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The shadow was floating in the room, and the face seemed to be exactly the same…

Brother Panther’s hands and feet were ice-cold. Looking at the ghost, his hidden ferociousness was ignited all at once. It was said that the human race was afraid of ghosts at three points, ghosts were afraid of human beings at 7 points!

Brother Panther, who was forced to feel like a desperate man, suddenly dashed towards the ghost, saying, "Come on!! Come on!! I can even strangle a ghost!"

Brother Panther was just like a ferocious man, passing through the body of the ghost at once. Nevertheless his body didn’t stop, instead, he knocked into the wall directly as if he was pushed by a huge force. Then, his entire person lost consciousness.

The underling, who was pressing on the door at that moment, saw this. He trembled and shivered even more... Gradually, there came a colliding feeling against the door. He felt like he would fail to hold the door shut soon!

Eventually, the door was smashed open all at once!

The entire body of the underling was pushed away. His head suddenly bumped against one side of the cabinet and fell unconscious. But at this point, Liu Ang raised his head slowly outside of the door.

The phantasm seemed to become even more concise. The huge face that shrouded his body became even more distinctive!

Liu Ang’s was screaming with a cold look, "Old ghost, it was you! I perceived that something had been with me during these two days... It was you! It was you! You came to me, didn’t you! You come to get your revenge, didn’t you... You come to grab my stuff, didn’t you!"

The shadow of the ghost who had been silent all this time, just like heaving a sigh, suddenly transformed into a roll of gray smoke, rolling towards Liu Ang!

In the meantime, the virtual shadow that was wrapped around Liu Ang’s body was blown out instantly!

The two virtual shadows clashed with each other eventually, generating a forceful thrust. In an instant, it struck Liu Ang’s body and sent his body rolling back out of the corridor!

At this moment, in the room, the virtual shadows of the two ghosts twined together causing a strong wind to come into the entire room!

Liu Ang climbed up from the ground, looking like he just woke up. When he saw the strange sight happening in the room, he shrieked and ran down the stairs frantically!

He couldn’t recall at all what had happened… Except that he sensed something had been stalking him for all the time during these two days!

That face... the face carrying sneers and grudges--- It was his father--- Liu Jianming’s face!

"There is a ghost… There is a ghost..."

Liu Ang ran to the hall in panic, tripping over something all of a sudden, and falling down to the ground. He reached out and found out that it was actually a person.

The lightning flashed outside, with the help of the white light, Liu Ang saw the man’s face... His tongue was out, with his eyes wide opened… It turned out that it was a dead man’s face!


Liu Ang exclaimed. At this moment, he saw a figure walking step by step on the second floor of the corridor!

The figure on the corridor looked down at once, an old face was clearly seen. Liu Ang seemed to hear the figure crying ceaselessly, as if calling his name, "Liu Ang... Liu Ang... My good son… Liu Ang... Liu Ang...."

He called his name again and again.

Liu Ang’s body was shivering, with his head shaking ceaselessly, "He is coming to take away my life, he is coming to take away my life... He is coming to rob my treasure..."

The figure walked down through the stairway gradually.

Liu Ang’s eyes were wandering. He felt his heartbeat becoming faster. Then he covered the necklace on his neck fiercely, the huge fear making him tremble, without leaving him any strength.

Suddenly... a black card came into his sight!

That was the black card floating out slowly from the bag beside the corpse. It came to Liu Ang. Unconsciously, Liu Ang seized this black card.

He recalled that place, that club, and that quirky boss.

"Help me, help me... Come help me, please!"

Nonetheless, the figure turned into a gray shadow who seemed to be extremely anxious by jumping up right away!

The figure held out his hand and went straight to seize Liu Ang like a desperate malicious ghost! On the contrary, Liu Ang who was already extremely frightened closed his eyes with force!


A sound rang out as if that of a finger snap.

Liu Ang opened his eyes unwittingly.

The brightness was the same as daytime, the dullish hall became bright instantly. The lamplight seemed to be lit following the order of the snap of a finger.

