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Chapter 21

“Second Brother, you’re back.”

Zhong Luochen glanced at his sister, but didn’t greet her and instead asked bluntly, “How is our grandfather?”

Her expression didn’t look good. “The doctor said grandfather is drifting in and out of consciousness and is unable to recognize us. He also said that grandfather will leave in about two days.”

Zhong Luochen nodded, then pushed open the door and entered.

There were a group of people gathered around the bed with looks of anxiety. Two doctors and three nurses were paying close attention to the cardiotachometer.

“Luochen, you’re back finally,” A middle aged man with a square face greeted him.

Zhong Luochen nodded, then walked inside---there were plenty of members in Zhong’s family, however, his grandfather had only one son and one daughter.

Zhong Luochen’s father had contracted an unknown disease in his early years. Since then, he was not able to take care of himself. He could only rely on a wheelchair and couldn’t even speak fluently. As for Zhong Luochen’s aunt---his father’s sister, she died of dystocia.

The one that greeted him was his aunt’s husband, Wang Guoli.

“Luochen, your grandfather might…You stay here and accompany your grandfather these few days.” Zhong Luochen’s mother sighed.

Zhong Luochen suddenly said, “Mom, please step aside…Doctors, can you help me transfer my grandfather to another place, please?”

Zhong Luochen’s decisive words shocked everybody there.

“Luochen, are you out of your mind?”

Right then, another child came up---he was the eldest brother, Zhong Luoyun. He said, “The doctors said grandfather is too weak to live much longer. Yet you still want to move him around? Don’t make him suffer!”

“Luochen?” His mother looked at her son in puzzlement.

Zhong Luochen took a deep breath. “Listen, I have no time to explain. But…if you want to save my grandfather’s life, just do what I ask! Don’t hesitate!”

Zhong Luoyun frowned. “We’ve seen all the best doctors already. Do you have any better ideas?”

“I have a way to save his life.” Zhong Luochen shook his head, turning to those doctors, then ordered them in a low voice. “Hurry up! Quickly!”

“Stop!” Zhong Luoyun finally lost his temper and grabbed his brother’s arms, “Luochen, explain it clearly! Or you cannot leave here…I won’t let you take grandfather away! Sister, which side are you on?”

She frowned, “I’m on big brother’s side, but I want to listen to second brother’s explanation. If he has an effective way to save grandfather, I’ll be the first to support him! Second brother, you should explain your reason!”

But how Zhong Luochen explain it? Nobody was going to believe the existence of the club.

“I won’t explain but those who don’t believe me, can follow me.” Zhong Luochen said quickly, “If you listen to me, grandfather will have a chance of surviving, instead of waiting for death here.”

“Anyway, I won’t agree if you don’t explain yourself.” Zhong Luoyun snorted. “You are not able to make such a decision that can represent the entire Zhong family yet!”

That was correct. As per the traditional rule of the family, if

the old leader didn’t designate a successor, no one was eligible to make a decision without the majority’s approval.

“Hold on.”

Just then, an elder suddenly spoke up.

The elder’s surname was not “Zhong”, but his position in the Zhong family was extremely high because he had followed grandfather Zhong his entire life. He was even considered as a father in law or grandfather in law by the rest of the Zhong’s family members.

“Grandfather Luo!” Zhong Luochen looked at this elder excitedly.

The elder then said something that the rest didn’t understand. “Luochen, have you seen that person?”

Zhong Luochen nodded.

After hearing this, Mr. Luo’s exultation could be seen on his face. He confidently said, “Don’t stand there! Go help move Old Zhong!”

Unexpectedly, the powerful elder agreed!

Both Zhong Luoyun and his sister were puzzled by the conversation between Zhong Luochen and Mr. Luo.

Luo Qiu nodded to Zhang Qingrui, thanking her, then got off just outside the auction site.

Zhang Qingrui continued on to the underground car park in the car, while Luo Qiu and You Ye went through the inspection at the entrance.

“The security is so lax.”

You Ye said without care, “Master, if you want that jade token offered at the auction, You Ye can get it easily. The security is far worse than the Louvre Museum in France”

“I know you’ve been to the Louvre Museum, however, I don’t want Zhang Qingrui to get into trouble.” Luo Qiu nodded, “I’m only interested in it, and have no desire to posses it. Furthermore, any kind of objects cannot be tributed unless they are paid as the transaction fee.”

Unless Luo Qiu placed the jade token he obtained into the warehouse, then the jade token would not be considered the transaction fee anymore and cannot be tributed.

“I got it.” You Ye smiled faintly. “So, just get it in a normal way, right?”

“A normal way?” Luo Qiu was stunned, then shook his head. “I know the club has huge amounts of wealth around the world. But as per the rule, these can only be used as transaction goods to close a deal. So I can’t misappropriate those, eh?”

You Ye smiled. “A long time ago, some customers sent You Ye some small gifts.”

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