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Qin Chuyu felt a little terrible.

She looked at the thing she was holding--- A costume.

To be precise, it was like the clothes that the woman in front of her wore--- a maid outfit.

"I think only one person serving Master is enough, completely enough, very enough. And that person is me. But since you’ve bought the time to stay with Master as a customer…"

You Ye smiled faintly, "So, you can stay in the club during the next two years. However, since you didn’t give the detailed description, so the only places you can move to is the hall, the kitchen and your room. And you can’t enter the three basement floors of the club."

Qin Chuyu didn’t intend to explore this area in the beginning.

Her thoughts were pretty simple--- she made a deal with the former boss 500 years ago; it was there she felt that horrible door from him for the first time.

Just that, she didn’t cultivate for long and had not much understanding at that time. She was frightened by it but was only influenced a little. Yet up to this day, she was no longer a weak Taoist. Breaking the Tao to her would just waste the lifetime of cultivation if she didn’t meet Luo Qiu. She could restart it from the beginning.

But when she sensed that horrifying door for the second time, it was not so easy as breaking the Tao!

Qin Chuyu had cultivated many times in this recent 500 years of entering society. She was no longer as she had been; her Tao Heart had become very smooth. Yet, it had been broken by that weird door. It was on the verge of collapse, showing traces of that all the previous efforts could be wasted.

Therefore, she had to do something to stabilize her Tao Heart--- the best and simplest way was confronting the source of such horror directly.

So when You Ye said she could only move within those several limited places, Qin Chuyu didn’t show her displeasure--- But what the hell the clothes were?

Pretty soon, she got the answer.

"However, since you’ve bought time for staying beside Master as a customer…"

This was the second time You Ye mentioned this issue…

Qin Chuyu gazed at this overly beautiful but quiet face. It indicated dissatisfaction in her tone towards this requirement even though her face was expressionless.

"But it doesn’t mean you can eat and live here free of charge." You Ye revealed her thoughts, "So during the time from now to the maturity date you purchased, you shall stay here as a temporary worker. I allow you to follow me to serve the master."

Qin Chuyu frowned, feeling something puzzled, "Why can’t I stay here as a customer? That sarira is my transaction fee, so I’m eligible to stay here for a long term and am entitled to enjoy your services."

While the servant girl smiled happily now, "Did Ms. Qin forget the request you raised at the beginning? You are just purchasing the time for staying with Master… Of course, I don’t care if you want to restore your identity as a customer. Nevertheless, according to your request when making the deal, I think you can stay for the next 2 years. But, only the hallway is where a customer should stay. And, staying there is considered as being with Master as well."

It was the third time she mentioned it. She really really really was displeased!!

Seem like there was a misjudgment on her part. Qin Chuyu didn’t think this gentle girl had actually such a scheming heart.

Qin Chuyu sighed in heart, ‘But I’ve signed the contract.’

As if she jumped into the trap she set herself. Qin Chuyu now exhaled and nodded, "Where’s the changing room?"

"I’ve cleared up the utility room at the end of the second floor, that’s your room from now." You Ye smiled.

"Is it the reason that Qin Chuyu became like that?"

Sitting in front of the counter, Luo Qiu just finished hearing the whole story the servant girl retold, shifting his attention subconsciously to Qin Chuyu, who was wiping windows on the cupboard.

She was still expressionless and indifferent like before, and wiping the windows carefully… But why was it that she seemed bullied and pitiful. As if she had a bitterness in her heart but felt it hard to speak out?

"Master doesn’t like Ms. Qin’s clothes?" You Ye suddenly questioned.

In Luo Qiu’s opinion, You Ye should be a cosplay fanatic. Now, it showed that was not her only interest.

Luo Qiu looked at his own clothes that You Ye chose for him, shaking his head, "I will leave it to your decision."

He brought that Tenor from home, opening the package, examining it, then repairing it carefully one by one. As for You Ye, she accompanied him quietly by his side.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang… but the one coming in was not a customer.

It was Tai Yinzi.

The old ghost was still in that weird and mix-and-match style, except the catfish-like beard had been scraped.

Well… he unexpectedly became good-looking.

"Master, you finally came back! This old Taoist… Yu Sanniang!!"

Tai Yinzi was extremely respectful at first, yet he now gnashed his teeth and pointed at Qin Chuyu, looking furious which eventually turned into wild laughter, "Niddering Slave!! 500 years! I met you at long last!! Hahahaha!!"

Simmering with rage, black air rolled by Tai Yinzi, as if special effects were added. "500 years!! Niddering Slave! You have me be trapped for 500 years! It’s time for revenge! Go die!!"

Tai Yinzi took a Seven Star Standing Posture, both hands forming hand seals. Black air kept rolling like dark clouds that were blew by fierce winds! His afro hair was swinging frantically and seemed like he couldn’t be stopped!

"Justice exists in the universe, Jade Emperor presents golden light!"

With an angry roar, Tai Yinzi’s both hands pushed the hand seal in front of him! Now, the black air surrounded him rushed out like a wild wind!

The force was like removing a mountain, a powerful army, and shock of hundreds of horses!

But after leaving Tai Yinzi, the onrushing and surging black air turned weaker and weaker, slower and slower… eventually, it disappeared before going to Qin Chuyu.

Tai Yinzi gave a start, looking at the spell between his both hands in a daze. He couldn’t believe what he saw!

"Justice exists in the universe, Jade Emperor presents golden light!"

He formed the hand seal again, pushing it ahead furiously!

The black air poured out again… but it didn’t get very far.

The old ghost stared blankly as if he had taken a huge shock. Then, he remembered… that as a black soul, he didn’t have even half of power he used to own when he was cultivating Taoism before.

The gushing black air was merely the air he held back… actually, it was just like farting!

In front, Qin Chuyu snorted after watching the failed performance from Tai Yinzi twice.

It was f*ckin embarrassed…

"Ju, junior apprentice sister, haven’t seen you in 500 years, how are you…"

Tai Yinzi could not but laugh awkwardly…

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