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"Thanks for your help, yeah… Yes, they came out."

The man talking on the phone while pushing car window curtains aside, staring at the people that came through the side door of the police station. "Next time, next time! OK, I will, OK!"

The man hung up the phone. At that moment, the door of the luxury van opened.

"Mr. Lin," KingKong called with respect, looking at the man that was sitting in the car.

Lin Geng, 39 years old, unmarried, the boss of Heaven Shadow, who built up from nothing, and was one of the most successful young businessmen in the city. Heaven's Shadow Entertainment had become more famous once Tu Jiaya started becoming well known.

Previously, it hadn't been famous due to its small size, with only Tu Jiaya as the mere domestically well-known artist. However, the company would probably grow gradually due to the influence of Tu Jiaya, who was like the sun at high noon.

Tu Jiaqing was facing the boss of the company for her first time… She didn't know how to react.

Beyond all doubt… Her sister becoming addicted to drugs must have had something to do with Lin Geng. And now, it meant Tu Jiaqing herself, had been taken control by him.

"KingKong, take the front seat… come in quickly. Are you going to stand there forever?" Lin Geng said indifferently.

The sentence was soft but the boss's aura made one shake with fear. Tu Jiaqing lowered her head, hurrying to the back seat of the van.

The van went slowly, both were sitting opposite to each other. Tu Jiaqing didn't dare to make a sound. Until the van turned into the ring expressway, Lin Geng asked her, "How did Shu Mu die?"

Tu Jiaqing got a fright, "I, I don't know…"


"I, I really don't know how come." Tu Jiaqing shivered with a pale face, "When KingKong came to find me, she… she was still alive."

"What the hell about that journalist?" Lin Geng asked.

"She, she's one of my university classmates," Tu Jiaqing stammered this out. One of the few matters she knew about her sister.

"She did it?"

"I don't know…"

After that, not a word fell from Lin Geng's lips. He merely sized up Tu Jiaqing again and again, like an evil wolf, letting Tu Jiaqing feel like he could see through her whole body.

All of a sudden, Lin Geng threw a bag beside him to Tu Jiaqing, "Try it on."

"What's this?" Tu Jiaqing opened it to see without thinking and found it was a dark red evening dress.

She looked vaguely to Lin Geng but heard the words, "Didn't you hear that? Try it on!"


Lin Geng didn't answer her, but an impatient expression could be seen in his eyes. Tu Jiaqing felt like to say some words of refusal but became terrified after she imagined the withdrawal symptoms and any other unknown means Lin Geng might use.

She hesitated for a moment before turning around to change her clothes with incomparable shame.

Unexpectedly, Lin Geng closed his eyes instead of watching her, "I'm going to see a customer. He specifically told me he wants to see you. Remember, he helped me a lot in getting new connections. You'd better behave… It's not the first time anyway, you should know what I mean."

Tu Jiaqing was dumbfounded… She suddenly realized what a terrible life her sister had lived.

But at that time, Lin Geng said, "I heard from Harry that you had him weed out your sister's demo several times. Is that true?"


"Don't do what you shouldn't do." Lin Geng opened his eyes now, "If I want to make someone famous, they will achieve it even without any artistic talent. As long as they have value, I'll put money in making them successful. Are you aware of that?"

Tu Jiaqing lowered her head, keeping silent.

To her surprise, Lin Geng closed in and gave her a slap on the face severely. "Did you understand that?"

Tu Jiaqing covered her hand on the face, nodded in fright.

How could this be?

How could this be?

Tu Jiaqing felt as if she lost her soul. She did not know how she got off the van, nor how she came into the luxury suite of the hotel.

She looked at an old man coming towards her, whose face let out an obscene laugh. His body covered only with a towel.

"Oho, the actual person is really much more beautiful than the one in front of the camera. Lin Geng that kid is pretty good. Looks like it wasn't a waste for me to recommend him to the Zhong Family."

The old man caught both of Tu Jiaqing's hands in one move, pressing her body down on the bed and lowering his head to kiss her lips.


Tu Jiaqing shook her body furiously, pushing the man down onto the ground forcibly.

"F*cking b*itch! How dare you?"

"Don't come over… Don't come!" Tu Jiaqing caught her clothes tightly, speaking restlessly, "Don't come over here! I…I won't do it, I won't!"

"How dare you?!" The man also burned with anger, pouncing towards the bed without hesitation.

During the struggle, Tu Jiaqing grabbed the ashtray on the bedside table and smashed it onto the man's head.

The man fainted with a scream.

His head was bleeding profusely. Tu Jiaqing looked at him at a loss. Her body shivered, wanting to run away.

"Master No.9, should we untied this lady?" Tai Yinzi asked in a submissive attitude.

In a basement that had been sealed up for a long time, two old ghosts were floating in the air, gazing at Tu Jiaya, who was constantly struggling on the ground.

"Stupid!" No.9 swore at him in a low voice, "If you release the restraints, she will feel more relaxed. Do you think it'll be easy to tempt her soul after she regains control of her emotions?"

Tai Yinzi could only close his mouth.

Black Soul No.9 added, "Open her eyes and let her talk… In addition, laugh in front of her."

Tai Yinzi gave a start, he didn't understand what the hell was the laughter for… "Laugh?"

"Rubbish!" No.9 explained. "Your looks could be mistaken for a wolf or a ghost, hence able frighten human beings effectively. If she opens eyes and sees you, she will panic more. You just became a Black Soul, without any ability or knowledge. Plus you have been imprisoned for 500 years, which made you have no idea about the change in society, unable to catch up to the train of time! Therefore, if you want to have a good performance, you have to rely on your ugly face that is a menace to the public. Walk the path of a devil."

Tai Yinzi… Tai Yinzi roared in his heart immediately, 'You're right the one that looks like ghosts or wolves! You and your whole families!

Tai Yinzi frowned, he obeyed it without caring whether it was right or not. He then loosen the bonds on both Tu Jiaya's eyes and mouth.

"Beauty, I'm…" Tai Yinzi face was filled with smiles.

Unexpectedly, just as he was still talking, Tu Jiaya screamed in fright, 'Ah, ghost!'… and fainted.

Tai Yinzi was stunned, and a new phrase he learned from the internet bolted out, "F*ck! This isn't according to script!"

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