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"Thank you very much, Luo! Without you, I don’t know how I would have come up here."

Out of the instinctive curiosity, Luo Qiu's sight swept through the living room of this apartment on the 12th floor. He then looked at this self-claimed Jessica, a woman from the United States. "That’s all right."

Foreigners were not uncommon in this city. On the way, as he helped Jessica up, the talkative American woman had spoken about her situation.

As a photographer, she intended to shoot a set of works about China in this city.

Quite a few units in this building where Luo Qiu was living were for rent---including the unit he and Ren Ziling lived in.

He was curious about Jessica’s living environment, but not about herself. Therefore, Luo Qiu pressed the lift button to go downstairs as soon as he sent her back.

He entered the apartment, turning on the light and taking off the shoes. Then, while holding the takeaway food from the club for dinner, he went into the kitchen. Luo Qiu rolled up his sleeves and started to reheat the food cooked by You Ye.

Soon after, he heard the sound that someone was opening the door.

Hearing the sounds coming from the kitchen, Subeditor Ren changed her slippers and hurried into the kitchen, "Reporting to Boss! Green traffic lights all the way. My God, I’ve come back safely today!"

Luo Qiu turned to glimpse at Ren Ziling’s gesture of obeisance, then continued to pan-fry the food intently before giving her an evaluation lightly, "Stupid."

Ren Ziling made a hellish face, before inhaling deeply, "What a f*ckin good smell~ fiddlehead! Oh, add some sesame oil!"

"It’s a night snack, not dinner, why make it that oily?" Luo Qiu added indifferently, "I don’t want to hear you complain about your weight."


Ren Ziling stretched out her hands to flick his forehead lightly then rolled her eyes, reaching for the ready pan-fried clam.


Before her hands reached to take up a clam, she was knocked by the wooden spatula Luo Qiu was holding. Boss Luo didn’t turn his head. While sprinkling a slight amount of salt into the pan, he said coolly, "Go wash your hands."

But the poor Ren Ziling broke through one barrier after another, picking up a part of green onion from the plate and putting it into her mouth at a blinding speed.

Why did he have the urge to hit this woman?

Luo Qiu sighed faintly.

Subeditor Ren was now like a victorious general, licking the sauce on her finger with keen pleasure.


Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"I’m going to open the door!" the victorious Ren Ziling knew the character of her baby too well, and was aware of the principle of quitting while you’re ahead, thus she rushed out from the kitchen promptly.

When she opened the door, Ren Ziling saw a blonde who looked like a movie star. She couldn’t help being stupefied for a while.

Ren Ziling peeked at the foreign lady’s chest that would be almost split her blouse; she threw out her chest a little instinctively.

‘I should not be overlooked either, OK?!’

"Who are you looking for?"

"Hi, I’m Jessica, is this Luo Qiu’s home?"

Although this woman’s accent was not standardized, Ren Ziling was pretty sure she didn’t mishear at all… As if the time had been paused, an extremely shocking TV series was performing in Subeditor Ren’s mind.

‘F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! What is the situation?’

At ten o’clock in the evening, a woman came to see her dull baby!

And it was a foreign woman.

‘Hold on… Is this little Luo Qiu’s secret girlfriend out there?’

‘Wait again…Even if she’s his girlfriend, why is she here at this time? She should know Luo Qiu very well. And if he wants to take her back, he should tell me first. Or… did they quarrel? But, though her figure is… Mine is amazingly good too, OK?!’

‘Well… even though she has a good figure, her age seems a little old?’

‘Or does Luo Qiu like mature female? No wonder… he refused all girls I introduced to him. It turns out they are too young.’

‘Wait a second. They are not what I should think about now. The important thing is, how should I face this woman… what’s her name?’

‘Jessica! Right, she’s called Jessica.’

‘F*ck, I’m not afraid! Wherever she comes from, if she marries Luo Qiu, I’m her elder! Though she’s a foreign girlfriend, she has to be the junior!’

