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The banquet lasted until 12 o’clock at midnight. There were not any weird matters except that episode.

All the guests started to leave in order.

Old Zhong came to Zhang Lilanfang sneakily from the rear. He was not by himself, and likewise, Mrs. Zhang was accompanied by her granddaughter.

These two oldest people walked some steps away, talking alone.

"Say what you want to say." Zhang Lilanfang said softly, but in a tone so sardonic, "I’m just a common person, I’ll die some day. And, if I lack of sleep, I may die faster."

"Lanfang, you just enjoyed your birthday banquet, don’t say that." Old Zhong sighed.

While Mrs. Zhang said seriously, "Old Zhong, what are you trying to say?"

Old Zhong muttered, "Today, did you forget to proclaim something?"

Zhang Lilanfang spoke without emotion, "No, I didn’t, I just change my mind. Seniors are capricious. Why, can’t I do that?"

Originally, they had some agreements in private, that was both families would join hands. Taking the advantage of this opportunity, they’d announce they’d set up a new company in this city; and of course, there was something more intimate that would be revealed.

Yet after the banquet finished, the Zhang Family didn’t even breathe a word about. It was true that this was a private negotiation, but one should keep their promise. Such a back-and-fill behavior left Zhong Gaoshun dissatisfied.

"Lanfang, this is what we promised, how could you go back on your word?" Zhong Gaoshun wrinkled his brows.

Zhang Lilanfang suddenly sneered, "Old Zhong, did I say I’ll pull it back? Can’t I announce it in another day? Or you think, this widow has to listen to you?"

Old Zhong hurried to explain, "That’s not what I mean. My god, I’ll be impulsive whenever I worry about something all through these years. Sorry!"

"Let’s finish up today." Zhang Lilanfang said coolly, "I’ll arrange the cooperation between our two families. Besides, it’s not so formal to proclaim it at a banquet and the company preparations haven’t been made yet. Once everything is ready, then it would be time to hold a news conference and declare it."

Since it came to this, Old Zhong had nothing more to complain. He changed a topic to ask, "Just now… who was the guy dancing with you? He seemed familiar."

A confused look flashed across Mrs. Zhang’s eyes but it passed soon. She said, "I don’t know either."

Afterward, Zhang Lilanfang waved to Zhang Qingrui, leaving with her.

Zhong Luochen and his people hurried to Old Zhong. Cheng Yun said, "Old master, I’ll go get the car ready."

He was aware that they had something to talk and it was better that he left them alone. Although he wanted to hear the conversation… but comparing with this, he was more clear that the Zhong Family wanted him to read their faces and be well-behaved.

"Go ahead." Old Zhong nodded.

Old Zhong sat down but still held the walking stick, falling silent for a while. He abruptly turned his head; seeing this, Old Luo at the side hurriedly bent down.

"Old Luo, I’m curious about that young man that danced with Lanfang just now. Can you help me inquire about his identity?"

"No problem, master." Old Luo nodded, "He’s familiar to me, but I cannot recall who he is now."

Old Zhong shifted his attention to Zhong Luochen, "Today, two families originally planned to proclaim the issue of cooperation. And moreover, take this opportunity of cooperation, we wanted to declare that you will be engaged to Ms. Zhang."

Zhong Luochen was stunned and shocked, "Grandpa, why didn’t I know about it before?"

Old Zhong smiled, "I just talked about that with Mrs. Zhang in private. Her granddaughter is perfect and is starting to run a family business from a young age. Don’t you like her?"

"She’s OK." Zhong Luochen said coolly.

Let alone he liked her… Now, he was even not touched by anyone. Maybe he was before; but at present, she was just a good-looking woman to him.

While Zhong Luochen caught another key word, "Grandpa, you said, originally

Old Zhong said, "Yeah… she said she changed her mind and seniors are capricious."

He laughed, "It should be women are capricious… several decades passed, her character didn’t change."

"Grandpa, what can I do for you?"

The old master ordered, "Make preparations for the company these days. In addition, interact with Ms. Zhang more frequently. I know you’re perfect enough, so hopefully you can affect her."


In the dining room, Ren Ziling received a phone call. At this time, she glanced at Luo Qiu, who just finished shower and sat on the balcony to enjoy the night breeze, then she walked to the kitchen.

Speaking in a low voice, "Mouse Qiang, what’s the matter you are looking for me now? Did you find the person I asked?"

"No, but madam, should I continue the work in the ice house that you ordered me last time? I’ve been doing it many days! And I go up there to check, but it turns out he moved away, the apartment is empty!"

"Empty?" Ren Ziling gave a start.

Ye Yan was missing in recent days and then Kingkong, who had been monitored, had moved out too… were these related?

"Yes, it’s really empty!"

"…OK, leave." Ren Ziling said softly, "I’ll remit the ‘thank you’ reward to your account. If you have any further information, tell me as quickly as you can."

Hanging up the phone, Ren Ziling’s hands held each other and thought for a long while, but no conclusion came out. Therefore, she opened the freezer and wanted to pour a glass of ice water.

However, as she opened it, she gaped; and unconsciously looked towards the balcony, "Boss! When were there a box of popsicles in our home?"

Luo Qiu walked to her, taking one from them and opened the packing to eat, "Well, I just want to eat it, so I bought a few more."

"But it’s not a few." Ren Ziling counted it, "At least several dozen, man!"

She said that… but she tore one and put it in her mouth, which made Luo Qiu laugh. "Glutton, you’ll eat them all within a week."

Ren Ziling threw him a dirty look, faking an action of knocking on Luo Qiu’s forehead. Then, while holding the ice in her mouth, she searched for her cellphone and walked into her room.

And Luo Qiu came back to the room and locked the door.

The next second, Luo Qiu turned into Boss Luo, showing up in a small and tatty hotel.

Ye Yan was sleeping in bed with a much better look. Luo Qiu watched You Ye with appreciation, "You’ve worked hard."

You Ye softly replied, "After some days, Mr. Ye will probably regain some of his abilities."

Luo Qiu nodded, "Tomorrow should be the appointed time we meet with Yang Taizi right?"

You Ye nodded.

Luo Qiu muttered a while, "Ask Tai Yinzi to come here to look after Ye Yan. You come with me, it won’t take long… Well, I won a prize."

Luo Qiu viewed the stick of the popsicle, which showed ‘Get one free’, laughing, "I have a good luck."

It should be a good omen, hum?

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