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Chapter 198: The Fear from the Past Memory
After taking out all the grimy things, Luo Qiu grabbed handfuls of mud and filled up the pit.
Then he stood up.
When You Ye saw this, she fished two bottles of water out from the bags thrown away by the man. Walking to Luo Qiu’s front, she poured water for him to wash his hands and fetched a square handkerchief to wipe them dry.
The man kneeling in front of the tombstone had been making uncountable kowtows. He pressed the stone hard using both of his hands, the muscles in his forearms became swollen but his body couldn’t stop.
The Confucius teachings taught a man to kneel down ahead of Heaven, motherland and his parents. But now, he had to bear the humiliation to kneel in front of a dead man with kowtows. This further deepened his hatred compared to what he had to endure physically.
He tried to hold his body up frantically, using all his might to face his head upward, even gritting his teeth. His face turned bright red as if caused by blood congestion.
However, his resistance didn’t last long this time--- Luo Qiu who had already cleaned both of his hands at this time went straight to the man, grabbed his hair and pushed his head down ferociously without uttering a word!
Everything sounded a lot louder this time compared to before!
Seeing him revolting with all his might, Luo Qiu opened his mouth with an undisturbed look. This tranquility contained a sense of coldness, which was very rarely seen on him, "Did you feel humiliated? And anger, resentment, and everything, right?"
"Ah---!!" The man shouted.
Luo Qiu took a deep breath, "Do you know this is my father’s the tomb? As his son, what do you think I would feel when seeing it being ruined by someone?"
Luo Qiu narrowed his eyes, lifting up the man’s head again and then pressing it down on the ground with a great force.
The man stopped struggling all at once.
His face was stuck on the stone. Blood gushed out from his forehead and made him look like a grisly ghost. "You’re his son?"
"Didn’t you check before burying these things under my father’s tomb?" Luo Qiu grabbed his head, "What’s your intention?"
That man sneered yet his body became weak after being hit on the stone continuously. But he was still reluctant to admit the mistake, "I like it, so how? Kill me if you can…But don’t expect to get the answer from my mouth. No way!"
He grinned hideously as if enjoying Luo Qiu’s look… but looking at Luo Qiu’s indifferent look, he added, "Oh, I just found those things at random. In fact, I even peed there! Hahahaha!!! And today I want to poop there too!"
His gaze was extremely crazy, he still wanted to infuriate the opponent in this despairing situation.
This person was a lunatic who wasn’t afraid of death at all.
Luo Qiu raised his eyebrows. When he was young, he had a dream and a vision for the future. He had learned to speak before and was always in low spirits for those few years’ time too. But up till now, he could still be counted as having quite a tranquil past. There was no need to enter into a conflict with others because it was a waste of time in his opinion. There was much to be said on both sides, it was better not to be too serious since both parties would lose. He had been keeping this way of thinking since before until he met this guy who ruined this thought overnight.
Even though his face remained peaceful, his heart was boiling.
The servant girl, who didn’t know that her master was in an infuriated state, had had such a strong killing intent it almost took a physical form and hoped that her master would allow her to deal with this man.
For over centuries, she had met many guys who were not afraid of death; however, she’d never seen anyone who was still reluctant to admit his mistakes till the end.
Yet at this time, Luo Qiu’s fingers that were grabbing his hair let go suddenly. Instead, he grabbed his forehead.
This man couldn

