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Tai Yinzi now hurried to get up from the ground. The old ghost looked terrible, but his mind was still clear and knew the meaning of preconception well. So he filed a suit to the club boss immediately. "Master, subordinate was carefully looking for targets in other places, but unexpectedly this Long… this woman made trouble for me, chasing old Taoist back here, and threatening to kill me!"

Hearing the expressive description from Tai Yinzi, Luo Qiu had to size up the short-hair woman in front of him.

If someone intended to interrupt the trading process of the club, it was a violation of the club's most fundamental aspect --- The severity of this matter was even greater than someone showing maliciousness to the boss of the club directly.

To make it simple, it was like hurting the leader of a country and stirring up the country’s basic interests.

Judging from the situation that she was capable of putting out You Ye’s black fire, this woman was by no means an ordinary person.

But based on the cunning character of Tai Yinzi, Luo Qiu didn’t choose to listen to only one side of the story. The club is meant for business, and this short-hair woman also had the possibility to become a powerful customer in the future.

"He is the freshman at our club." Luo Qiu opened his mouth first, "He didn’t know the rules very well. If he offended you, I’ll teach him a lesson later. However, this is the entrance of our club. Hopefully, Miss can be generous and solve it peacefully."

Long Xiruo first took a glance at Luo Qiu before looking at You Ye. After that, she raised her head up to look at the club, saying suddenly, "No wonder there came such a guy who seemed to be neither human nor a ghost. It turns out that this is the manufacturing place of that puppet… I heard this evil Taoist calling you master. Are you the boss here?"

Luo Qiu nodded frankly.

Long Xiruo scowled, "I remember the boss doesn’t look like you."

Luo Qiu had always believed in You Ye’s memory power. The servant girl was capable of telling l him all sorts of weird thing as soon as it happened. Nevertheless, You Ye didn’t have any impression of this short-hair woman at the moment… so she might be similar to the case of Qin Chuyu, who was the customer even before You Ye was born.

"It turns out Miss is a customer of our club." Luo Qiu said seriously.

However, Long Xiruo replied, "I don’t know what had happened here, they even changed the boss. But I heard that you got beaten by a group of lunatics when you were in the western countries hundreds of years ago, and then vanished without a trace … I thought you guys had been rooted out. Instead, you all reemerged from the ashes unexpectedly and changed the boss."

That period of history could be what You Ye had once mentioned before---Those guys who stood in the name of justice.

Luo Qiu wanted to say something at that moment.

Long Xiruo spoke again, "Since this evil Taoist is the puppet from this place, then I beg you please restrain him properly. Since you’re doing a business under freely, then these puppets should behave. If all of you stick to the rules, I don’t care about the plight of those insatiable guys! These are my words!"

As soon as he finished talking, Long Xiruo stepped back, then returned to the commercial street and the crowd.

Luo Qiu didn’t speak a word but pushed open the door and returned to the club.

The meticulous servant girl served him a glass of iced water.

Luo Qiu shook his head while pushing it aside.Then, he shifted his attention to the silent Tai Yinzi, waved his hand and pointed at the chair ahead. "Take a seat."

Tai Yinzi trembled, braced himself to sit in front of Luo Qiu. However, he dared only sit on the first 1/3 of the chair, sitting quite straight and upright.

"Tell me the story from the beginning to the end."

Tai Yinzi had to tell the whole story again and added after, "Master, old Taoist has already given his self-introduction, but that woman still dared to chase me to our club. That really goes too far!"

Luo Qiu just drank a mouthful of iced water, taking it without excitement, "You know who that woman is, right?"

"Well…" Tai Yinzi’s gaze shifted rapidly. He only felt a chill running from his back to his head… because of the glare from the Miss of the club at the side. !

By instinct, Tai Yinzi trembled a bit, speaking quickly, "That woman is called Long Xiruo, I’ve heard her name but never saw her before. There are many legends about her. Someone said that she was the female emperor above all monsters and others guessed that she might be the descendant of the ancient pure true dragon."

Luo Qiu inquired without expression, "Is that everything you know?"

Tai Yinzi hesitated, "During that time, there was a rule that monsters and Taoists would never disturb each other. If monsters didn’t make mistakes, any Taoist could not fight monsters as they like. It is said the rule has been set by Long Xiruo. This old Taoist was expelled… and went down the mountain and wandered in the society. In those years, I have never met any of my peers who slaughtered monsters indiscriminately."

Luo Qiu said suddenly, "Did she call herself the guardian of monsters?"

Tai Yinzi shook his head, "I don’t know, but it contradicted with the rule stated just now. As to monsters, if they didn’t behave well and caused disasters in the mortal world, they should be killed. I heard it was from her as well… therefore, I have no idea what her real standpoint is."

Sounded like she was a guardian?


