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The holiday village was ran by a couple with a daughter. The host was Lui Hai and his wife was Luo Aiyu.

Their daughter’s name was Lui Yiyun. Since the university entrance examination was just over, she helped to run the business in the resort during the summer holiday.

The man was in charge of the food and the ladies served customers in the dining hall.

And another female employee in her 40s was doing chores.

It was not a large-scaled resort--- located in quite an isolated place surrounded by the sea and cliffs.

It was a family-studio kind of resort. The dining hall might be reconstructed; the 3 3-storey houses were built behind the backyard as guest rooms. The small yard was clean.

The slightly salty sea wind blew over, bringing the scent of blue dazes from the yard.

The blue dazes filled the yard little by little, green and blue overlapped each other like the sea.   

"You can see the sea from the room. Are you satisfied?" the landlady Luo Aiyu took Luo Qiu’s group to the resort bedrooms.

She was rather enthusiastic.

The boss, Lui Hai, was not that passionate, but still retained basic courtesy. Lizi said that the landlady made all arrangements by herself, from invitation to the negotiation.

"I’ll go get the food ready, excuse me." Lui Hai seemed unwilling to stay long, walking out of the room.

Luo Aiyu faked a smile and explained, "Please don’t mind it, he doesn’t like to talk. But he’s very good at cooking, the dishes he cooks are very famous in the village."

When they arrived at the village, Luo Qiu saw a sign named ‘Lui Village’. The hostess’s surname was Luo, she might be married into this place.

Actually, this village was far from other resorts and the environment couldn’t be called superb. Besides, the sea-view was warded off by the cliff in the front.

As to the advantage of this resort, it must be its quietness.

"Yiyun, serve the customers here, I’ll go make the tea."

The girl nodded. She never left the county since she was born, so she had no experience in being in contact with big cities and the people from there.

The customers she ever met were from the neighboring counties, mostly seniors. Young guys wouldn’t choose here because there were no recreation facilities.

So when she met these beautiful and handsome people, the girl seemed to be a little reserved.

Ren Ziling’s real intention wasn’t about writing about this place. However, her professionalism would not allow her to slack seeing her innocent character, Subeditor Ren threw some questions at the girl.

"Is it always crowded here?"

Lui Yiyun shook her head, letting out an innocent sigh, "No, at most, there are a dozen guests during the peak season. Otherwise, two tables of guests can be regarded as good enough during the low season."

Ren Ziling was writing something on the booklet before raising her head and asking, "Why did you choose this place, rather than that merrier area?"

Lui Yiyun hesitated. Her face was to read. She glanced at the doorway, worrying about something.

Ren Ziling tone changed, "It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to say."

Lui Yiyun nodded, "Mom said you want 2 double rooms. Let me piece one more bed in the room so that it’ll be enough for 3 people to sleep together."

"Sleep together?" Ren Ziling smiled, "No!"

She pointed at Luo Qiu and You Ye, saying like a procuress, "These two sleep in one room."

"Yes, we sleep in one room."

Unexpectedly Luo Qiu nodded without thinking.

Ren Ziling gaped, opening her mouth… What the hell! She thought Luo Qiu would refuse to do so.

But he agreed straightaway? Had they already… No wonder most of the kids were precocious today!

Subeditor Ren’s theatre played again in her mind. It was some special adult program after midnight.

She gazed at You Ye… this girl was completely perfect. She didn’t talk more, but in Ren Ziling’s viewpoint, this quiet girl would make a perfect couple with Luo Qiu.

She didn’t look bashful when hearing Luo Qiu’s reply but quite natural and graceful as if having seen enough and acquainted with everything.

"Then, please come with me."

However, the little girl hadn’t gotten used to this. She had to lower her head, leaving the room quickly.

Watching You Ye smiling and following Luo Qiu to leave, Ren Ziling touched her chin, murmuring, "I’ve miscalculated!"

"Sister Ren, what have you miscalculated?"

Ren Ziling kept a straight face, "I thought I knew my son completely! He is a blockhead, but… He’s quite a man. They probably did it many times?"

"…Sister Ren, don’t speak like this, I’m just a kid."

"Shut up." Ren Ziling rolled her eyes, saying, "Oh, stick near to the wall and check how the partition is."


"You idiot! Can you bear it if they are too vigorous at night?" Ren Ziling groaned, "Or you want to do something with me?"

Looking at the Ren Ziling’s hands gesture expanding and grabbing, Lizi stuck her body on the wall, her words revealed her fear "Sister Ren… I, I’m really a kid, don’t… don’t go wild."

"Hey hey."


"Dear guests, are you satisfied with this room?" Lui Yiyun took a deep breath.

Perhaps it was due to misconception, she felt even more pressured greeting these two than serving the four.

"If not, there’re still some rooms upstairs."

Luo Qiu shook his head.

He walked to the window and opened the it, going out to the terrace and looking at the cliffs and the sea.

Actually the outside was a lawn surrounded by a circle of stone walls---this resort was built on the hillside.

"Who’s that man?"

Luo Qiu suddenly pointed at an old man sitting on a bench.

The senior man was holding a drawing board, looking at the distance.

"Oh, that’s my grandfather." Lui Yiyun smiled, "Don’t worry."

Luo Qiu nodded, walking down along the wooden stair by the terrace, he seemed to walk towards the senior.

"This guest…" Lui Yiyun gaped.

The servant girl smiled, "Don’t worry, he’s just taking a walk. By the way, can you give me a hand?"

"Oh, please go ahead!"

"Can you take me to the kitchen? I want to prepare the food by myself."

The girl was stunned… she never heard such a request before.

Luo Qiu sized up this old man wearing a hat, seemingly in his 60s or 70s. He had probably been sitting on the bench near the cliff for a period of time.

The sketch pencil paused on the paper as if hadn’t moved before.

Only a simple outline like a life drawing was drawn.

The old man didn’t realize anyone approaching him or he didn’t mind him. He was looking at the sea in front of him.

As the sea wind blew over, the blue dazes under the wall shook. Luo Qiu sat at the other side of the bench, snapshotting the moment with his phone.

He lowered his head, handling the photos and giving a sudden voice, "Why don’t you finish drawing the picture?"

The senior appeared not to hear it.

Until the second gust of sea wind blew.

He said slowly, "I… can’t recall. I can’t recall."

He grabbed the pencil tightly, scribbling on the paper rapidly.

The original outline was covered by the messy drawing and couldn’t be recognized.

"I can’t recall!"

Now the sea blended with the sky, dark clouds moved from a distance. It would rain soon, a heavy rain.

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