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Officer Ma seemed to be pretty agitated this time.

A packet of cigarettes had just been opened an hour ago. However, he had already smoked over half of his sixth cigarette. Cloudy smoke filled the room.

Not only was he the No.1 sharpshooter in the police office, he was also the No.1 chain smoker as well. He pounded the office table furiously at this moment.

The action shook the mountain of documents, also scaring the young policeman sitting nearby, causing him to almost jump up in fright.

"F*cking B*tch!"

The young policeman witnessed Officer Ma swearing and then continued smoking seriously. He knew what Officer Ma was worrying about.

Even without mentioning the accident concerning the evil cult, there was still the illegal organization of organ trade which they had been following for a long time.

Originally, the investigation of the case could have been moved up to next stage, there even existed a possibility that they would be able to follow the clues and eradicate that organ trafficking organization. This was because of the local contact they caught and the doctor who was in charge of performing the operation.

Yet the doctor died suddenly… and he actually died in the operation room.

The contact that had been captured earlier did not know much as well, hence it was not worth further interrogating him. As for the killer that they caught in the hospital—the unlucky guy who fainted due to being struck by a falling flowerpot, he committed suicide while the guard wasn't paying attention.

Yes, another one committed suicide. Including the psychic teacher, he was the second one.

The important figures of two cases died one after another; therefore, one could imagine how stressful Officer Ma was at this point.

Not only that, the psychic's body which had been sent into the morgue, vanished all of a sudden last night… No one had realized it, there wasn't even a trace that was recorded by the cameras.

The night watchman who had worked there for dozens of years had to be taken into the hospital due to almost dying from the excessive shock.

"F*ck you son of a b*tch!!"

Officer Ma put out the cigarette, standing up. "I'm heading out for a while."

He rushed to the door with big strides. However, he stopped just as he was opening the door. "Go send some people to keep watch on my sister. I suspect that the f*cking psychic teacher might have some accomplices! And deploy two people to the hospital. Are the relatives of Jiang Chu still there? Keep a lookout for any members of that evil organization if they appear again!"

The young policeman stared blankly. He heard the existence of the legendary 'sister' from some seniors in the office, so he asked, "Officer Ma, should we inform… Miss Ren? That way, things should be easier…"

"Tell your ass!" Officer Ma raged. "If you tell her that the dead body of the psychic teacher disappeared, I'll wipe your existence off the face of the planet!! She has a strong curiosity and likes toy with death, hence, she will definitely participate! No way!"

'The most important thing is, if she takes part in it, she will use various methods to embarrass me and I won't be able to do anything about it…'

"But… what if the head asks me where did you go? What should I tell him?"

"Just tell him that I was too stressed out! Going out to relax a bit! Going for massage!!"


The door let out a sad cry as it was furiously slammed shut. The young policeman trembled, feeling that Officer Ma was a true man… However, if he really handed up such a report, it would be bad.

The New Testament of the Bible.

In John 6 verse 17, Jesus called him the devil.

Along with Golden Eye's answer, Luo Qiu started to head down that way, trying to understand the hidden meaning of the words from the lattice window in the former boss's room.

It might take a long time—If he had enough lifespan, Boss Luo would choose the easy way--Purchasing information about it directly.

Thus…Now he could only seek it out by himself.

For starters, let's learn more about this famous 'traitor'.

Anyway, he was going to be reading the Bible for the time being.

On a nearby aisle paved with floor tiles, a mother was pushing a boy sitting on a wheelchair… Perhaps to allow him to get some sunshine.

The boy was silent, with his head lowered. His mother seemed troubled by his depression.

"Are you thirsty?" his mother asked.

The boy didn't say a word, as if he didn't hear that.

His mother forced a smile, "Oh, I forgot to take your water bottle. Wait for me here."

The mother left her kid at the pavilion, glancing at the young man who was reading a book quietly. After a moment of hesitation, she left.

This was the hospital, so it would be safe… Furthermore, there were times where even a mother needed to be alone.

She didn't go too far, merely sitting at a spot where she could keep an eye on her kid.

The little boy kept still all the while.

Boss Luo didn't raise his head, before a muttering suddenly, "You've fully recovered and can walk by yourself. Why are you still using a wheelchair?"

The sudden words from a stranger made the boy look up and looked at him, then averted his gaze, "None of your business."

"You rather talk to a stranger than your own mother?"

"None of your business."

"So even though you escaped death, will you continue to live with such a world-weary attitude?"

"None of your business!" The boy gave a more agitated reaction, turning his face to this weird stranger, "What do you know? Uncle!"

Boss Luo thought the atmosphere was pretty good at first… however, the word 'Uncle' made him disgusted.

Boss Luo raised his head and the boy hurriedly looked away again.

Luo Qiu said indifferently, "You're right. It's none of my business… But I've promised somebody, that I have to ensure the matter ends well."

While saying this, Boss Luo started to read the Bible in his hands, "Can you see that sickroom? Don't peek, it's at my direction."

The little boy refused to turn to him.

"That kid's life is tough. She is younger than you; yet, she had to receive a craniotomy. However, an accident occurred during the operation and she was almost died on the spot. However, she was lucky. The operation was successfully completed by a substitute doctor."

The little boy was stupefied, turning to gaze at Luo Qiu.

Boss Luo didn't concern himself with the little boy. He continued, "Yet it seemed that due to the delay during the operation, she hasn't come to her senses ever since she came out of the operation room… There's nothing wrong with her body but she may never be able to wake up again. Do you think she will wake up or not?"

"I… How do I know that?"

Luo Qiu nodded, "Right. You aren't even concerned about your life tomorrow. How can you care about others? Likewise, let alone caring if she fights hard to open her eyes, to look at the whole view of the world like you."

"Other people's business has nothing to do with me."

Luo Qiu closed the Bible abruptly, looking at the sickroom, and the sleeping little girl. "Yeah, it's none of your business. Then, what other people say is none of your business either. How others judge Jiang Chu, is that any of your business?"

"How do you know that… Who are you?"

Luo Qiu walked over to the boy suddenly, "Your father gave her the right to live on before he died. Though it's hard, I think she's doing her best. No matter what your father did before death, at least it showed his attitude towards life."

The little boy didn't say a word.

Luo Qiu put a cellphone on the child's leg.

The boy was stunned… He knew this phone! The graffiti at back of the cellphone was scrawled by him—He realized it was his father's phone.

"Why do you have it?"

Luo Qiu shook his head, finishing his words. "Though you didn't see him in the end. Guess what he would say if he knew this was your attitude to life."

The little boy just peered at Luo Qiu.

"You'll have a good life… I think so." Luo Qiu clicked open the cellphone. "Because he had always loved you."

The little boy lowered his head, gazing at the familiar face. The familiar but distant smile on the screen saver. His tears fell onto it drop by drop.

Who knows how long had passed. Suddenly he heard a voice from his mother tinged with anxiousness.

"Where was that man? I saw him just now…"

In the time it took to blink, no one could be seen in the pavilion except for her and her son.

Watching the tears in her son's eyes, the mother got a painful feeling in her heart. Just as she intended to say something, she saw the cellphone her son holding. This was…

"I… I'd like to go over there and have a look."

At that moment, the little boy held onto the wheelchair, supporting his body, trying to stand up. He pointed at the sickroom ahead and said, "Mum."

Finally, he had opened his mouth to speak.

His mother covered her mouth, tears in her eyes.

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