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The vehicles on the street became lesser and the crowd slowly dispersed. 12 a.m.… 2 a.m. … 3:30 a.m.

Jessica raised her head slowly.

She subconsciously touched the corner of her eyes and realized that there weren’t any tears dropping.

She remained silent.

She looked at the only person who had been accompanying her in this dark alley. Sizing him up from up to down, her mouth opened, "Thank you."

"Dear customer. Have you thought of what you want?"

Jessica nodded, "First, nullify both of the letters… but I’ll continue to use the transaction fee that I told you before."

"Go ahead."

Jessica breathed in deeply, "I need power to resist Michael Club."

"Do you want to take revenge on Michael Club by yourself?"

Jessica asked indifferently, "Do you need to know the customers’ need when you sell things to them?"

Luo Qiu shook his head, "No, I’m just a very curious person"

Jessica told decisively, "Then don’t ask too much… I need the power to take revenge."

"As you wish, my dear customer."

The club boss stood up, snapping his fingers. An old goatskin scroll fell down from the sky slowly.

The scroll unfolded itself in front of Jessica. She seemed to enter a different space with another dimension that was dark and empty.

Jessica breathed in deeply. Now she wished to be an avenger.

As soon as her palm pressed on the goatskin, the pain caused by the fracture disappeared rapidly, Since the wound on her leg had already recovered, she felt a power gushing out endlessly from her body.

A special firecracker-like sound was heard again from her body. She found blue-purplish light wrapping around her body.

Jessica stretched out her palm, seeing the blue-purplish arc light turning over between her fingers… This was an electric current.

"Your body’s ability is strengthened." Luo Qiu said peacefully after seeing how Jessica was shocked after obtaining the power. "As to the strength, it’ll be more powerful than your original ability because it’ll keep growing--- Of course, along with its growth, your lifespan will become shorter."

Jessica watched him in silence, "The more powerful it becomes, the closer I am to death... and you’ll get the transaction fee faster, right? You’re indeed a businessman who seeks nothing but profit."

But she shook her head immediately, "Never mind, I didn’t expect you to be a kind man. That’s enough for me."

While saying this, Jessica passed by Luo Qiu and rushed to the deep of the alley without uttering a word.

Luo Qiu was confused as to why she left the cargo here--- Jessica seemed to leave them on purpose. She didn’t want to take them away.

Lifting this big bag, Luo Qiu fell into deep thought.

Inside the little Chinese pharmacy, the exhausted doctor who had been busy for the whole day was laying on the table and deeply asleep. Because the resourceful Officer Ma urged him repeatedly, the old doctor had to keep an eye on the seriously wounded guy round the clock.

The doctor didn’t know that the patient had woken up.

Yeah, Yu Hua woke up a little while ago.

But he didn’t move--- the muscles and bones of his limbs had been cut off. He completely lost the ability to act. On the other hand, it was because of the side effects of that prohibited medicine.

It was not his first time using this kind of prohibited medicine. Since some trial products had been spread from Michael Club and his martial uncle turned powerful with the help of it, he knew its side effects.

After a long while, its side effects would make people feel extremely weak. One had to keep one’s vitality by continuing consuming it. But he drew a conclusion from his martial uncle who kept using it even though it meant to shorten his lifespan.

One could get power that was over the limit of one’s physical ability with the price of his life!

It was also because he had already paid the price but still couldn’t achieve his expectations that led him to this kind of situation.

As a martial artist, he was clearly aware of the serious implication of the wound he had--- even though he tried to connect the bones with muscles in right after the injury, it couldn’t recover to its original state, let alone such a long time had passed.

He became a useless man.

This was the only thought he had after he woke up. It was like a nightmare.

Thinking about the past, an extreme hatred rose from the bottom of Yu Hua’s heart… he was not afraid of death but he didn’t want himself to be so stupid and cowardly.

As a martial artist, nothing would be more terrible than unable to practice martial arts.

"I’ve already become… a useless man…"

Yu Hua lay on the sickbed. HIs heart recalled the memories of these few years.

