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The height of a large shopping mall was taller than a common apartment.

How many floors would a 5-floor shopping mall be if it was converted into a common apartment building--- No one would ask this sort of question.

Watching a woman dressed in black suit dress falling down straight onto the diamond ceramic tiles floor, the pedestrian collapsed onto the ground due to fright.

The woman's body spasmed and convulsed ceaselessly, her hair messily spread out with bright red blood leaking out and dyeing her body.

She was also foaming at her mouth.

"Am… Ambulance! Call the ambulance!!"

But the square was packed like a can of sardines due to the fan meeting… It would be hard to make a way for the ambulance.

Luo Qiu was sitting on a beige cloth couch in a shop at the square. A saleslady not far away lay on the counter, seemingly fast asleep.

You Ye walked out of the distortion in midair, holding Ren Ziling with both her hands.

She placed Ren Ziling near Luo Qiu, saying softly, "Master, she's fainted for the moment, not a serious problem."

Luo Qiu nodded while reading the antique book taken from the vice president's office, "As per old rules, I don't want her to be drawn into this matter."

You Ye nodded, pointing softly on Ren Ziling's forehead, before asking, "If master showed himself willingly, it would have been easy to agree upon a deal."

"A strong desire will appear when a person is faced with death…" Luo Qiu shook his head. "If I'm present, the mechanism for purchasing will be triggered easily. Listening to the customer's request, satisfying their wishes, gathering the transaction fee… Yet what if I don't want to give them the opportunity to make the deal?"

Luo Qiu stretched out his hand to adjust Ren Ziling's untidy bangs, saying without emotion, "Then I'll just avoid meeting them."

"That lady wouldn't be able to provide much. Even if she offered her soul, it would have been tainted, the quality wouldn't be good…"

"No matter how poor the soul is, it should be even better than something like talent and happiness, right?" Luo Qiu shifted the attention to You Ye suddenly, shaking his head, "I'm a little willful, and I don't want to make excuses… And you don't have to help me find any either. I'm an ordinary person, with selfish desires, that can get angry sometimes, and with double standards as well."

"Anyway, in You Ye's perspective, you're the master." You Ye said slightly, "Besides, Tu Jiaqing realized her situation. She'll come to the club again soon."

Luo Qiu stood up and said, "I'm going to see Tu Jiaqing now, take care of her… until she wakes up."

You Ye nodded, as Luo Qiu walked out of the shop.

The servant girl strolled about this shop, looking around. Not long later, a lump of black fog appeared near her.

"Black Soul No. 18 greets Miss You Ye."

You Ye said coolly, "You're back."

Black Soul no.18 looked similar to No.9. The only difference was the voice.

It sounded like a witch.

"Yes, I came back as soon as I received the order to meet the new master from Miss You Ye! I've found several good potential customers and felt the new master near this area… Should I hand it to the new boss now?"

You Ye walked back to the couch that Luo Qiu sat, touching and feeling the couch material, "Give the white card to me. Master doesn't need it at the moment… In addition, stop running about finding potential business deals from now on. I'll give you a new task."

"Please tell."

You Ye pointed the sleeping Ren Ziling, "Protect her during this period. Keep her away from any harm… and prohibit any Black Soul from closing in and tempting her, until I tell you to stop."

"What a nice soul she has! No.18 cracked a ghastly laugh. "It's hard to find such a high-quality soul… No, it should be called a 'treasure'!"

"Didn't you hear me?" You Ye said, "I said, don't allow any black soul to tempt her."

No. 18 shivered under the black robe as if it was burnt. It said in a trembling voice, "Yes, yes I understand…"

You Ye added, "Of course, I won't let you lose all these time for nothing. After the mission, I'll request the new boss to give you some 'free days'."

No. 18 rejoiced. "Thank Miss You Ye! I'll try my utmost to protect this wo…this lady!"

"Good… Oh, wait." You Ye gazed at No. 18, her pair of blue gem eyes brightening.

No. 18 only felt as if something had invaded its body---As a senior black soul envoy, it said with shock, "This… Is it wise to hide my aura? If it isn't hidden, if other black souls get close, they will sense that I'm here, and leave by themselves…"

"You'll understand later," You Ye said indifferently. "Remember, your task is to protect her. Don't pay attention to anything else, No matter what else happens."

Since the master merely wanted it to guard Ren Ziling through all these years… it would be hard to hide it from her master for long. As the number of the transactions increased, the master would become more and more powerful and would finally see through it.

However, at that time, it would be no longer necessary to protect Ren Ziling.

The fully grown up club boss… would be a really powerful being.

After a short while, Ren Ziling woke up in a daze. She found that she had sat down and fallen asleep on the couch in a shop.

"That's odd. Why am I here?" Ren Ziling massaged her forehead. "Weird, was it because I had been too exhausted?"

She had some faint recollections, but they weren't very clear. Ren Ziling took a glance at the drowsy saleslady at the front desk, feeling embarrassed that she didn't know what happened in this situation.

She walked over to the door cautiously, without any noise, taking quick steps after leaving the shop.

As soon as she stepped out, that drowsy saleswoman woke up immediately---Thank God that the shop manager and the rest of her colleagues went to join in the fun of Tu Jiaya's fans meeting and only a new worker like her was left behind. However, it was due to that reason that she wasn't caught slacking.

"I'll be purchasing that couch."

At that moment, a woman so beautiful that even a female like her would have obsessed over suddenly appeared in front of her.

The couch she mentioned was the beige one placed in the center of the shop.

Who knows if it was due to the drugs. Once she experienced the utmost pleasure during the preliminary stages, Tu Jiaqing didn't feel any discomfort now; on the contrary, she was unprecedentedly energetic.

Even though this was the first time she had a show in front of such large number of people; however, as she held the microphone, she felt no lack of courage, answering easily the questions that the emcee asked.

But… she was not happy at all.

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