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Ren Ziling came out of the washroom and glanced at the activity site in the pavilion, but found the program had not started yet.

"Hasn't Jiaya come out?"

Ren Ziling knew that, Tu Jiaya was not an unpunctual person.

Previously, Tu Jiaya replied her that the dinner had to be cancelled because she had another engagement. However, Ren Ziling didn't find it weird---she was a superstar, thus her time was not likely under her control.

However, it was abnormal if she did not show up at her own fans meeting. "Did something happen?"

"The number you have dialed is unavailable. Your phone will be passed as text message…"

Ren Ziling knitted her brows after hanging up. She checked the surrounding area, walking towards Tu Jiaya's changing room that the company had arranged for her.

Not long after, in the corridor, Ren Ziling encountered the bodyguard KingKong that she met once. He did not seem to notice her, instead, rushing pass in a hurry, looking as if he was searching for something.

It invoked Ren Ziling's strong professional curiosity.

She found that KingKong stopped suddenly while holding a cellphone. Hence, she pretended to be one of the people shopping on the street, walking by KingKong.

"She's not in the east and we've checked all other places… Her phone is turned off… I see, I'll wait for you, Miss Shu… Yes, yes, I understand."

KingKong hanged up the call then walked towards another direction without noticing that a passerby had overheard all his words.

Ren Ziling frowned.

Was Tu Jiaya missing? If so, it should have happened not long ago because quite a few people witnessed her entering the Everlasting Heart Square along with several staffs.

Her cellphone was turned off… Didn't she want to be found?

"Jiaya, where are you? What happened to you? I came to do the interview."

Ren Ziling tried sending a message. Unexpectedly, she received a reply from Tu Jiaya immediately, "The washroom, 5th floor, Block C."

Through the window of the curtain wall, a large signboard at the east door of the square came into sight.

Luo Qiu's view rest on it for a while.

You Ye said, "It's Tu Jiaqing. Master, do you want to go there to see ?"

Luo Qiu shook his head. "Not now."

Since he had secretly entered into the headquarters of the Everlasting Heart Group on account of Jin Zifu's case at the very beginning, hence he was familiar with facility.

Everlasting Heart Group, Commercial Real Estate Research Department, Vice President's Office.

With a 'Bang' sound, Vice President Lai, who was reading documents about the raw materials slumped down onto his desk, fast asleep. At the same time, his office door opened soundlessly.

Luo Qiu praised You Ye's efficient work. He didn't even need to open the door personally, just walked into the office naturally.

Looking at this man who had fainted twice this way already, Boss Luo had a headache over it.

Luo Qiu thought for a while before waving his hand to levitate a black bolster between the Vice's head and the office table, looking like he was sleeping on a pillow.

You Ye gave a start, saying nothing. Instead, she turned the laptop around and started searching through the files.

Luo Qiu started habitually scanning the room, observing the arrangement of the Vice President's Office.

The documents and lists quickly flew across the screen, yet You Ye's blue gem eyes didn't blink. Not long after, she put the laptop back and walked towards Luo Qiu. "Master, I've got the information on the purchase of lands."

At that time, Luo Qiu discovered a book about antique knowledge at the corner of a bookshelf. He took it down and simply thumbed through it, "Let me hear about it."

"Just as master said, they didn't get the lands boldly. Rather, they sent people to contact the surrounding residents in private. Since they received some inside information about this land being mentioned in the annual urban planning programme, stating that the core of city development will be transferred to this old town area; therefore, they are trying to purchase the lands in expectation of this plan."

Luo Qiu nodded.

Even though there's no officer-trader collusion… walls have ears after all. Thus, as a big commercial real estate, Everlasting Heart Group must have its strings and informers inside.

"However, the addresses of some of the large scale projects haven't been determined completely." You Ye said indifferently, "It appears if the Everlasting Heart Group wants to make a killing, they have to do much more about it… In addition, the general prices offered for the purchases are sort of low."

Luo Qiu nodded, closing the book and passing it to You Ye.

"Let's go see our customer, to view how her new life looks like."

Block C, 5 floor… ladies' room.

"Jiaya, Jiaya? Are you here?"

Ren Ziling called out, yet nobody answered her. Right then, she heard an odd voice coming from the last cubicle in the washroom.

Subeditor Ren was always courageous. She approached the cubicle cautiously, trying pushing it open. However, she found it was locked, thus she shouted again, "Jiaya, is that you? Jiaya?"

After hearing some noise, the lock loosed. Ren Ziling pushed the door opened at once. Yet, after seeing Tu Jiaya, her expression changed slightly, "Jiaya, what's wrong with you?"

The Tu Jiaya that Ren Ziling saw, looked very terrible at this time. She curled up, with a head full of messy hair, hugging herself and kept shivering. Her face was pale, with cracked lips and smeared makeup, looking like a female devil.

"I, I'm so tired…so tired…"

"You…what's wrong?" Ren Ziling frowned, squatting down and eyeing her appearance in alarm.

Originally, she thought it might have been a sexual attack, but her clothes were still intact… Moreover, her face did not seemed to be frightened.

"I don't know… I don't know… Feels so bad… So bad…"

Ren Ziling pinched her friend's wrist. She showed a serious face then, before lowering her voice, "Jiaya, tell me now… have you been taking drugs?"

"Take… Take drugs… No, I haven't, I haven't! I haven't!"

Like crazy, Ren Ziling's classmate couldn't stop shaking her head, experiencing a serious mood swing.

"Your heart beats rapidly, body temperature is plummeting and you can't control your snot and tears." Ren Ziling roared in anger, "I've seen this appearance before! It's obviously the mirror image of a patient trying to kick a drug addiction in drug rehabilitation centre! Tu Jiaya, what the hell are you doing? Why did you touch that thing?!"

"I did not! I did not!" Tu Jiaya caught Ren Ziling's both hands emotionally, "I don't know… I have no idea at all… Help me, help me out, I can't be seen like this… give me a hand… you're my sister… my good friend right? And you'll help me right? …Please…"

"I can't help you, only the doctor can." Ren Ziling grasped her good friend's wrist backhand, pulling her up vigorously, "I'll bring you to the hospital."

"I won't go… I won't!!!"

She pushed Ren Ziling away in frenzy, sticking her body towards the wall, a scared look on her face.

Tu Jiaya was considerably agitated. Ren Ziling knitted her brows, saying suddenly, "Jiaya, I know of a black market doctor, he can keep this a secret. Are you sure you won't come with me?"

For now… calm her down first.

Right then, Ren Ziling felt a sharp pain, getting dizzy before she fainted on the ground.

Tu Jiaya… Tu Jiaqing watched this scene in fright at this time.

After Ren Ziling fell down, A bland-looking lady wearing black suit dress came out from her back.

"Secretary Shu…"

She knew this woman, and saw her a few times… She was the secretary to the boss of Heaven Shadow.

With a cold face, this lady frowned, "Didn't you eat the dosage that Mr. Lin provided you?"

With this, she fished out a small sealed bag from her pocket, throwing it on 'Tu Jiaqing' and speaking indifferently, "You left without a word, I wanted to see if your addiction would kick in."

"What… What's this?" 'Tu Jiaya inquired.

Secretary Shu laughed grimly, "Are you out of your mind? Take it, then tidy yourself. It's better not to make any mistakes at the meeting."

Small white pills… 'Tu Jiaya gazed at them in a daze. She felt an urge to eat them up… the impulse came from her body. She needed these pills.

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