He didn’t know when the figure fell down to the ground. It seemed to be suppressed by something and could not move much. Liu Ang only saw the appearance of the struggling ghost.

"Customer, is there anything I can do for you?"

A voice came from his back suddenly.

Liu Ang was shocked and he turned around furiously! Looking at the man who was dressed neatly, holding a cane and wearing a creepy clown mask; as if catching at a life-saving straw, he knelt down and said, "Master! Save me! Save my life!!"

"Explain it."

Liu Ang’s fingers were shaking while pointing at the figure behind him. He said in panic, "There’s a ghost in my house! Master! Please kill him for me, I can give you anything you want!"

Looking at Liu Ang’s unattractive face, the boss of the club who followed the black card fell into silence for a moment and said suddenly, "Even if you knew that the figure is your father, Mr. Liu Jianming... Does Customer still insist on killing him?"

Liu Ang’s face changed immediately. Grinding his teeth, "He isn’t my father! My dad has already passed away long ago! He is a ghost coming to take away my life! He wants to kill me!"

Boss Luo said indifferently, "Dog doesn’t eat dog."

Liu Ang cried, "He really is coming here for my life... He came here to take revenge! He is coming for me! I know! I know everything! I can always feel it during these two days! When I am dreaming, when I am walking, he is by my side... still with me! He wants me to die!"

Luo Qiu looked at the suppressed figure on the ground... Liu Jianming was also one of the club’s customers before. He had already died and now became an apparition. He thought of something and the force that suppressed Liu Jianming dispersed, allowing it to resume its ability to act.

"Stupid! Get rid of that guy quickly! You can’t make a deal with him! Or else you will regret extremely much!"

When Liu Jianming became alive, he immediately started screaming wildly, "I will not hurt you! Nor will I hurt our family! I just want you to throw away the black diamond in your hand! That thing is evil! Throw it away soon!"

"No--! You liar! You must come here to take my life! You are going to rob my thing! You want to take back your own object!" Suddenly, Liu Ang grasped the black diamond firmly in his hand while the other caught hold of Luo Qiu’s arm immediately, "Put him out! Put him out! I’ve decided to eliminate him!"

At the moment, Liu Jianming turned into a grim and grotesque ghost, leaping towards Luo Qiu, "I will not let my son make the trade with you!"

Nevertheless, its body was flicked away in a flash.

"I’m sorry... Ongoing deals cannot be interrupted. This is one of the rules." He just heard

Luo Qiu’s light voice lightly.

Liu Jianming’s body had been held down again.

At this time, Luo Qiu looked at Liu Ang coldly, with no joy and no aversion, "My Customer, what are you going to take to pay for the goods?"

Liu Ang glanced at the black diamond he seized, which he wasn’t willing to give up anyway. Yet, he didn’t know what he should do at that moment.

At present, Luo Qiu said quietly, "It seems that you aren’t clear of our transaction regulations at all."

As he was saying, Liu Qiu brandished his arm in front of Liu Ang. All of sudden, there were five cards with flower patterns appearing in the air out from nowhere, coiling around Liu Ang.

"These are the things that you could pay... Of course, you can think it over. There is no rush."

Lifespan... Health... Doing good deeds... Pleasure... Emotion...

The decoratively designed cards flashed in front of him one by one. The characters seemed to have gone into his mind and helped him to understand the meaning behind these things soon.

Lifespan? It was definitely out of consideration... He didn’t feel that he had lived long enough.

Health? Who would like to lose health throughout his life!

Doing good deeds? What a joke, even if he just did one bad thing indirectly, he would be investigated... He was a jeweler, the dirty tricks were certainly inevitable in this business. So, did it mean tonsuring and having him become a monk and giving up all his property? No way…

The black diamond? It almost cost him half of his fortune. That couldn’t be given either!

Liu Ang who was caught in a painful struggle bit his teeth after a long time, "Family love! I use my kinship! It is no use to me! My son is just a black sheep! He and my wife wanted to scare me to death! This... this ghost also wants to take my life! What is the use of kinship?"

"My distinguished Customer." Luo Qiu’s voice was stony, "We will bring your request to you right away."

