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Chapter 182

The inside structure of the Taoist temple was not complicated and it was visible with the first glance.

The moment Luo Qiu stepped into the temple, that calling sound turned clearer. Following the sound, he walked deeply in the temple.


Luo Qiu showed up at the end of the palace right now. Dozens of oil lamps hung down from the ceiling, making this place full of warm light.

12 cattail hassocks were neatly arranged on the ground and a stone statue of a person had been laid in the middle. It hunkered there, eyes closed, a beautiful beard hung in front of his chest, along with the long eyebrows that drooped to his cheek.

It was a sage-like appearance.

He should be the ancestor of Yang Taizi, the originator of Xian Xuan Huan Zhen Dao. Luo Qiu sized up this status, feeling the call become extremely clear.

It sounded like he was still alive.

Luo Qiu felt an odd misconception suddenly. He felt this status would open its eyes abruptly… it gave him a familiar feeling.

Luo Qiu walked close to the status, stretching his hand to knock the pedestal slightly. Pulling back his palm and placed it against the heart of the statue.

Just then,

small glaring golden light emitted from the heart little by little. They consolidate gradually, landing slowly.

Eventually, they fell into Luo Qiu’s palm. After melding together, they turned into a card flickering with gold and silver colors.

Gold and silver card.

It had the same size with the club black card. What was more suspicious, Luo Qiu saw the stamp of discount on one side of the gold and silver card, proof that it was the same as that of the black card!

His fingers pinched the card softly, one message after another flew into Luo Qiu’s brain immediately. But they were disordered… like a puzzle debris.

"Er…" Luo Qiu frowned.

A gold and silver card was found in the statue of the founder of Yang Taizi’s sect---and from the weird aura it gave, Luo Qiu could be sure this was from the club.

He put away the card, but didn’t leave; instead, his hands made a gesture of grabbing the statue, moving it slowly.

As his palms moved, the status had been moving gradually towards a side with rumbling sound. And, it was seen that there was a square entrance under the statue.

This seemed to be a tunnel--- the end of the palace was the end of the temple and its back was mountain rock. Thus, this tunnel might be a way to go inside of the mountain.

Luo Qiu checked

checked the entrance, jumping into it. Very soon, he could stand up… in a place about 4-5 meters in height and there was a way ahead.

Faintly, Luo Qiu heard a slight voice coming from the front. On both sides of the path, bright lamps had been set at intervals so it was not dim.

Boss Luo didn’t think there must be someone keeping the lamp bright… Around 2 minutes later, he came to the end of the way.

Luo Qiu saw one, two, three, four… ten or more different kinds of little monsters.

One of them found him first. It seemed to be a 6-year-old little girl with a floral dress, but its eyes were fresh red and a pair of long and pink rabbit ears could be seen on its head.

Plus a white, short tail swaying at back.

"It’s a rabbit monster."

Black Water spat a mouthful of blood, before eventually taking a deep breath and sitting down under a tree. She nervously looked back at the way. After making sure no one gave chase, she had time to catch her breath.

She touched her wound, which gave off intense pain. Trembling, she opened her palm, taking several times of deep breaths, allowing her to stand up by grabbing the tree.

Black Water didn’t escape from the temple but

temple but bypassed the mountain forest to go to the mountainside. She climbed into the barranco and slipped into the mountain through the crack of a rock.

Her legs turned into snake tail again, gaining the ability to pass through the rough and narrow crack.

Before long, Black Water could see the destination. She crept out from the crack of the end, falling down the ground.

At the moment she arrived, she said, "Kids, stand in line and follow me to leave this…!!"

Her face turned terrified before finished her words. She opened her mouth and four sharp poison fangs grew from two rows of teeth!

Because at the moment, Black Water Boa Monster found of the people Yang Taizi brought here!

"Let them go!!" Black Water voiced her fury and uneasiness.

"Don’t worry, I won’t hurt them."

Luo Qiu watched Black Water, putting a finger near his lips, making a ‘hush’ gesture.

Black Water now discovered something strange.

This man now was sitting on a platform of this cave.

And those little monsters didn’t show any fear; instead, they gathered around this man, well-behaved and lay on the ground to sleep quietly.

And this man was holding one in his arms!


It was Rabbit Monster Lingling, who was 15 years old in monster’s age, which equaled to around 5-6 years old in human age. It was too young to control the transformation to human, so rabbit ears and tail was still left on her body.

She was very shy with strangers and dared not to approach other monsters except Black Water and the other fellows here, let alone human beings.

However, Black Water witnessed the little Rabbit Monster enjoying lying in this man’s arms. When she was stroked, she even showed an enchanted expression.

Black Water didn’t let down the guard. She glanced at the side of Luo Qiu’s seat, where there were several books putting there… She gaped, one of the books was opened, in this man’s hands.

Black Water frowned. These books were the story books she got before.

Luo Qiu looked like understanding Black Water’s confusion, so he closed the book, saying softly, "They wanted me to tell stories to them and gave me some sorbs. It seemed hard to refuse them…"

He explained this but grumbled a little about the club.

‘What kind of bloody club is this! It really accepts everything except for money…’

‘The sorbs are not even enough for one second, right?’

‘But they are sweet.’

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