His heart was crying.

It seemed that he was imprisoned in a dark and black cage that kept compressing and pressing against his body.

When despair reached its limit, he seemed to suffocate. Tears dropped from the corners of his eyes!


It made Yu Hua even more agitated--- this kind of cowardice made him feel like his heart was stabbed by a very sharp knife.

Rage, abomination, enmity, humiliation… all the emotions rolled in his heart.

"I hate myself!!!"

He roared like a ferocious ghost escaping from the hell, crying hysterically, "Ah!!! I hate myself!! Ah!!!!"

He struggled with his body crazily but had no energy left at last. So he could only lay down on the sickbed and roll down on to the ground straightaway.

He fell, face stuck to the cold floor, sobbing like a helpless kid, "I hate myself…"

Suddenly, he saw a pair of legs.

Someone was standing in front of him.

Yu Hua raised his head with difficulty… he looked at this man who wore a clown mask.

This man squatted down, opening his mouth, "Dear customer, what do you want?"

"What do I want?"

"Yes, I can help you achieve what your desire. As long as you can afford it, we will help you to realize it." That voice turned softer, "Whatever it is."

"Power… I need power! I need power! Can you give me power?!!" Yu Hua roared, "The best power that can break the destiny! Can you give me that?!"

He asked like a madman, "Can you give me that? Hahahaha!!!"

"Dear customer, what can you pay?"

"What?" Yu Hua laughed frenetically, "Only if you can let me stand up again! And let me own strong power! I can give everything I have! My wealth! My life! Even my soul!!"

"Are you sure?"

"Stop this bullsh*t!! Give me that quickly!!"

"As you wish, dear customer."

"Wait, what are you planning to do?"

Yu Hua looked at the weird man in front of him who was pouring all the blue powder into water with fear.

He knew the blue powder too well!!

"Of course, these commodities are for you."

At this moment, that syringe full of blue liquid was stabbed into his arm, "This much was enough to get the customer an unparalleled power."

"No…No! I don’t want!! Stop! I don’t want it!!!"

"Sorry, customer… we have to abide by the contract we’ve signed."

"Don’t… Ah!!!"

Endless power gushed out from Yu Hua’s body… but his heart beat crazily as if l it was going to explode at any time.

One dosage after another was injected into Yu Hua’s blood vessels. Along with his galloping blood flow, the drug flew crazily into every part of his body.

They even went up to his head, invading his brain.

Finally, Yu Hua knelt down. The muscles on his body swelled crazily; blood vessels turned dense and strong on his face--- the same happened to his body.

The dense and swollen vessels even formed messy, spider web-like vein lines.

Both of Yu Hua’s hands supported his body up. His whole body was shaking, his fingers were crumbling the firm floor to release redundant power!

However, the power kept gushing out from his body--- As if it was limitless!


He had to alleviate the pain his body was suffering using this way. His fist struck against the floor. Each strike broke the firm concrete floor as if it was a piledriver!

"Power! Hahahaha!!! I gained power! Hahaha!!!"

Laughing crazily, Yu Hua stood up slowly. At this moment, he felt that he was almost invincible and could destroy everything.

"This kind of feeling is wonderful!" Yu Hua looked at his own hands, letting out crazy laugh once more.

Then he grinned hideously.

He took one step forward… however, he collapsed instantly with only one step!

A large amount of black blood was now spraying out from his vessels.


He shrieked miserably and madly. At this moment, his muscles and bones were crunching gradually.

Yu Hua’s pupils rolled up, blood congested heavily in his eye white.

The man eventually stood in front of him and gave him power. He now took off the mask slowly.

Yu Hua moved his lips as if he wanted to say something.

But he didn’t say anything at last … He lowered his head, his body looking like a collapsed statue on the ground, pressing against the black blood.

The club boss bent down gently, asking softly, "Dear customer, are you satisfied? Then… please pay your transaction fee."

Luo Qiu grabbed Yu Hua’s forehead and caught a greyish soul.

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