He walked towards Liu Jianming, the black cane pointed gently at Liu Jianming’s body.

His body was lying on the ground, showing a very malicious and sad sight, but it faded away soon. All of a sudden he giggled bitterly, "This is a retribution… this is a retribution... This is certainly a retribution... I have a silly son, just like me! He sold the most precious and important thing... I couldn’t find it back, I couldn’t find it back... This is a retribution! Hahaha..."

With a point of the cane, Liu Jianming had already vanished.

The sound seemed to cease to exist.

Liu Ang seemed to be relieved. He sat down on the floor all at once after witnessing the disappearance of Liu Jianming, "It’s over, it’s over..."

Meanwhile, Luo Qiu was heading towards him. Liu Ang was surprised, but suddenly Luo Qiu stretched out his hand and stabbed it into his chest. He exerted some strength in his finger and pulled it out abruptly with a slight force. A mass of gray light was drawn out from Liu Ang’s chest.

At first, Liu Ang was frightened, but he found out that nothing had happened after the interposing and pulling. Neither did his body felt any inadaptation as well.

Only the black card that he held in his hand turned into ashes after burning and disappeared eventually.

"This card...."

"The handed-down black card from your ancestors has been used up already, so it disappeared." Luo Qiu said, "Of course, Mr. Liu has already become our customer, maybe we’ll have dealings later on."

Liu Ang swallowed his saliva... He still wanted to be an ordinary rich man and didn’t want to continue approaching this sort of strange things.

"My father... Why did it appear in my house?" Liu Ang suddenly asked.

Luo Qiu said, "For the room at the end of the second floor of the mansion, I’m afraid the ghost has been there since your father died. But I wonder why his soul can’t leave the room."

Liu Ang was puzzled at once, then frowned and recalled, "Could it be the Taoist of that year?"

"The Taoist?" Luo Qiu was curious about this.

Liu Ang nodded, "At that time when my father has just died a short time ago, there were some weird things happening in my house. I also... A Taoist priest happened to pass by, saying that the grievance is serious here. I asked the Taoist to conduct a rite in my house. Then the Taoist said that the room is the place with the strongest grievance and he didn’t have any method to get rid of it. Therefore, he just scrawled something like spells in the room on the wall using cinnabar, saying that it’d be OK if the door wasn’t opened... I didn’t take notice of it. The door hasn’t been opened from then on."

At the moment Liu Ang looked at Boss Luo guiltily, adding, "... I didn’t expect, my dad’s wronged ghost has been stuck in there."

Liu Ang frowned. "But since he couldn't get out, why did I always feel something during these two days?"

Luo Qiu didn’t want to answer this question; instead, he looked at the black diamond on Liu Ang’s hands and said suddenly, "The ghost in one’s heart is more dreadful than the real one."

"What?" Liu Ang said it unconsciously, but his expression betrayed him... He probably understood what this word pointed to.

"Forget it." Luo Qiu looked around the hall, then glanced at the dead man on the ground once again. "Customer, is there anything I can do for you?"

When he realized what the club was dealing with other people, Liu Ang dared not casually make any deals. He shook his head immediately. "It is no need to do things for me! I can handle them here by myself..."

As for how to deal with it, let’s think over it slowly!

"So... Good bye."

"Come out!"

The boss disappeared immediately out of his sight, which made Liu Ang unable to calm down for a long time. But on his hand, there re-appeared another new black card at this moment.

Liu Ang looked at this card silently, and regain his attention after a long while.

But after calming down, he immediately exclaimed to the bar in the hall with a low voice.

Liu Zixing and his wife who hid there all this time now stood up shakily.

At the moment, Liu Ang looked at the corpse of Panther’s underling on the ground. Watching his outfit and also Liu Zixing’s, he probably guessed what Liu Zixing wanted to do. Thus, he said angrily, "You bastard! You dare bring someone back to rob your own house"

"Dad I...Please listen to me..." Liu Zixing lowered his head, dared not to look at his father.

