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Another busy day had passed. The extremely exhausted Ms. Zhang simply ordered a single room in the hotel. She intended to take a good rest.

The banquet invitation letters had been sent already, the decoration of the assembly room had almost finished, and all the performers were ready.

However, she still had no idea about what present she should give to her granny for her birthday.

"I can’t just buy it on E-shop, hum?"

Yet Zhang Qingrui, who held her cellphone, was searching for presents online… Of course, she didn’t plan to buy it online, just looking for inspiration.

Suddenly, the mailbox reminded her that there was a new email received--- Zhang Qingrui had several email addresses that were separated according to different identities.

As to this email address, which was seldom used by her, was basically for contacting those who were her close friends.

The sender’s name read ‘Zhang Qingrui’.

Ms. Zhang gave a start… even though some people knew this email address, she couldn’t think of which old friends of hers would do such a boring thing.

She opened the email. A date was written on the first line.

"Isn’t this… the matter that happened when I was in Ulan Bator?" Zhang Qingrui frowned, started to read the rest of the email with puzzlement.

"You are Zhang Qingrui, and you have 4 bank cards, the passwords are… You first menstruation time was in March when you were thirteen years old. You didn’t wash the blood-stained clothes yet kept them as souvenirs, which were hidden between the ceiling of your bedroom. In Grade 5, you tucked your note with your dream into the ‘Time Capsule’ of the class, and your dream was to become an adventuress…"

By simply reading two to three lines of the context, Zhang Qingrui felt her hands and feet becoming ice cold, and her heart started beating faster.

This was so horrible!

Such a horrible email that exposed one’s unbeknown secret… Everything that had happened from childhood to adult!

It was like every gesture and behavior, even her mental activity was under surveillance. This made Zhang Qingrui felt absolutely horrified.

She even felt discouraged to go on reading but she had to.

"…After revealing so many secrets, I think you’re scared now, but please don’t be. These words are not meant to threaten you. I just want you to know that I am you. Yesterday’s you… I’d like to tell you something that perhaps you have forgotten, the real story that happened in the underground palace in Ulan Bator."

When hearing these, she became short of breath. Zhang Qingrui breathed deeply, her trembling fingers opened the next page of the email.

Underground palace… the professor.

White wolf… magical stone of outer space… Zhang Jiao…

Luo Qiu… You Ye…

"At my request, part of the whole memory of that matter may remain. I don’t know how much I can keep… perhaps I’m greedy, I’ve written these on the way back here and have set today as the sending time of this email so that the receiving date will be the same. Because I don’t know, if I uncover the truth too early, whether I’ll let it slip which will cause Luo Qiu to find out and take away my precious memories again. And I don’t know the if the person in me who reads this email---it’s you, will find it possible for you to recall all these matters. But I hope… all the things that happened within this period can be kept. It is a genuine memory, one of the most precious experiences to me and to the present you."

Even after reading this email for the third time, Zhang Qingrui could still not calm down.

She had totally no impression of this letter but comparing with what she remembered now, it seemed to explain more clearly about everything she had experienced in the underground palace.

She recalled the bizarre scene that happened at school not long ago, which she thought she had a nightmare.

After that, a rumor was spread within the school saying that a skeleton was found under an old tree …

"If it’s true, then do I have a really marvelous classmate?" Zhang Qingrui couldn’t help scoffing herself.

She even believed that the content of this email was really what she wrote to herself.

"But if these are true, I’m afraid that I can’t pretend naturally that I don’t know it even after a period of time. Will I probably be detected by this miraculous classmate?" Zhang Qingrui had to smile bitterly.

She looked out at the window, drawing both of her legs close to each other. Her body leaned on her own knees. It was sunny outside, yet she was thinking about that real story… It made her recall more than what she memorized about the content of the story.

"My dream was to be an adventuress…"

He finally realized now the feeling of being punched.

It was like all his organs were blended together. Ye Yan started thinking about alternatives to relieve the pain he was suffering.

Of course, under such a situation, it was easy for him to think about the guys who bore his strikes after he caught them---It seemed to be the same as his current state.

He clenched his teeth firmly. Every time, when his belly suffered from a big hit, he would grit his teeth firmly.

He was careless.

Although he took precautions carefully and knew that this guy was cruel and had undergone war, after trying his best to fight with this guy, he was unable to resist the terrifying combat ability in the end.

"You’re worthy of an elite from Lyon. Very few people can bear my fist."


Ye Yan raised his head, looking at this not-that-muscular guy who was different from those wrestlers, realizing that he had underestimated the power hidden in this guy’s body since the beginning.

Ye Yan spat out bloody water, sweat-matted hair covered his eyes. "You’re not bad either, deserved to be called a survivalist from the wars in the Middle East.

Kingkong sneered, grabbing Ye Yan’s hair and moving closer. "Do you know? I’ve only used 30% of my power."

"Really? So that’s why I had a feeling when I am watching you" Ye Yan suddenly smiled, "Do you know what it was?"

"What kind of feeling?"

"Like a wild cat." Ye Yan roared with laughter, "It turned out that you didn’t use all the power, I thought this is your best strength!"

Kingkong didn’t talk but showed a weird smile. All of a sudden, he shook his fist---Not at Ye Yan, but brushed past his cheek, hitting the wall behind him seriously.

Some broken wall splinters shot out and hit Ye Yan’s head, back, and neck, causing a slight stabbing pain.

Even though he didn’t see it, he could imagine how seriously the wall had been destroyed by this guy’s fist.

How did this guy train… Could a human’s body even break a wall with only a fist?

Now, Kingkong sneered without words. He just stepped back, crossing his arms in front of his chest, looking at Ye Yan expressionlessly.

As if enjoying watching him.

A moment later, Kingkong opened his mouth slowly, "I’ve nearly run out of my patience. If you don’t tell me who helped you to escape from arrest and return from abroad…I won’t be that nice next time."

These might be the words that Ye Yan wished to hear most, he said slowly with hardship, "You… really plant spies here."

"I am not afraid that you know it." Kingkong said indifferently, "Whatever, you’re not able to leave here."

Ye Yan had to agree with this sentence.

His hands were tied up by a specially-made handcuff and were nailed to the wall separately, so were both of his feet… This area was so quiet. No other sound could be heard during these few days when he was imprisoned. However, an animal’s cry could be heard at night, so the surroundings were probably a mountainous area … which would not be found easily.

Therefore, if no accidents occurred, he might die here.


When her fingers moved slightly, a sparrow that was staying on her fingertips flew away. Meanwhile, the servant girl turned around after seeing the little sparrow leaving.

It was near a hill.

And in front of them was a simple cement room, which might be a resting place for staff from the Forestry Bureau …It seemed to have been abandoned a while ago.

Walking along the gravel road, You Ye looked at her high-heels, "Oh… I should change to flats before leaving."

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