‘Well, just be a little bit strict … Oh, if I’m too strict with her, will it bring bad influence to the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? So I should be at ease? Yeah… a foreign girl should be more casual.’

‘But what if she thinks I’m too light-headed? A mother-in-law should have her own dignity in front of the juniors.’

"Excuse me. Luo Qiu, does he live here?"

"Eh-hem! Yes, he’s in." Ren Ziling answered fishily, "Come in… Luo Qiu, someone’s looking for you."

Boss Luo who was wearing an apron stretched out his head to see. He said ‘wait a second’ before going back into the kitchen to turn off the fire and take off the apron. He finally walked out with puzzlement.

Unexpectedly, before he opened his mouth, his foot was trodden on by Ren Ziling. Luo Qiu had no idea why this woman trod on his foot.

Ren Ziling was angry too.

‘F*ckin you brat, your girlfriend comes to see you at night. At least show a smile!!’

"Are you looking for me?" Luo Qiu asked while looking at Jessica.

Jessica said, "Yeah. I want to boil some water to drink after coming home, but I heard that tap water in China cannot be drunk, and my teakettle doesn’t work. Can you give me some water?"

Since she already said it out, it was rude not to provide her with some water.

"Come in, I’ll pour some for you."

"Thank you."

Seeing Luo Qiu receiving an empty bottle from Jessica without hesitation and entering the kitchen, the confused Ren Ziling looked at Jessica with an embarrassed smile. She then followed him into the kitchen.

Imagining the awkward accent of the foreign woman, Ren Ziling asked while placing her hand on Luo Qiu’s shoulder, "Who is this woman?"

"The new resident on the 12th floor." Luo Qiu patted Ren Ziling’s hand away, "She’s a short-term tenant. I met her downstairs. She sprained her foot, so I helped her up."

"What the…, it turns out that she’s a new tenant…" Ren Ziling showed disappointment on her face.

Luo Qiu sneered, "What was playing in your brain’s theater?"

"Ah hahaha, is it? No, how can it be?" Ren Ziling laughed awkwardly, "… I’m going to greet her, it’s bad to have her waiting! Ah hahaha…ha."

It didn’t take him much time to pour water, nor for Ren Ziling to say something to Jessica… actually Subeditor Ren didn’t really anything.

Anyway, she was not his girlfriend… the dream of being a mother-in-law was destroyed. Ren Ziling lost her interest all of a sudden.

After a short time, Luo Qiu walked out, "There is another one in the fridge, take it too."

Jessica looked at Luo Qiu with gratitude, "Thank you a lot. I won’t bother you any longer."

Seeing Jessica holding the wall to walk into the lift, Ren Ziling said abruptly, "Well, I prefer Asian females. Although foreign girl seems to be charming in their 30s, they will age very fast in the next 10 years and look like old women … Why do you stare at me? I’m telling the truth!"

"Let’s eat the food." Luo Qiu said coolly, "Go wash your hands."

"Got it, boss!"

Watching Ren Ziling went to the kitchen to take the dishes, Luo Qiu smiled unconsciously but reached out for the shoe cabinet at the doorway, touching the shelf on the top layer.

He touched a thin, small box 2 fingernails’ wide with a slight twinkling green light… It looked like an eavesdropping device.

It should have been installed sneakily by Jessica just now.

Luo Qiu frowned, putting it back to its original place and walked into the dining room. He saw Ren Ziling’s look of devouring food, saying suddenly, "I’m going to take a shower first. You continue eating."

Before Ren Ziling replied, he had already gone into the bathroom, turning on the hot shower.

With the water sound, Luo Qiu disappeared from the bathroom.

At the very next second, he showed up in an apartment on the 12th floor.

At that moment, the door was opened. Jessica came in with the same posture of holding the wall. Yet, as soon as she closed the door, she moved like a healthy person.

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