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"There are no traces of fighting here. But looking at the door lock… Ye Yan may have some trouble."

Officer Ma checked the environment of the room and couldn’t help frowning. He rushed over here because of Ren Ziling’s phone call at night.

"Old Ma, do you have any idea?"

At the moment, Ma Houde went to the window and looked outside, asking suddenly, "You said that the person whom he monitored was living in the opposite building, right?"

"Yes, he is the bodyguard of the former boss of Heaven’s Shadow---Lin Geng, but I don’t know the details."

Because they were from different systems, Ren Ziling could only choose to keep some information to herself. However, they had a good relationship, so it was common that some of the detailed information would be revealed during a chat.

Ma Houde nodded, "Ye Yan is a very outstanding person, he won’t set himself in danger easily. But since this situation has happened here, and he is cannot be reached, it’s possible that he’s in danger now…"

Speaking of this, Ma Houde face turned serious, "I have to tell you something, you’d better calm down."

"Say it!" Ren Ziling replied very straightforwardly.

Ma Houde breathed deeply, "I’ve received the news today. It’s from Lyon, France. They said that Ye Yan had been dismissed by ICPO last month and he is on their wanted list. They traced his record of departure, and found out that Ye Yan was born here. So they notified us in the first place and hope that we can pay attention to him."

"What?" Ren Ziling was surprised, saying in disbelief, "How come? What did Ye Yan do?"

Ma Houde smiled bitterly, "If I knew the details, I wouldn’t be so confused. To be honest, when I heard about this, I even dropped my phone. Yet they said it was their classified. Of course, they have no rights to transfer us, just seeking for cooperation. Actually, before coming here, I’ve been looking for Ye Yan, but I’ve never thought that he may be missing…"

"I’ll help to seek for him too." Ren Ziling said, "If Ye Yan is still in this city, I’ll find him sooner or later."

While Ma Houde said, "Don’t interfere in this matter, it might not seem to be the matters on the surface only. I’m an insider with the request from Lyon, so it’s convenient and perfectly justifiable for me to act. Just wait for me."

"I don’t care about others, but this is about Old Ye!" Ren Ziling was enraged, "He became a wanted person!"

Ma Houde knew that it was completely impossible to persuade her, so he had to say the least, "Then you promise me, we can both look for him, but if you find him first, inform me immediately. I must be the one to contact him... If we can’t handle it properly, it might be upgraded to an international issue. You cannot be willful."

Ren Ziling nodded, "I’m not stupid, and I still want to enjoy my own life. Don’t worry, I know what I should do."

Ma Houde knew Ren Ziling stood by her word, so he felt relieved, "OK… by the way, don’t slip any word to let Luo Qiu know about this. Besides his father, Ye Yan may be the person whom he admires the most. I don’t want this kid to be unhappy."

"I’m not foolish! I’m even more nervous than you!"

"Let’s leave here now." Ma Houde said hurriedly, "If someone came here, they might return some time. Don’t come back to this place again these days. I’ll notify you if there’s some news."


Fang Jiping came back home with a lot of worries. The time he came back was much later than usual, yet Fang Ruchang was still sitting in the living room and reading newspapers.

Fang Jiping didn’t intend to talk with Fang Ruchang. So he lowered his head and walked towards his room.

"It’s later today than usual. What were you doing?" to his surprise, Fang Ruchang inquired suddenly at this moment.

Fang Jiping turned his head around, seeing only Fang Ruchang who was still reading the newspaper, he said, "Nothing, just staying outside on my own and thinking about something."

Fang Ruchang didn’t raise his head, saying indifferently, "That’s good of you to think deeply. You should be clear that the most important thing to you is the competition. Don’t be influenced by those inessential trifles."

"I see." Fang Jiping nodded, "I’m going back to my room."

"Yeah, have a good night." Fang Ruchang continued turning the newspapers.

After going into his room, Fang Jiping seemed to be kind of agitated. He walked towards his wardrobe and took out a small box placed deeply inside.

He opened it and it turned out that there was an old rattle-drum. Fang Jiping took it out, gazing at it blankly.

"Mum, mum, where are you? I’m so scared! Baby Tiger is so scared…(weep)…"

"Shut up! I’ll hit you to death if you’re crying! Brat, bottle it!"

"I’m hungry…"

"B*tch! If you don’t get enough money by begging, I won’t give you food! If it’s still not enough tomorrow, I’ll break your hand! So you’ll be like the one beside you who can earn a lot after his foot has been broken!"


"From now on, you’re the son of mine, Fang Ruchang, my biological son, do you understand? I’ll provide you the best food, clothing and education, but I have only one requirement, that is, don’t mention to others that you’re my adopted son. Remember, I can give you anything, or let you have nothing at all!"

"Yeah, yeah, I know…"

Fang Jiping held the rattle-drum tightly, the vague memory that faded gradually had turned clear tonight at this sudden moment. The scenes happened yesterday had been replying in his mind from one scene and another.

"Why not come out…I’ve been shouting until my throat turned sore … Is gambling really more important than one’s own kid?"

Fang Jiping mumbled, pinching between his eyebrows and sitting on the chair. All sorts of feelings emerged within his mind.

Aunt Yang Ping’s ID card had expired.

But to the current Luo Qiu, it was not something difficult to register a room for the aunt.

"13 years old, Fang Jiping got third prize in National Youth Violin Match…"

"15 years old…"


The aunt listened carefully to Luo Qiu’s voice, which introduced every stage of her son’s past. She dared not speak or interrupt his talk, because she was afraid that she would disturb his words, as well as the matters she could memorize about her son.

While listening, the aunt’s eyes closed. She lay on the bed and fell asleep.

According to the servant girl, it was definitely not the master’s obligation to do the job himself. Hence, she lifted up the aunt’s feet and moved them on the bed.

By her side, Luo Qiu was now opening the large grey-white sack carried by Yang Ping.

A stack of wrinkled leaflets, which were not only crumpled, but also might be soaked by rain.

There were several steamed buns in the red plastic bag, one was bitten, and the other was rotten.

There was still a small tin of rice, a big stainless steel vacuum cup, and three suits of clothes. Two of them were for adults, a thin one, and a thick one. And the third suit was for kids.

Also, a spoon, a small medicine bottle with only a few tablets, and a pair of broken cloth shoes had been found.

And a fabric purse with some loose change, several coins, small paper currency and a tenner.

A broken plastic comb and a hand-size blurry, cracked mirror.

She also had a very old-fashioned cellphone which could not be turned on.

Some medical certificates.

A small note that was soaked by water. There were many phone numbers and addresses written on it.

These seemed to contain the 20 years of trials and hardships suffered by the aunt.

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