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Chapter 663: 663
Volume 9 – Chapter 53: Workaholic

White cards have the ability to automatically track investors . Black Soul Messenger was invisible to ordinary people . The conversion to reality required the use of willpower, but it was more difficult to appear in front of people than hiding .

Along the way, Number 18 taught Dazhe seriously how to use his abilities more proficiently . Finally, Number 18 stopped under a building and looked up .

“Our target is here?” Dazhe also looked up curiously and asked .

Number 18 nodded . She then walked directly into the lobby under the eyes of the security guards in front of the building . Dazhe still had some scruples, but after trying what Number 18 did, he seemed to open the door to a new world .

Dazhe waved his hand in front of the security guard . He didn’t seem to notice anyone there . He even secretly yawned .

“Don’t waste the time, keep up . ”

“Oh… okay . ” Dazhe walked to Number 18 . He thought of a question and asked, “By the way, when we choose customers, are there any rules?”

“Generally, the soul is of high quality . ” Number 18 said calmly, “Of course, it is difficult to meet someone with high quality . ”

Dazhe frowned, “This… for the soul, does it mean that purity is more valuable? If this is the case, isn’t the naive child…”

“Why? If the other party is a child, you can’t do it?” Number 18 sneered .

Dazhe felt an inexplicable chill in his heart, but he nodded rather decisively, “I’m sorry, I really don’t know if I can do it… However, I heard that there are many messengers . I can’t control the others, but at least, I will control myself . ”

“Not bad . ” Number 18 nodded and clicked the elevator . “At least you are not stupid enough to want to influence other messengers . However, you can rest assured that although there are messengers who prefer children, there are not many . Now… there is probably only one left . Moreover, pure does not mean that it is of high quality . The soul of an individual contains too many things . Therefore, a piece of white paper is just a piece of white paper . It is not necessarily precious . After all, everyone starts with a blank sheet of paper . ”

Dazhe hurriedly followed up and asked, “What affects the quality?”

Number 18 said indifferently, “Thinking, behavior, character, own ability, talent, his social status, or how many people he can personally influence, how much influence, and even how many people he loves… Even the individual’s mind changes in a certain period will also have different quality . For example, strong emotions… love, pain, hatred and so on . ”

Speaking of this, Number 18 suddenly looked at Dazhe, the power of the hat rolled in black mist slightly, “And among them, hatred is the easiest . ”

Dazhe was stunned, “You mean, we will set up to make the target hate… Don’t you say that what customers want to buy is voluntary?”

Number 18 smiled coldly and said, “Voluntary? When they say what they want, is it not voluntary? Dazhe, remember, as long as there is a need, there is a place for us… As long as people are still people, as long as they are still alive, they must have dissatisfaction . As long as people have pursuits, there is no such thing as voluntary or involuntary . Greed is something that has been written into the soul before birth . So what if we, as a messenger, set up on someone? The existence of this world, isn’t it set by the minority? All the laws are also created by the minority . People can only live in this reality that is set up by someone . Are you planning to fight injustice for all mankind?”

Dazhe shook his head, “I didn’t mean that… To be honest, I am also a dirty person . I also know that sometimes people can’t help themselves . ”

Number 18 nodded slowly, “This is best . However, this is just my own course of action and may not be suitable for you . In the club, as long as you can find good business, no one cares what method you use . Even if you become a pope, it is fine . ”

Dazhe amused, “What pope, is it that I even have to preach?”

“Who knows . ” Number 18 smiled evilly, then she waved her sleeve and said calmlym “It’s here, go out . ”

“Well…” Dazhe didn’t dare to ask too many deeper things for the time being . He hurriedly caught up . “Then what kind of guy is our targetthis time?”

“We?” Number 18 sneered, “It’s just me, not us . I’m only responsible for teaching you some basics, and this business is just showing you . Don’t think you will have a share of credit . ”

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Dazhe shrugged…This Number 18 is actually quite difficult to get along with .

He glanced at the direction Number 18 was heading… This was a high-end office building with many companies, and the sign of an advertising company was hung in front of him .

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If overtime was an indispensable element of life for corporate slaves, it was even more common for the employees of advertising companies . They usually worked overtime until the next day or worked straight for dozens of hours .

“I really want to die… Eh, is there any Red Bull in the refrigerator in the pantry?”

Two employees who were in the bathroom; one of them were talking weakly to the other, “It seems there are no more . I will go downstairs to buy it later . ”

“Then buy something to eat on the way back… I think Manager Zhu won’t let us go back tonight . Just prepare for working overnight . ”

“Yes, the film requested by the client has been shot, and the later part of the editing is almost finished . Only him is not satisfied with it… We have to broadcast it before Christmas, can we make it in time? I think Manager Zhu’s mind is sick .  Hmph, this guy!”

“Stop nagging, who told you to be a corporate slave?” The companion shook, then pulled up his pants . At this moment, the bathroom door also opened .

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A young man with tied hair walked in .

“Manager… you come to the toilet too . ”

He didn’t hear it right?

The two male colleagues who whispered to each other were astounded at the same time .

Manager Zhu just nodded and said calmly, “I want to wash my face . ”

“Oh…Then let’s go out to work first . ” The two said quickly .

“Wait…” Manager Bamboo suddenly shouted to the two of them, “Tboy, you help me find some information about other advertising models . I need someone who looks unfamiliar and pure . ”

“Manager, looking for a model at this time?”

“En, I plan to make another short film . ” Zhu Maolin nodded .

“This… Manager, you didn’t mention you need to make up some shoots right?”

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“I just decided . ” Zhu Maolin waved his hand and said, “You don’t need to find the famous ones . Just find those amatuer . It must be cheap . Even the student is fine . I just want the right feeling . ”

But who knows what feeling do you want… Manager Zhu!

But the man who was appointed did not dare to say anything, so he could only agree to it… As a corporate slave, unless he wanted to fire his boss, he would really be powerless to resist the leader’s order . Besides, it was even a work-related order .

I don’t care . Anyway, if this film goes wrong, you are the one to be blamed!

“Okay, I’ll go now . ”

“By the way, go downstairs and buy something to eat and drink . If you want to drink Red Bull, buy more . Later, ask Amy to reimburse from the department funds . ”

“Okay, got it…”

He really heard it .

This workaholic!

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