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Chapter 211

Lizi watched the two sitting in the front seats.

Everyone in the company knew Sister Ren had a big son but few had seen him--- anyway, it was the first time for her to see him.

How did that feel?

He was a very quiet person… and his skin was very fair, didn’t look like someone who did outdoor activities often.

Considering his age, he was probably still studying and hadn’t graduated from the university yet.

Since they were still inside Sister Ren’s car, she and Luo Qiu were limited to introducing themselves to each other.

It seemed hard to pick a topic to chat… Lizi’s circle of friends who started to scroll their phones had some news, "Gee, Sister Ren, the weather forecast said typhoon is coming!"

"Is there any problem with typhoons?" Ren Ziling galloped at full speed on the mountain road, 145km/h couldn’t make her satisfied, "It would be weird if there are no typhoons in the summer."

Lizi felt that Sister Ren was overly excited today. What was so special about going to the seaside?

"Ah, it turns out that there’s a legend around the resort area," Lizi said with excitement while watching the news on the phone.

"What legend?" Out of her work habit, Ren Ziling subconsciously turned her head around but just at the moment when she turned her head around,

Luo Qiu turned it back to the front.

"You’re driving."

This was probably the first sentence Lizi had heard from Luo Qiu since they hopped in the car.

"I got it!"

And this was also the first time for Lizi to see Queen Ren from the whole editorial department acting obediently like a baby… which refreshed her perception of her.

"According to the legend…" Lizi had to finish her words, "Every year at this time, songs of the sea can be heard at specific places of this gulf.."

Luo Qiu frowned.

But Ren Ziling snorted, "What legend is that? The sound was created when the wind goes through the cliffs and the caves. I think this is a fictitious story told by those merchants to attract tourists! It’s very common. Lizi, we’re media workers."

Lizi shook her head, "No, it’s definitely a voice. Somebody said that it’s in an unknown language…Oh, this article was recorded in the news, let me play it for you guys!"

The volume was suddenly turned up to the maximum. It could be faintly heard, but driving on the highway with the sound of strong wind resistance, inside the car stopped them from hearing it clearly. So Ren Ziling had to slow down the speed.

Luo Qiu shut his eyes closed in order to listen carefully to the sound.

A twittering voice… Luo Qiu couldn’t identify what language

language was that. But it was quite a clear and melodious voice.

It was probably a female’s voice.

Luo Qiu’s heart shivered suddenly. He wanted to read the news properly but found out that Ren Ziling and Lizi were both distracted.

He frowned, putting his hands on the steering wheel… There was a U-turn in the front but the car didn’t turn.

At the moment it turned, Luo Qiu pressed the car honk. The piercing sound of the horn gave Ren Ziling a shock. She quickly grabbed the steering wheel with both of her hands.

"F*ck… I was frightened" Ren Ziling got panicked, patting her chest with one hand.

Lizi obviously knew what had happened. She was also covered with cold sweat.

The car pulled in at the roadside. Below them was the area where they could the sea. Ren Ziling heaved a long sigh of relief, "It’s a toxic song! I got distracted!"

Lizi nodded, "Yeah… the observers said so. They said they forgot about the time while listening to it. Now I believe them, and I don’t want it to happen again. Fortunately, Luo Qiu saved us, or… Hehe."

Lizi made a face, putting her tongue out like a female ghost.

Ren Ziling swallowed her saliva but saw that Luo Qiu was watching outside of the window as if he heard nothing.

"Anyway… Let’s go to the resort first." Ren Ziling

Ren Ziling collected herself, restarting the engine.

And Lizi never mentioned this legend again.

"We're here finally."

After driving since early in the morning, it was now noon. After they got off the car, Subeditor Ren stretched herself.

Seeing her from far… she could be said as having a good shape.

Comparing herself with her, Lizi thought it was better not to stretch herself.

"Ah… I can carry them."

Luo Qiu walked to the car trunk and started to carry the luggage out.

"It’s ok, they’re not heavy."

Really not heavy? Lizi gaped…but this young man didn’t look like someone who worked out often. But carrying three cases in his hands, he looked effortless.

Ren Ziling didn’t care about that. She walked to Luo Qiu’s side, putting her hands on his shoulder. She put her face close to him, smiling gruesomely and saying in low voice, "Good boy, you told me last night that your girlfriend will come today. If I don’t see her later, you’ll have to sleep with Lizi tonight. Let me do you a favor by making her drunk."

Hearing this, Boss Luo had an impulsion to an impulsion to hit this woman.

He sighed secretly.

Because of this woman’s terrible personalities, he decided to ask You Ye to come here straightaway. If she was inside the car with them… it would be a quite a miserable journey.

"No need." Luo Qiu shook his head and looked at the front, "She’s here."

"She’s here. Where is she…" Ren Ziling followed Luo Qiu’s gaze. With only one glance, she couldn’t move her gaze away, "Oh my god…"

There was a girl standing at the entrance of the resort.

She wore a white dress with a maize-yellow hat. The gentle breeze lifted up her dress and her hair at the same time.

The girl tucked her hair behind her ears, looking towards this side.

The moment she smiled, the natural color of the natural mountains and river was gone.

After a good while, Subeditor Ren collected herself. She sighed and gave out an astounding sentence, "I’ve made up my mind, my son! I’ll make her drunk tonight!"


‘Perhaps I shouldn't have let You Ye come here…’

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