’t see the servant girl at the back but he saw Luo Qiu’s demonic silver-colour eyes clearly.
"Your name is Yu Hua."
"How do you…" Yu Hua was shocked.
Luo Qiu shut his eyes closed straightaway, saying, "Not only my father’s even ruined Sister Xiaochun’s tomb before that…Humph, very good."
"Who are you guys?" Looking astounded, the craziness in Yu Hua’s eyes faded away immediately.
"You asked Ye Yan to live in Peace Hotel, to monitor him easily. You want to get revenge. Ye Yan is the first target, the second is Ma Houde, and then…"
Luo Qiu spoke out a list of names.
Yu Hua was greatly frightened. His hands grabbed Luo Qiu’s forehand and wrist at the same time, struggling to free himself. Nevertheless, Luo Qiu’s hand seemed to be a part of his body too, he couldn’t even shake it off.
A lunatic wasn’t afraid of death but he was afraid of the secrets revealed by others one by one.
"4 years ago, the mastermind behind the big murder in this city...was your father. He died in the jail last year at this time. 2 days more will be the date of his death. Your plan to take a revenge will begin 3 days later… your first target will be Ye Yan."
Luo Qiu let go of Yu Hua’s forehead, saying, "No! Your plan has already started since you ruined Xiaochun’s tomb. Ye Yan is your first target, you want to enrage him. You want him to be here 3 days later in order to enrage him again. You want to see him dying from pain and rage in your hands..."
He was really afraid because all his secrets had been spoken out in front of him from other people’s mouths!
It might be said that there was no secret allowed since all his thoughts had been seen through. It was like being stripped naked!
"Your plan may be successfully achieved." Luo Qiu stood up, "Since you’ve prepared for it for 3 years. You know you are no match for Ye Yan, so you keep practicing martial art---Eagle Claw Art, right?"
Yu Hua opened his eyes wide, staring at Luo Qiu unfathomably… ‘Did he even know about that matter…’ His heart beat crazily.
"To practice the authentic Eagle Claw Art, you have to soak your fingers in esoteric potion in order to strengthen your knuckles so that they become firmer than ever. But the prescription of this kind of potion can only be obtained from the real successor--- your martial uncle. In order to get it, you even…"
"Stop it!!" Yu Hua became extremely agitated all of a sudden.
"Your uncle master likes males." Luo Qiu sneered, "So you…"
"Stop it!!!"
This was the deepest and ugliest secret buried in him. A man who wasn’t afraid of death would be appalled by the disgrace hidden in his heart.
The madman wanted to irritate him; however, he was on the edge of collapsing.

The night wind blew, Yu Hua was still indulging himself in that miserable experience. Yet Luo Qiu said coolly, "You plan to enrage Ye Yan again but you didn’t know you’ve successfully enraged someone before that...that’s me"
Verbal attack still continued.
"There are many ways to take revenge. You don’t have to practice martial arts just for that. You are aware of that, even your deceased father knew about that too. But 4 years ago, your father was involved in the fight with Ye Yan when he had no more energy left. At last, he was defeated by his Eight Pole Boxing. Before father passed away, he grabbed your hand and told you to defeat that man."
"Your father was like a god to you; how is it possible that he can be defeated by someone? It was impossible that he was defeated by someone---He can only be the omnipotent god in your heart again if Ye Yan is defeated in your own hands. You even lied to yourself that Ye Yan plotted against you instead of losing when confronting him. Because of your insistence, you even become the toy-boy of your martial uncle!"
"For half a year, you served your martial uncle like a woman."
The words pricked his heart.
And their roles had been interchanged.

As if losing his soul, Yu Hua became weak and limped. He raised head slowly, looking at Luo Qiu with a dispersed gaze.
But it was gathered together soon.
Yu Hua said, "I swore before that I’ll never let myself to think about those things anymore… You, go die!"
His thrusted his legs against the ground, crossed both of his hands at his chest and curled up ten finger-like claws.
This was exactly the Eagle Claw Art.
These claws were only strengthened and became stronger after being soaked in the potion. Even if it could smash the bones easily, it was still not a match for the mysterious telekinesis of the club’s boss.
When hitting the lucid wall, Yu Hua pulled his left hand back in the air. The pain, like using his own fingers to hit an iron plate, had cracked his knuckles straightaway. Both his fingers and the kungfu were injured.
Yu Hua retreated continuously after being frightened. He put his left hand behind his back, opening five fingers wide, trembling.
His heart was overly panic-stricken.
Luo Qiu said abruptly, "You can’t speak of me starting from now…for my part, keep it first...but it’s time for to you to return Ye Yan what you owed Sister Xiaochun."
Yu Hua gaped---He hadn’t figured out what was that weird guy’s real intention, yet as they were looking at each other, the figure stepped backwards… and then vanished.
The cold wind blew, Yu Hua had a chill. He looked around and figured out that the cemetery had turned quiet again… and became gruesome.
But he suddenly heard light footsteps… someone seemed to be rushing in…
"Who’s there?"
He heard that person’s voice… that’s Ye Yan’s.
Yu Hua checked around quickly and everyone seemed to be his enemy.
He took a deep breath, a sense of craziness flashed across his eyes.
He suddenly tore the clothes open, one hand grabbing the metal pendant on his neck. He pulled it down from his neck and twisting it. There was a thorn inside.
He stabbed it into his heart--- One second later, Yu Hua knelt down, his face was full of blood capillaries.

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