopsticks on Luo Qiu’s bowl, keeping a straight face: “Luo Qiu, I didn’t question you about your so-called ‘spontaneous trip’, so can you at least respect my rights as your mother?”


Luo Qiu just ate the stewed meatballs with brown sauce, without a word.

As expected…she still couldn’t cook this dish well even after years of practice.

Probably because she was too tired, after dinner and showering, she went into the bedroom and fell asleep quickly.

Luo Qiu washed all the dishes, then just as he was about to enjoy the wind at the balcony, You Ye’s voice was suddenly heard, informing him that there was a new customer in the club.

New customers were those that didn’t have passes and entered the club for the first time.

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