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Chapter 137

"Typhoon ‘Gotham’ will land our city in two days, the meteorological center is advising everyone to prepare..."

Luo Qiu looked outside the window, it was still shining and did not seem that it would turn into a violent storm--- Certainly, it was common to be humid before the typhoon arrived.

However, as expected, he had no motivation to go out.

For one thing, because it looked like a furnace outside, for another, the constant temperature inside the club was 25 degrees Celsius.

The so-called there is no harm without comparison probably meant this.

Boss Luo who was turning pages of the old account book and looked towards Qin Chuyu without hiding it---While thumbing through the old account book, he found the transaction with Yu Sanning 500 years ago.

His and Qin Chuyu’s eyes met each other. Nearly at the same time, Qin Chuyu’s face turned pale, before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Yes, that’s right, it hadn’t been the first time that this temporary worker spat out blood.

The used-to-it Boss Luo knocked at the table. A few pieces of tissue were pulled out automatically from the paper box nearby, slowly flying to Qin Chuyu.

Qin Chuyu didn’t refuse it, grabbing the tissue and wiping blood off her lip. Then she slowly closed her eyes, and adjusted the chaotic feeling in her body silently.

She said she could see what she was afraid of from him. Basically she spat out blood a couple of times everyday after entering into the club.

Without considering what kind of practice Qin Chuyu was doing, Boss Luo continued checking the old account book, while thinking about how she managed to persist when splitting out blood everyday.

"...Guest Yu Sanniang, cutting off eight tails as the transaction fee, for getting rid of the fox body to be a person."

It was just a very simple record---The transaction on the account book was basically written in this kind of narrative style, without any more stories to tell.

From a demon to human… Was it a fox monster with eight tails?

At this moment Luo Qiu blatantly looked towards Qin Chuyu with curiosity. Faint golden light flew beneath her facial skin, giving her a better look.

So, how did she survive under the excessive bleeding?

Women’s natural instinct, eh...

The bell rang at the door, Luo Qiu closed the old account book on hands, standing up slowly.

The guest held the black card in his hand, Luo Qiu smiled subconsciously. It seemed that some time could be saved on explanation.

The capital, Beijing university, a laboratory.

The third miss of the Zhong

Zhong family waited here for a while. She was patiently waiting outside the door of the lab as usual, reading the original quietly.

This was recommended by her leader at the Berkeley campus of the University of California. She loved it since she first read it. There was always a light and pleasant smile on her face.

After a certain time, the lab door was opened, a young man in a white gown came out while holding a box in his hands, "Luoyue, I am sorry. I couldn’t leave just now because a few of the students came and asked some questions."

The third miss of the Zhong family--- Zhong Luoyue smiled and said never mind, before closing the book and stood up, "We’ve been classmates for long, wouldn’t I know your temperament?"

The young man smiled and said, "Yup, here is the item you asked me to check… but, to be honest, I still don’t know what it is."

Zhong Luoyue showed an amazed expression, "Couldn’t you check it out? Or is this place unable to meet the requirement?"

The youth shook his head and said, "No. In fact, the domestic equipment here is not worse than abroad. This couldn’t be analyzed here and probably neither everywhere else, I think. Luo Yue, where did you get this kind of stuff? It is not metal, but with higher density than any other known metal in the world. More mysteriously, it is just like a good playing card, with a perfect softness."

The youth frowned, "I even couldn’t incise it using a laser. It couldn’t even be melted! It is an unprecedented discovery! If we can figure

can figure out what kind of substance it is, it will probably be an unprecedented breakthrough in material science."

"Jin Xin, considering our relationship as classmates, could you please not expose this stuff and it’s better to dispose of the data you’ve tested." Zhong Luoyue said decently.

As a returning talent, even though the lab Jin Xin worked for was a titular organization in Beijing University, actually he was supported by his backer, which was also the backer of this lady---the Zhong Family. Considering this was exactly the funder at his back, Jin Xin could only laugh bitterly, "I probably couldn’t say no. But I really want to research more on it."

Zhong Luoyue took over the box from Jin Xin’s hand, saying indifferently, "You will have another chance."

"Well." Jin Xin didn’t force it, after some small talk, he returned to the lab.

Zhong Luoyue opened the box silently, taking out the black card that Cheng Yun had stolen from Gu Yue Zhai.

Beyond all question, it was the key reason as to why her grandpa had recover miraculously... It might not only be the unknown material.

"This is from Zhang’s house..." Zhong Luoyue frowned, she was sure it was necessary for her to have a good understanding of the Zhang’s Family, whom had already left the capital early.

The third miss of the Zhong family picked up the phone, "Prepare a car, I will go to the Maple Club. Furthermore take out some Yunnan pipe tobacco from the mountain villa, I will send it as a present."

It used to be a black card with stamps, but all the marks had been used up.

The new guest reminded Luo Qiu of his first guest Jin Zifu… They all heard about the club from their ancestors. He was in his early forties, and his spirit was weak, but he dressed well and should be rich.

"It turns out that the legend is true... "

This middle-aged man kept looking at everything in the lobby of the club before sitting down. He had actually been frightened by the items here.

Of course, before the guest actually came in, Qin Chuyu had already walked into the back room, apparently she didn’t want to witness the transaction in the club.

"These… I heard we can trade with treasure here, are these counted?"

That middle-aged man was clearly well prepared. He took out a small black bag from the inside of the suit and then opened it in front of Luo Qiu.

The open bag, on top of the table, poured out a sparkling...diamond.

Luo Qiu pushed these diamonds aside, "Guest, let’s talk about what you need first. As to these diamonds’ value, we can talk it later."

The man nodded, sitting down uneasily, while saying slowly, "Recently, I met some strange things..."

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