"Humph! Stop calling me!" Liu Ang snorted and walked towards the sofa in the hall while holding the telephone.

Liu Zixing was feared, "Dad, what are you going to do?"

But Liu Ang said, "You want me to help you, right? I will help you right now! Listen! I will call the police! And you surrender yourself to the police, saying that you took people home to rob yourself in order to repay your gambling debts. Then you accidentally killed the man in a dispute! I will hire the best lawyer for you, I’m familiar with the head of police. You just stay in jail for a few years, having a thorough self-examination and quitting your addiction to gambling!"

"You… How could you do this!" Liu Zixing gazed at Liu Ang inconceivably.

Liu Ang seemed to have made a final decision, starting to press the telephone button.

"My husband... run away quickly, hurry!" Liu Zixing’s wife shook her husband’s arms at this moment, saying quietly.

But Liu Zixing suddenly opened his eyes wide, as if he got an enormous shock. "No... I won’t go..."

A blast of resentment in his heart erupted all of a sudden. He snatched a wine bottle opener on the bar suddenly, walking step by step towards Liu Ang’s back.


"Old man!! You’d rather seize the money than save me!! I will kill you!!!"


The spiral corkscrew was stabbed into Liu Ang’s back immediately. Such horrific pain made him traveled through the nerves of his whole body. Before he could say anything on time, Liu Ang experienced an extreme agony in his back!

Step by step, his son was stabbing his back madly with the corkscrew… Finally, it was thrust into his neck!

He suddenly fell down onto the sofa. He looked at his son’s bloody face and look, feeling it to be rather absurd suddenly.

It was like the previous him 20 years ago.

"Liu Ang... Liu Ang... I’m suffering, call the doctor for me, call the doctor... Press the button, call the doctor... doctor..."

"You are so old, almost there, almost, there’s no need to live longer..."

The previous him was just like his son 20 years later.

He couldn’t close his eyes. The ferocious face of Liu Zixing was reflected in his pupils for all time... Until he lost consciousness gradually.

If a father and son lost their kinship, would they try to slay each other?

"Is it a thing which would arouse fear and sin of the heart and causing an abnormal imagination?" You Ye thought for a second, "Hum, something similar can be done in many ways."

Sitting in the hall of the club, Luo Qiu who had just described the matter of the black diamond, asked curiously, "Many?"

You Ye nodded, "It could be achieved through some witchcraft or curses. Of course, to be more precise, only if some objects have been found will it be visible."

Of course, to buy information from the altar was way more convenient.


The pinewood door was opened at the time. A young but panic-stricken face was reflected in Luo Qiu’s eyes.

The young man held a black card in his hand, moving closer cautiously. He looked at the two-person group sitting silently in the club and held up the black card. "This... If only I have it, I... Any dream will come true..."

"What do you want, my Customer?" Luo Qiu asked him indifferently.

He didn’t mistake the identity of the man who had a black card in his hand. He was Liu Ang’s son, Liu Zixing. Watching the blood on his face and his panicked expression, Luo Qiu didn’t speak anymore.

"Kinship... I will give my kinship to you..." Liu Zixing gritted his teeth, "I want to pay off my debt, settle the things that happened in my home, and inherit everything from my father! I want it to be legal and reasonable! Is it enough?!"

"Of course..." Luo Qiu stood up, "That’s enough."

Opening the door of the club, the rain brought by the typhoon hadn’t vanished yet. This year’s typhoon didn’t seemed special compared to former years. It was as strong as usual.

Luo Qiu’s finger snapped on the table, the account book quietly placed on the desk opened by itself to the page and the line.

"…Guest Liu Jianming, using kinship as the transaction fee, exchanged a sum of ¥3,ooo,ooo."

But right then, some new characters began to emerge slowly under that line.

"...Guest Liu Ang, using kinship as the transaction fee, exchanged the destruction of Liu Jiaming’s wronged ghost."

It was followed by another line.

"... Guest Liu Zixing, using kinship as the transaction fee, exchanged the redemption of debt, washing away the crime of killing someone, and inheriting all of its wealth."

One generation to one generation and to another generation.

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