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When she heard the sound of the shutter, Lizi asked with puzzlement, "Sister Ren, what are you filming?"

Lizi really didn’t know the reason.

She was photographing the villagers who were clearing the collapsed debris on the highway.

The road could probably be cleared up today.

"If you're bored, take a stroll in the village."

Lizi pouted, "There’s nothing remarkable there because no one came out from the village."

The antidote was already handed up. According to Lui Chaosheng’s guidance, the diluted liquid had been injected into those infected villagers one by one. They began to recover gradually. However, it required time. So most of them could only stay at home.

They did not leave immediately--- because according to Lui Chaosheng, this was the solution he had accidentally configured. He had been studying this formula but had never succeeded in achieving it again.

Ma Houde didn’t think that the formula was enough to cure them and feared that the virus in the village was yet to be killed. So he contacted a medical team--- the village was in the process of being quarantined at the moment. After checking and making sure it was flawless, he would consider asking Luo Qiu and his fellows to leave.

So they had to stay for few more days.

"Gee, why are they carrying the silt up to the mountain?" Lizi was puzzled and looked at the villagers who put the dirt and mud into the cart but didn’t dump them into the sea or piled them up in the mountains, "It seems ... to be towards Hear-The-Sea Cliff?"

Ren Ziling was still pressing the shutter, catching something that she knew only.

She changed another angle, squatting and saying while adjusting wide-angle shots, "Wu Qiushui said that the villagers planned to use the soil to build a statue after discussion."


"Statue of the sea lord’s wife. "Ren Ziling took it lightly, "In order to worship it. "

Lizi opened her mouth, looking up to the broken cliff. She tidied up her hair, facing against the wind.

She suddenly said,"Sister Ren, let me help you!"

"Stop saying ‘I’m hungry’, that will do me a big favour." Ren Ziling rolled her eyes up.

"Come on..." Lizi’s face showed grievance.

"Officer Ma, according to Lui Chaosheng's confession, we found out that all the explosives he used to blow up the cliff, there should be none missing."

Inside the small clinic, Ma Houde looked at the inside of the box they found, "They are all home-made explosives."

Ma Houde shook his head and sighed, "Lui Chaosheng can be regarded as a talented person. He could make the antidote by himself. Unfortunately, he took the wrong path."

The young police officer nodded. He suddenly asked, "But Officer Ma, is this the end?"

"Except one guy who died from being over frightened..." Ma Houde snorted, "No other infected ones died. And we won’t hold an account on them...But if they are still held an accountable, l’ll pursue what they had done decades of years ago. Even if it’s over the accountability deadline, I will make the whole society condemn them!"

"Officer Ma, calm down!" The young police officer wiped off his cold sweat, "But the procedure seems a bit..."

"This is called flexibility!"

Ma Houde humphed, " You’re too young! Young guys make mistakes occasionally, that’s inevitable. But if they can repent, why not give them a chance? We are the ones who enforce the law for sure! If we do not give her a chance, who else can give her the opportunity to change? The law should also take human feelings into consideration. The existence of the law is for discipline, for restraint, also, it should give prisoners a chance."

"Officer Ma, I see!" The young police officer understood this truth.

While Ma Houde glared, "F*ck! Do not imitate me! Take these things away!"

"I see, I see!" The little police officer carried the box and ran out in a hurry.

Looked at the young police officer leaving hurriedly, Office Ma sighed, "But it makes sense only if the prisoners want to open it."

Ma Houde suddenly spitted, looking at this small clinic, "Pah! If they don’t want to open it, they deserve to die!"

Officer Ma, who has a beer-belly and would retire few years later, still had a hot temper.

Luo Qiu was sitting on the bench of the resort. He was drawing pictures with his head down.

A teapot and a cup was beside, with the servant girl standing next to it.

This was what Lui Yiyun saw at this moment ... Although she knew that both of them came with Ren Ziling and Lizi, she realized that these two and those two came from different worlds.

After experiencing the matter happened on Hear-The-Sea Cliff, the little girl still felt more respectful than grateful when facing these two people.

The girl hesitated for a moment, finally went over there, "Mr. Luo, Miss You Ye."

"Do you want some dessert?" Luo Qiu didn’t look up, "You Ye made it, very good."

"No, thanks, I am not hungry." Lui Yiyun quickly waved her hand.

She thought that it was difficult to get close to them several days ago... but now she felt a huge sense of oppression.

"I heard that the ladyboss has gone away?"

Lui Yiyun nodded, "My mum... she could not stay any longer. Because the villagers know about the scandal between she and the village head. So she quietly walked away last night without bringing anything with her. My dad said that he married her just to look after me ... Now, let her be. She is old at this age, she won’t have a better life in the future. "

The problem with Luo Aiyu was Lui Hai’s personal issue. Luo Qiu had no interest to explore further.

At this time, Luo Qiu stopped and looked at Lui Yiyun, "That night, You Ye’s attack broke the demonic root in your body and you also got rid of the monster nature. So by right, it won’t reoccur again. However, you still need to pay attention to it. Excessive pain will have a certain chance to revive your monster nature."

"I, I got it."

Luo Qiu smiled slightly, "Do you feel better?"

Lui Yiyun unconsciously touched her own belly, "It’s OK if I don’t move vigorously."

"Well..." Luo Qiu nodded, standing up and looking at the girl, walking towards the resort without uttering a word.

The girl looked at the thing on the bench and hurriedly said, "Mr. Luo, you forgot to take your items."

"Your grandfather asked me to send that to you, take it."

"Grandpa ..."

The girl gave a start, subconsciously picking it up from the bench--- It was a sketch on a white paper.

In fact, it was not a simple white paper, but a yellowed paper... This was one of many drawing papers placed in her grandfather's room.

Those paintings that had a simple outline without looks were now completed--- it was the look of the girl.

On the drawing paper, there was also a blue-star flower picked from the yard.

Lui Yiyun silently read the text next to the sketch... the text written by this mysterious man.

"Blue-Star flower only has a lifespan of one-day."

"The flowers you see each day are different from yesterday. They are all new flowers."

"But their roots are still the same ones as yesterday."

"Decayed, reborn, dead, newborn, each day."

"So there is a second meaning of the blue-star flower---embrace the present."

Looking at the sea in front of her, the girl embraced the blue-star flower in her arms. She took two steps ahead, getting nearer to the fence.

The girl closed her eyes, both of her hands closed together. She held the flowers gently in her palms as if praying.

Then she hummed softly.

That was a mysterious song that was once recorded and uploaded to the internet. But she didn’t sing it out this time, merely humming the melody of the song.

There was no magical force that will make people lose their hearts and souls. There was also no lyrics, perhaps because she couldn’t sing that kind of lyrics anymore.


Time passed along with her humming.

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