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The old town absolutely couldn't be compared with the prosperous modernized new city region.

If one look around, there were no buildings were higher than 7 floors. The highest one was merely a 6-floor Chinese Residence.

Though it was not as bustling as the new city, most of the residents had been living here their whole life and were loath to move away.

Probably because it felt more human than those bland towering concrete forests.

'I Miss You' Stuffed Steamed Bun House.

It was full almost every morning. Most of them were neighbours that were familiar with the boss. In the shop, they were customer and boss; however, in daily life, they were old friends.

"Waitress! One pot of tea please!"

An old man shouted in a strong voice.

In the dining area, a waitress answered him while bending over to clean up the table. Then she hastily went to prepare the tea for him.

"Elder Chen, where did you find this little girl? She's pretty hardworking! And also has such gorgeous looks! It's rare for young girls with good looks nowadays willingly to do these laborious tasks!"

Isn't it?

She was around 20 years old, looking beautiful and energetic just like a lotus flower emerging from the water. Her smile automatically made people feel at ease.

It was a hot morning. However, one could feel cool and refreshing while sitting in this old house even though it had no air-conditioning and only opened their door.

That little girl shuttled between tables. Her figure light and graceful like a butterfly.

"If I were 30 years younger, I would chase after her! Oh, no… 40 years!"

"So would I!"

"Hahahaha!! You old bastards!" An old woman at the corner swore at them immediately, "Just look at you old coots! My son, Jiaming, has a higher chance!"

"This fat woman is recommending her son again!"

"So what?!"

The customers started half-seriously half-jokingly argument. Nevertheless, the boss—Elder Chen merely smiled, continue kneading the dough.

His wife took out a handkerchief, wiping the sweat on Elder Chen's forehead. At this moment, Elder Chen smiled. The restaurant was not big though, but it had been going on for dozens of years, and his wife's actions of wiping his sweat had also went on for dozens of years.

"Dance(the butterfly monster, mentioned in former chapters), food for the first table is ready." Elder Chen called out to the little girl who was pouring tea.

"Got it."

The little girl replied, hurrying over to send the packed food to the customer.

At this time, a new customer came to the house.

A fair looking youngster was shocked when he saw the girl. The girl was also stunned, then gave him a faint smile. "We meet again."

"Yeah, I'm surprised." Luo Qiu nodded.

He had never thought he would see the hatched butterfly monster again; furthermore, working in this bun house. The little butterfly monster wore simple garb, looking like a girl from the mountain areas.

Nevertheless, this didn't cover her beauty---When Boss Luo saw her again, the only thing he thought was that the transformation she had underwent after breaking through her cocoon and being reborn was rather successful.

"You… came to visit me?" Dance looked at Luo Qiu curiously.

They had bumped into each other coincidently, so the butterfly thought Luo Qiu came for seeing her specially---Besides, the club was a mysterious place, thus it was not difficult to uncover her location.

Luo Qiu shook his head. "I can be said to be a regular customer of this shop."

Dance titled her head with puzzle.

The boss called out at this point, "Luo Qiu! Long time no see. You come so far just for the buns eh?"

Luo Qiu nodded to the boss and his wife, then looked at the butterfly monster. "I used to live around here during my childhood."

"Take a seat."

Dance appeared to let out a sigh of relief before leading Luo Qiu to his seat. Elder Chen said, "Luo Qiu, I'll start making the buns for you right away. The usual, right?"

"Sure." Luo Qiu answered him.

He sat at a corner, as though he was in his own world. Then took out a thick book from his backpack to read.

When the buns were served to him, Luo Qiu ate one while it was still hot. Afterwards, he continued reading the book. Eating the three buns took him half an hour.

The butterfly monster thought he would leave as soon as he finished eating; however, he was only sitting there like an old man, having tea while reading alone.

"He was always like that. He will leave when he wants. It's alright." Elder Chen explained it to Dance, "I watched him grow up. He's a rather quiet person."

"Did you really see him grow up?" Dance asked in curiosity.

The club she knew… was well-known among the monsters circle.

The confused Dance did her work silently, but occasionally glance at Luo Qiu, who was reading a book quietly.

After a while, almost all the customers had left. It was about 10:30 in the morning. Elder Chen called out, "Dance, clean everything up. We are going to close the shop!"

"Yes, but…" Dance looked at Luo Qiu that hadn't left with a little bit of hesitation.

Elder Chen smiled, asking Dance to carry on the work. He then took a small teapot and sat in front of Luo Qiu.

"Uncle, why is there one more worker in the shop?" Luo Qiu asked.

Elder Chen laughed. "You mean Dance? She's a poor thing. When I was cleaning up one morning, my wife saw she was picking some food to eat at the back door in some ratty clothes. She didn't know much. My wife asked her where her families were but she said she had no relatives and couldn't remember previous things."

Elder Chen drank a mouthful of tea, "I saw she had nothing on her; furthermore, she was so pure and innocent, plus she had lost her memory. I was afraid that she might have be kidnapped from the mountain, so we just take her in for now. she's hardworking and doesn't want to live for free, thus she comes down to help me out."

"But coincidently, her surname is Luo as well." Elder Chen wagged his head, "Luo Dance, Luo Dance, this name sounds special as I say it. A girl from mountains wouldn't have such a graceful name, so she might be some daughter from a wealthy and influential family."

When he heard the butterfly monster had used 'Luo' as her family name, Luo Qiu looked towards her. She was wiping the windows; however he found she had been peeping at them all the while. When she made eye contact with Luo Qiu at that moment, she hurriedly started wiping the window on the other side. It was obvious she'd heard their conversation.

This monster's hearing… seem to be really good.

"Well by the way, Luo Qiu, could you help Dance out?" Elder Chen laughed. "You young people are more clever than us old guys."

Luo Qiu considered for a while before saying suddenly, "Uncle, can we speak privately?"

Elder Chen gaped. Then he saw Luo Qiu open the thick book. Among the pages, he saw a pitch-black card between them.

His expression had a slight change, gazing at his old neighbour in disbelief.

His lips trembled faintly. "You…"

Luo Qiu said in a low voice, "Uncle, close the door."

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