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As the plane landed on an island above the sea level, the man had no time to chat with the pilot and walked down in a rush.

The team consisted of five persons who were holding the same guns. A man wearing a white long wind coat had been waiting here for a while.

"Minister, you came back."

A man in the front nodded at this moment.

And this man nodded as well. He threw a glance casually at the other side of this island---located at that side was the living area and the inhabited land of the believers whereas this side was the base of the club.

Mr. Sun was just a code name. Each supervisor in charge of an area could use this code name in the club.

After returning to the base, the man recovered his real identity--- one of the four supervisors in Western Europe with the code name Scorpio.

Named after twelve constellations, each regional supervisor had their own code name.

Scorpio looked at the equipped man, "Let’s go in, I have to talk to all the supervisors."

While the equipped man said at this moment, "Actually, Supervisor Scorpio, Hanged Man, Temperance, Pontiff, Priestess, Tower, and Wheel of Fortune have been waiting for you half an hour before you returned."

Scorpio gaped. Among 21 supervisors, there were already 6 waiting for him in advance? He couldn’t help thinking about the seriousness of the issue.

"I got it."

Walking through the secret entrance made of rocks, Scorpio stepped quickly into the lift, coming to an underground area.

This base had been built for since a long long time ago. Now it had expanded to quite a large scale.

The lift stopped. Scorpio passed through the sluice gates one after another, entering a room alone.

There was a 4-meter-long bridge in the front. Scorpio took a deep breath, walking to the end of the bridge. Suddenly, the surroundings started to shine.

At this time, the whole room could be seen clearly---this place was like a sphere that had been broken down into one tiny part.

The sphere-shaped wall was divided into 21 same-sized spaces---They were all screens. And now, only 6 screens were turned on. The rest were all switched off.

Hanged Man, Temperance, Pontiff, Priestess, Tower, and Wheel of Fortune… Scorpio looked at the figures projected on these 6 screens.

But he couldn’t see the real faces of these supervisors because the screens only showed their signets.

The signets matched with Tarot cards.

"Everyone, what happened for the 6 of you to want to see me so urgently?" Scorpio spoke loudly.

Hanged Man’s screen blinked suddenly, followed by his voice ringing as if steels were hit against each other--- it sounded extraordinarily heavy after going through the special sound-processing, "One hour ago, 5 of our staffs who were designated to be at the Interpol were arrested."

Scorpio was shocked "What? So fast?"

Hanged Man: "Someone revealed their information. We know that the Interpol is well aware of our existence and have been trying hard to locate us. Since our information was revealed this time, of course they will be controlled first."

Scorpio frowned, saying heavily, "It’s Jessica, it must be her who revealed their identities… Damn it! She no longer cares about her mother’s safety?"

Hanged Man: "She was sent out for some tasks recently but didn’t return for a few times. Perhaps some of her memories were recovered?"

Scorpio shook his head, "No, no one could break my hypnosis…"

But he suddenly fell silent.

Scorpio recalled that weird phone call. That guy whom he talked to could easily reveal his hiding place.

Would that guy be able to break his hypnosis?

In fact, on his way to the base, he was still waiting for Jessica to contact him first because he knew that if Jessica’s ‘mother’ was still in the ‘heaven’, she wouldn’t act rashly.

"Scorpio, why are you keeping quiet?"

This time, it was Pontiff’s turn to speak.

Scorpio had to adjust his standing posture. Facing ‘Pontiff’, he said after taking a deep breath, "I encountered a strange situation on my way here before arriving."

He recounted every conversation between him and that weird man without leaving out any details, "Last time, ‘Demon Eye’ who was sent by ‘Temperance’ checked everything around me but found nothing. However, the opponent seemed to know each of my moves!"

The sphere-shaped room became as quiet as a mortuary.

Right at this moment, one of the blank screens turned on suddenly. A voice was heard from it, "Scorpio, you’ve worked hard. Since we just arrived at the island, have a rest first."

Scorpio turned to this screen that was on just now, saying respectfully, "Yes, Supervisor ‘The Fool’."

And the sphere-shaped room fell silent again.

After a long while.

Tower’s voice rang, "Scorpio told me that that man called himself a ‘businessman’."

Wheel of Fortune: "Does not receive any cash… and know every movement of him."

Pontiff: "To see what extent we can reach?"

Hanged Man suddenly voiced. His voice sounded hoarse under the voice changer, "Yes, that place."

Fool: "It’s the club…"

Tower: "Centuries ago, it had been…"

Priestess said with a slight hint of unease, "If it’s the club, I’m worried if Jessica actually made any deals, and what was the content of those deals…"

Fool: "Stay calm. Even though that place still exists, it won’t have an impact on us. That’s just a place to trade lust and desire, not a place for me to wait for my enemy. But, we should be careful during the next few months for the sake of safety."

Wheel of Fortune: "Then, stop the activities of all the branches temporarily. We need to observe for a while."

"I second that."

"I second that."

"I second that."

One day, two days.

Two days had passed, Ye Yan who understood that speed was too important in war sent the information Jessica had left to the headquarters at once. He even successfully controlled some spies in it in the first moment.

Soon after, Ye Yan received a message from the headquarters that reinstated him to his post as well as setting up a team to strike the horrible cancer, Michael Club, using all resources in priority.  

"When will you leave?" Ma Houde sighed.

"Tonight." Ye Yan smiled, "When the staff from the headquarter arrive, they’ll escort me and Kingkong back. And then, I might be busy for a long time."

Ma Houde didn’t say anything but patting Ye Yan’s shoulder hard. He believed that this excellent guy would definitely realize his ambition in the future.

"Old Ye! Old Ma!"

Ren Ziling’s voice was heard suddenly… Subeditor Ren called them from far and Luo Qiu followed her unhurriedly.

The third day… Ren Ziling came to her husband’s tomb.

Of course, Ye Yan and Ma Houde made up an excuse saying that this place was only a place for Ye Yan to wait for someone.

Ren Ziling felt relieved because she knew that Ye Yan had proven his innocence.

The four met each other here.

Pouring 4 glasses of liqueur.

And then parted.

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