Luo Qiu nodded, stood up and looked at Tai Yinzi, "You got wounded, staying here will help you recover faster."

He then turned to You Ye, "I’ll go down to basement one, and won’t go out today."

Tai Yinzi tried to act naturally… But f*ck. This 500-year-old ghost thought this servant girl was much harder to handle than the boss.

At this time, You Ye walked out from the counter with a cup filled with strange purple-colour liquid. She placed it in front of Tai Yinzi, "Drink it, this will make you recover faster."

A strong desire impelled Tai Yinzi to hold the cup up unwittingly, smelling the flavor emitted from that purple-coloured liquid, he sensed a burst of freshness and comfort.

He poured all the liquid into his mouth. It felt as if he was having a bath in a timely rainfall.

But to his surprise, You Ye said all of a sudden, "Your performance last time has all been paid off to improve your ability, and now that’s zero. So this cup of Soul Comforting Tea will be exchanged with 20 years of your serving time. I’ll inform the master soon."

Tai Yinzi gaped, and his hand felt stiff. Hearing this, the last mouthful of the so-called Soul Comforting Tea couldn’t be swallowed into his stomach. Instead, it remained in his mouth, as if waiting to grow mold.

‘What an evil-minded slave girl!!’

"Moreover." You Ye suddenly said softly, "As a freshman, you’re doing good in the first performance, even though that’s a lucky strike, but if you work hard, you’ll get stronger and more powerful one day. Qin Chuyu won’t stay here for long. Just work hard …"

As though he had been totally seen through, Tai Yinzi felt a chill went all over his body while listening silently to the servant girl’s guidance.

"…So what you need to do is just work hard." You Ye said coolly, "Don’t think of some meaningless matters such as plotting to cause conflicts between master and some tough person, or think you can get some benefits such as obtaining freedom from the someone else’s destruction. You’d better give up those impossible thoughts."

"Stop pulling my leg, Miss You Ye, this poor Taoist dare not do that!" Tai Yinzi swore sternly, "This poor Taoist is loyal to the master. Even the sun and the moon can testify it!"

"That would be the best." The servant girl revealed a slight hint of a smile, muttering at Tai Yinzi’s ear, "Remember your words."

Lighting an oil lamp, being with the ancient wooden desk in basement first floor.

Luo Qiu thought it was not bad to stay here occasionally.

When You Ye came down with a cup of tea, Luo Qiu was closing his eyes and having a rest.

Hearing the footstep, Luo Qiu talked to her in a gentle tone, "You’ve finally finished teaching Tai Yinzi."

The servant girl walked to Luo Qiu, replying in the same soft voice, "Master, please be at ease. He’ll be obedient in the future."

Luo Qiu opened his eyes, "You play the bad guy every time. Don’t you feel aggrieved?"

You Ye smiled, "If Black Soul Envoys don’t like me, then turn more loyal and want to make up to Master, that’s the situation that You Ye wants to see."

Luo Qiu fell silent. After a while, he said, "I didn’t find the records of Long Xiruo’s transaction. But from her words, she apparently came here before you. Thinking about it carefully, what she said could be treated as the golden rule by monsters and Taoists… It seemed that nothing for her was unobtainable."

You Ye answered, "If one’s desire generates, those with great power that seems omnipotent will probably be a priceless customer."

Luo Qiu didn’t express his opinion, but asked suddenly, "Is Long Xiruo really that strong?"

You Ye said coolly, "If we were to not care about any damage, You Ye can kill her."

Luo Qiu fell silence for a moment, "To what extent?"

"Well… probably not being able to serve Master anymore." You Ye smiled, "But don’t worry. If Long Xiruo has any evil intentions, just wake up all Black Soul Envoys on vacation."

She grasped Luo Qiu’s palms, "You Ye doesn’t want to lose the opportunity to wait upon Master."

She still felt the impact of the fire--- even though the black flame had been crushed out.

This was the operation area of some chain restaurant where a white-haired grandpa sold fried chicken(KFx). Long Xiruo who was frowning inserted her hands into the ice machine.

The whole case of ice cubs was now melting rapidly.

"Are you kidding me? Those Westerners hundreds of years ago who were old, weak, ill or disabled could beat them until they were crippled?" Long Xiruo mumbled. She then continued frowning, swinging her hands, "Too painful…"

Until all the ice cubs melted, only then did Long Xiruo drew back her palms. Looking at the bright red hands, she was worrying about how much hand cream she should use to get recover her hands.

She shook her head, sighing, the good mood had vanished. Then, she went back to the pet center with an unhappy face.

But as the door opened, the little butterfly monster whom she had picked up--- Luo Dance, ran to her at a lightning speed, saying pitifully, "Sister Long, you’ve come back… Your friend, that Su Zijun is too difficult to get along with!"

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