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Chapter 122

"Does the professor…"

Qin Fang stopped talking some time ago, his head resting on Gao Rui’s shoulder.

Luo Qiu didn’t answer Zhang Qingrui’s question.

Instead, he went to the professor’s side.

He couldn’t tell if the professor was saddled with those sins or not for the past twenty years.

In the first place, humans are unable to decide whether something is sinful or not. His hand swept over the professor’s eyes gently, the aged eyes finally closed.

Zhang Qingrui grieved for this aged man, even though he had only been her teacher for a few lessons.

She gazed at Luo Qiu with a hint of uncertainty, asking softly, "Has the professor… found the thing he lost?"

Luo Qiu’s gaze turned gentle, he lifted the professor’s other hand and laid it on Gao Hui’s, allowing the two hands to clasp.

Reminiscing two decades ago, they went through so many hardships together. Perhaps they went hand-in-hand, cheering together.

"Something like that, it’s not easily lost."

Luo Qiu raised his head, looking at his classmate, "If it’s lost, there’s no need for a next time... I think he just got lost."

Zhang Qingrui finally let the first tear drip.

A normal person would die due to blood loss after cutting his wrist, so of course the professor would lose even more blood after the removing his arm in such a way. When the professor stopped moving and finally stopped apologizing, she knew in her heart, that the professor just couldn’t forgive himself. The sin that was planted in the heart was unable to be removed.

It was enough for the professor to defeat the demons in his heart before his death.

She came to the professor, putting her palm on Professor Qin Fang’s hand.

"Professor, in the next life, don’t get lost again."

She gazed at the peaceful smile on the professor’s face, her tears slowly turning into a smile. She felt as if after walking through this whole journey, although it was full of dangers, but now her heart was a lot stronger.

Though Boss Luo was not an emotional person but he thought of himself as someone who took promises very seriously, no matter if it was business related or something other than that.

Perhaps due to the specialty of this underground palace, Gao Rui’s soul still hasn’t vanished.

Luo Qiu looked at Gao Rui, muttering to him, "There’s a deal between professor and I, about taking out your body… so, how would you like to be taken back home?"

Going back home was an extravagant

extravagant hope to Gao Rui. This gradually weakening soul looked at Qin Fang who no longer breathed, as if he was just having a serene sleep. "If possible, bury me in my hometown, beside Old Qin’s tomb."

Gao Rui spoke faintly with a brotherly feeling, "This guy had no relatives before. I brought him into this field, so my home was also his home."

"OK." Luo Qiu nodded.

It was not about the club’s business, but a man’s promise.

Gao Rui showed his gratitude, "Thank you…"

Yet before he finished his sentence, as if being pulled by something, the soul remaining in the body started to twist and stretch.

It wasn’t just him, Qin Fang’s body also started to emit some white fog.

Their souls went towards the same direction, as if bring pulled by something.

Luo Qiu stretched out his hand and Qin Fang’s soul gathering in his palm in the next second. It turned into a lump of white and pink light ball.

As to Gao Rui’s, it didn’t come back.

As the transaction fee, the professor’s soul was protected by the club, hence nobody else could rob it.

At the same time, Cai Wenji’s walking skeleton scattered onto the floor. Leaving the bones, the ancient miss now appeared as a soul.

Better than Gao Rui’s soul, hers was resisting the

resisting the attraction from the depths of the triple storied underground palace.

"Is it the power of the magical stone you mentioned or the effect from the array hiding in this palace?" After collecting the professor’s soul, Luo Qiu looked at her and asked.

"Concubine doesn’t know… this is the first time concubine entered." Cai Wenji shook her head. "Though concubine knows this palace, as long as I get close, it’s like being in tornado, therefore I dare not to approach."

"Luo Qiu… I, I feel dizzy."

Ms. Zhang held her forehead, weak at her knees, collapsing in the twinkling of an eye. Luo Qiu and You Ye, who were feeling fine, looked at each other. Then Luo Qiu said, "Let’s go ahead to have a look."

You Ye nodded, waving her hand, a wonderful dusky and translucent photomask opened, absorbing Zhang Qingrui and Cai Wenji into it.

Then, Zhang Qingrui felt better, at least she was able to stand up.

Luo Qiu walked along the direction where Gao Rui went. While walking in front, the bones in his way dispersed to both sides automatically.

The scene surprised Ms. Zhang who was following them. The bones were like the ancient townspeople, who had to kneel down at both sides of a road when they saw respected ones.

Luo Qiu didn’t know what the other two following him were thinking, he merely watched Gao Rui’s soul being pulled even more intensely, while the cyan light in front grew even more dazzling.

No other souls were seen except Gao Rui’s.

"It’s weird, logically speaking, Gao Rui’s body fell down since the start, but why is it only now that his soul is being drawn?"

You Ye replied, "Master, you mentioned there’s an object like an amulet that was taken by Gao Rui?"

Luo Qiu thought about it, then nodding because he remembered there was an item made by a yellow spell hanging in front of Gao Rui’s chest.

The servant girl said gently, "The fluctuation of that power on that item shows it’s guarding him. Those tomb-robbing guys always enter graveyards, so they bring those items for psychological comfort. Gao Rui might not know that it had the power to protect him. Maybe he got it from somewhere."

"Maybe from a Taoist temple or something?"

Or perhaps from a witch.

"Master, here we are."

The source of the cyan light was just behind a huge stone column. From both sides of the column, a stone table setting could clearly be seen.

There was a huge rock coffin lying on the stone table. The stone column in front of them seemed to be part of the rock coffin that was removed. Luo Qiu’s curiosity had reached his peak ever since he entered this tomb palace, therefore he bypassed the stone column, walking to the front.

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