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The fan meeting could be considered a success.

However, Tu Jiaqing panicked when she saw Ren Ziling halfway, who came back from the reporter's seats. On the contrary, Ren Ziling waved to her and gave an encouraging smile, as if nothing had happened.

That was weird… Had she and Miss Shu agreed upon some conditions? Had she been bought off?

Tu Jiaqing did not dare to reveal anything.

At the end of the meeting, a staff member hurried over and whispered to the emcee.

The meeting that should have been brought to a successful end was suddenly interrupted.


"Yes, Miss Tu. According to Mr. Wang's oral testimony, you two might be the last people in touch with the decedent. We hope you can come with us to assist in the investigation."

According to the policeman, someone had witnessed Miss Shu's fall and called the ambulance straight away. Yet she had died before the ambulance came.

As for the so-called Mr. Wang, he was actually KingKong.

Tu Jiaqing didn't know what to do. Right then, KingKong lowered his voice. "Mr. Lin said, keep silent, he'll send people to deal with it."

Tu Jiaqing couldn't help but nod. She felt that her new life seemed to be a mess.

KingKong then glanced at the policeman. "We can follow you back to the police office, but we have a requirement. Miss Tu is a public person, hence we hope to settle this incident without any fuss, not letting those journalists know."

The cop said, " Sure, then how about we drive your car and take you back?"

KingKong nodded.

At the police station, Officer Ma muttered, "It's rare to see you guys act so fast. You brought people back before the ambulance even left?"

The young policeman was helpless. "That's all because of your wise decision, Officer Ma! Asking us to follow your sis…Oh, Miss Ren. She went there for an interview as well. We saw an ambulance, and couldn't just ignore the accident. Unexpectedly it turned out to be the secretary of the boss of Heaven Shadow Entertainment."

"Did the big star say anything?" Officer Ma asked.

"No, she has kept silent the whole way."

"Is it a suicide?"

"It's hard to tell… We're waiting for authentication. We've deduced the spot which she fell from and the evidence is being collected now. However, Tu Jiaya and her bodyguard have already declared that they met the dead person before she fell."

"Continue your interrogation. If there are some new clues, then keep them, if not, then release them first," Officer Ma said. "If you don't set free these big stars, they'll annoy you to death. F*ck! One after another, are they going crazy these days? The government said to create a more civilized society… keep requesting me to reduce the crime rate. Create your f*ckin ass!"

The young cop made as if he heard nothing.

Right then, Officer Ma's phone rang abruptly. He glanced at the number and his face changed all at once, waving to his subordinate to close the door before leaving.

He hesitated for a while, before gritting his teeth and answering it at last.

"Hello, Little Ma!"

"…Yeah, it's me." Officer Ma gripped his hair, forcing a smile, "What's the matter? Sister…"

"I heard a person died at Everlasting Heart Square today. What's the situation? Suicide or homicide?"

"Play by the rules, sister, we can't release any information before it goes public…"

But before he finished his words, a roaring voice gave to him from the other side, "F*ck you! Don't mention that rule to me! You didn't even pay me for getting you the information! Don't you feel embarrassed?"

Officer Ma had to coax her like she was his daughter, "Fine, fine, ok! But promise me, don't simply write stuff… At least before it is revealed!"

"Say it!"

Officer Ma told all he knew.

Ren Ziling remained silent for a while before suddenly asking, "Did Tu Jiaya and her bodyguard say anything?"

"No. we're still questioning them."

"Inform me as soon as you get some information!"


In the meantime, some people were questioning Tu Jiaqing and KingKong separately.

No matter the methods used in questioning, Tu Jiaqing clammed up… She didn't know why Miss Shu fell from the building.

She dared not tell the police she was not the last one to meet Miss Shu, nor there was a third person---Ren Ziling.

Just in case Ren Ziling revealed… that her sister was addicted to drugs.

This would definitely be the worst case scenario, far more serious than those gossips. It could be regarded as a fatal blow towards 'Tu Jiaya', who was at her peak.

"I have no idea."

Nevertheless, walls have ears. Someone died at Everlasting Heart Square and the big star, Tu Jiaya's, car was seen driving to the police station. Both these messages made quite a stir on the internet.

This was because there were many onlookers at the scene of death. Some even took pictures of the dead body sneakily… She had been recognized as a staff working for the boss of Heaven's Shadow.

The fan meeting had been halted, Tu Jiaya entered the police station, plus the secretary to the boss of Heaven's Shadow passed away all at once.

Various kinds of gossip were spread by word-of-mouth.

But the initiator of this accident was roasting fillets attentively… Cooking ingredients in different ways to serve the club's boss was also an important duty for the servant girl.

The fillets that marinated in white dry wine, emitting a light and fresh scent after being heated in the pan.

Ignoring all the annoying matters, Boss Luo was about to enjoy his meal. Right then, a shadow flew into the club, taking shape in front of Luo Qiu.

Black Soul No.9.

"Master, this is the information for the potential customers."

Luo Qiu sized No.9 up and down. This was the second time which he provided customers' information. Such a hard worker.

Luo Qiu picked up the white card from No.9, feeling the information hidden inside. He was a bit astonished. "Tu Jiaya?"

Black Soul No.9 nodded. "I met Tu Jiaqing by chance last time and found that she hadn't made her decision; therefore I helped her out secretly. Now, she has successfully exchanged her identity with her sister. Hence I located the place where the real Tu Jiaya was hidden. She herself is in danger, thus her desire is quite strong. And I figured since she has such a strong will to protect her family members, the quality of her soul must be pretty high."

Luo Qiu shook his head then, not knowing whether to laugh or get angry. "It's you. That explains why what Tu Jiaqing wants is so… eccentric."

No.9 gave a start, saying with fear, "Master, is there anything wrong?"

Luo Qiu shook his head again. "No. It's normal to admire someone or dream to become the same person."

"Then… what about Tu Jiaya?"

Luo Qiu considered for a moment. Then, with a wave of his finger, a black card suddenly appeared and was shot into No.9's body.

It seemed that No.9 understood the meaning of the master, hence he left without saying.

You Ye took in the entire scene while holding the freshly roasted fillets.

The servant girl set the tableware carefully. Only after setting the sauce down did she softly say, "It's been a long time since a black card with 4 stamps was seen."

Luo Qiu looked at the ceiling. "The club obtains the precious items that human beings hold dearly through ceaseless deals. And I obtained some unbelievable profits from it as well. However, all these benefits come with a price. That if I was merciful, I could have put the choice 'Doing good works' first. But the problem is obvious. Before these transaction fees can be collected, my life will have come to an end already… In other words, I will die earlier than the customers."

He gazed at You Ye, saying in a soft voice, "Apparently, I hold my life in high regard, to the extent that I would put myself before a stranger. Thus, this mercy, should not even exist from the beginning."

Luo Qiu laughed at himself. "However, I'm not a heinous person. I have a sense of compassion sometimes. But if I indulge in this thought, allowing it to strengthen in my heart, I would feel pain when I see an increase in customers in the future."

"I'm probably a person without heavy sentiment by nature." Luo Qiu shook his head. "If one knows that the sense of compassion will bring him suffering, he should not be obsessed with it in the first place---Of course, saying and acting are two different things."

Luo Qiu was quite clear. "So I need to use double standards to evaluate myself."

Luo Qiu put a small piece of fillet into his mouth, chewing with care and saying after, "I think… this might be the reason why the black cards were produced in the first place."

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