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"Who… Who are you…"

Her body trembled. Tu Jiaya had tried to guess who the kidnappers were before but she never thought they were not humans!

One was a man around 30, who was white and clean. If he didn't wear an odd black robe and floated in the air, he might look gentle and refined.

As to the other one… he was too scary, Tu Jiaya even didn't want to recall his appearance.

As a matter of fact, Tai Yinzi felt really depressed when he saw Tu Jiaya's expression. Therefore, he simply clammed up, gazing at the wall alone.

Black Soul No.9 wanted to frighten Tu Jiaya further, thus he stretched out his hand, summoning a mirror from the corner to Tu Jiaya without touching it.

He just needed to shatter Tu Jiaya's mind to make her disorientated. Then with the help of the ability of a black soul envoy, bring out the vicious thought within her heart.

Each envoy had their own way or style to induce the customers… As for No.9, he was regarded as of the one with no style whatsoever.

Put another way, the style of no style was his style… which meant, he tend to use the most efficient methods.

At that moment, her sister's face was revealed in the mirror. Tu Jiaya's jaw dropped in amazement when she found this unbelievable scene.

"Are you curious that why the appearance in the mirror is not yourself?" Black Soul No.9 spoke stonily, "Do you know who kidnapped you here? It was your sister."

"That's b*llshit!"

Black Soul No.9 sneered, "Why? Don't you believe it? But have you noticed that your voice differs, and your body feels different… Most importantly, your addiction hasn't occurred even after so long… hasn't it?

No.9's voice sounded illusory, like the innermost thoughts of Tu Jiaya, which slowly hypnotized her into a trance.

"Jiaqing… How could Jiaqing make… That's impossible…"

No.9's voice gently said, "Why is it impossible? Our presence can testify this, and so does the change in your body. Your sister made a wish to replace you… and even shut you up in this place."

"That's impossible… You lied to me, you liar… Jiaqing… my sister would never do this to me…" Tu Jiaqing's consciousness became blurry gradually.

"Why? You don't believe it?" No.9 laughed evilly. "Well, it's normal not to believe it… But why would your sister treat you this way? She should not. You don't want her to walk down the same way--- joining the company because you're clear about all the dirty deeds necessary. You urged your sister not to become an artist. You know her inside out. You even intended to start your own studio to cultivate you sister after getting the contract period was over…You're protecting her, suffering alone. Below the shiny appearance and reputation, you're under the control of the company, dependent on drugs and the sorrow from letting the bigwigs do whatever they want at will…"

"Stop talking! Stop talking!!!"

Unwittingly, the rope around her body had been untied automatically.

"You're bearing all these by yourself. Your inspiration starts to fade away and you forget your passion for creating music. You were forced to become addicted to drugs and can't focus on songwriting… In fact, you started to become dependent on the drugs, feeling painful and confused, sad and helpless. You have to hide yourself in the illusionary world that those harmful things bring you too."

"Don't speak!! Don't… don't…" Tu Jiaya covered both her ears in pain.

"Everything you did, was merely for protecting your sister. However, the person you loved the most made a wish to steal everything you owned in the end."

"Stop talking, please… please…" She curled up her body, feeling like the whole world had collapsed.

"Do you remember how you fainted? Your sister even felt like killing you, making you disappear…"

Looking at Tu Jiaya that was all tears, No.9 took two steps forward. In a magical voice, he said "Do you feel pain? A thousand times more than when the addiction kicks in--- as if your heart was stabbed by a knife… Are you eager to release yourself from this pain?"

Tu Jiaya raised her head in a daze.

A black flame gradually came into her sight. A black card formed within the flame with 4 fantastic stamps shining on it.

"Grab it, and make your wish… Then, you'll set yourself free. It's quick… very quick…"

Tu Jiaya stretched out her hand, grasping the card hanging in the air.

The moment her fingers touched it, she stopped at once as if she had been electrocuted.

No.9 frowned but his voice still continued. "Why are you still hesitating… Don't you want to escape from this kind of miserable life? Well, you should."

"No… compare with these…" Tu Jiaya dashed towards Black Soul No.9, "Jiaqing, she must be in pain now… She didn't know about my experiences and might be suffering the withdrawals of drug addiction. I must go to rescue her!"

Her body went through No.9's, heading towards to door. Unexpectedly, the locked door outside had been opened magically. Tu Jiaqing forced her way out with no further thought.

No.9 played around with the black card, which hadn't been given to her, standing at the same place.

Tai Yinzi asked puzzledly, "Why did you help her by unlocking the door and allow her to leave? Besides, she even released herself from master No.9's temptation!"

No.9 said, "Is that weird?"

As a green hand, he nodded since he didn't understand.

No.9 said, "She wanders in pain through day and night, shifting between the reality and the illusion brought by drugs. But why she didn't fall apart till now?"

Tai Yinzi thought for a while. "Because she knows she has to protect her sister, so she stopped herself from going crazy?"

No. 9 found that Tai Yinzi's had progressed. "The most sincere emotion hidden in a human's soul often brings about a miraculous power. Just like a mother lifting up a car to save her child under it… The belief of protecting her family was the only thing keeping her together, as the final conviction, it would not be broken so easily."

Tai Yinzi said with pity, "So is this considered to be a failure?"

No.9 shook his head, "No… because of this, she'll make her wish without hesitation if needed. This soul… is really beautiful."

Black Soul No.9 changed his gaze towards the black card he held, saying to himself, "The new master… does he prefer this kind of beautiful souls?"

No matter how strong her will to protect her family was--- if she was ordinary… how could she struggle and get break free of the temptation so easily?

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