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Although this man didn’t look like to hurt these kids, his partner had gave her a serious injury. Black Water couldn’t relax her vigilance.

It was better to say that she was scared of him… After all, those cubs were in his control.

"Let them go, you can do whatever you want with me," Black Water said through gritted teeth which made Luo Qiu feel surprised.

Luo Qiu gently put down the rabbit monster.

It made this sleeping rabbit monster curl up. The cute behavior attracted Luo Qiu to touch its nose, before standing up to go to Black Water.

"They said you brought them from the mountain 10 years ago and came here to settle down after experiencing hardships," Luo Qiu suddenly said.

Black Water face full of vigilance but she endured her anger so it wouldn’t disturb these kids. "If you human beings didn’t come again and again to fell the forests, we’ll live peacefully and won’t come here… Again and again, you always destroy the places we live!"

Luo Qiu said coolly, "Aren’t you able to protect the forests from being felled by those people who seek gains?"

Black Water sneered, "Is it useful to expel only one group? You just said they’re seeking gains! Countless groups are coveting the forests! Those people pay for lumbering permits and come back to the mountain. They are in cahoots with this country. Can I stop that? If I do, those silent Taoists will come forth to kill us with no guilt. They can’t wait for my actions!"

Her agitation affected the injury, blood flew out from her lips. She cried sadly, "This is a world led by humans! We monsters can only drag out an ignoble existence if we abide by the law; if we make a mistake and hurt humans, you Taoists will uphold the justice. But what about the opposing situation? Who will hold the scales even when we are oppressed? Can’t we be tolerated in a human’s world?"

Luo Qiu asked back, "On the other hand, can you guarantee humans will live better if you monsters control the world?"

Black Water snorted. The racial problem was an acute conflict. She hadn’t thought about this problem, looking at Luo Qiu with resentment, "Anyway, you’re the helper of that F*ckin Taoist, so you’re on his side."

"No, I’m not on his side." Luo Qiu shook his head. "He’s just my customer. He paid me and asked to beat you into a seriously injured state, that’s all. Or do you think you could have left us at that time?"

Black Water snorted, "Do you? So that means if I pay enough to you, I can buy the life of the f*ckin Taoist as well?"

"Sure." Luo Qiu said, "Only if you want our services."

But Black Water didn’t believe it.

She had been living for hundreds of years as a monster, who witnessed several changes of dynasties, wars, littered with corpses. Human’s ferociousness was far more serious than cannibalism among monsters. The more she knew, she realized the complexity of the beings called humans.

After hundreds of years, Black Water learned how to judge a generation, instead of only one person.

She learned to see the change of a generation and what the times brought to the world--- Human civilization had been progressing. It changed quickly but only gave benefits to humans themselves. However, in a hundred year, from green mountains and rivers to a huge stone forests now, it looked all they did was consume the life of this world.

In the latest generation, she could only see greed.

So she couldn’t believe the young man’s words at heart--- If this guy wanted something from her, he could just take these kids as hostages, which would make her give in.

Black Water didn’t know what he was thinking about.

"Customer can consider what you need," Luo Qiu added later.

Then he ignored Black Water, strolling in this cave--- It was not built by her. It actually existed from before.

The entrance to this cave was hidden under the statue of the founder. As a disciple, Yang Taizi dared not move it. The reason Black Water could find this place must have been because she wanted to do something to this statue… such as smashing it.

She probably found Yang Taizi’s arriving earlier, so she hurriedly hid these cubs here before meeting him.

The cave was large. There were some beads inserted in the wall at intervals with an unknown fluorescent grass around each.

One side of the wall was wet with water. Here was a close ecosphere, air could only blow in through the gaps. Luo Qiu walked up the stairs. The highest layer was a platform and a place for living had been built at back.

But when he came in this smaller stone room, he found it was just a simple cave.

There was nothing inside, except a rectangle stone as the bed, with a skeleton on it.

It seemed that Black Water didn’t move anything inside. Luo Qiu saw some bamboo slips beside the skeleton. However, it was damaged and scattered as soon as he took it in hands.

Luo Qiu shook his head. It seemed that he couldn’t get any information from it.

The skeleton might be the founder of Xian Xuan Huan Zhen Dao or some disciple. Luo Qiu didn’t touch it, just threw a glance at it silently.

According to the cave and the skeleton, it seemed that someone came here, who might have wanted to experience the important process for obtaining longevity--- Trying to break through the death pass, several hundreds of years ago.

Until they became a skeleton.

Luo Qiu stepped out of this stone chamber, walking down the stairs. He found Black Water had already come to the bottom.

Black Water didn’t come up, some of the kids including the rabbit monster had woken up.

Black Water unsnapped her upper clothes and leaned against the stage. Some female kids were now licking her body.

Correctly speaking, they were sucking the wound.

Their tongues were like whisks, which were moving about from her shoulder to waist with flexibility.

Luo Qiu heard that canine’s saliva could kill germs…Well, seemed that one of the kids was a child of a dog?

Glittering and translucent saliva like silk reflected the fluorescent light, which was crystal bright.

Later, the terrible wound seemed to close up.

Luo Qiu realized that this might be a method to cure the wound. But he saw her face blush, letting out a groaning voice… Boss Luo didn’t understand why she looked like she was having an enjoyable orgasm…

The saliva might have touched the part where she was hurt as Black Water suddenly tightened her body.

Her legs under the dress could be seen. Now, her calfs were intertwined, with ankles and toes pointed down and raised slightly, becoming a wonderful curve.


She raised her head and heaved a sigh of relief as exhaustion crept over her face. Gasping slightly, she opened eyes and made eye contact with Boss Luo.

The club boss was mature enough and wouldn’t feel embarrassed by this scene. He nodded, "Go ahead, don’t worry about me."

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