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"No… Don’t come over here! Don’t!!"

in extreme fright, Professor Qin Fang ran out of all his bullets very soon.

However, more and more light wolves came to siege him! He leaned against a wall with extreme fear and couldn’t help recalling the night 20 years ago.

The members of his group hid from place to place. Eventually, due to being chased by light wolves, they had to choose to resort to the explosives.

His body clung to the wall, feeling the ice cold of the underground being transmitted through the wall. Professor Qin Fang found that both his hands got wet.

Cold sweat had long since soaked his clothes

Suddenly, a light wolf swooped down on him, with a savage expression!


The professor closed his eyes tightly, just like that night… However, he opened his eyes astoundingly a moment later and found that those light wolves had vanished. Only Luo Qiu and another person came towards him… with a flashlight. Luo Qiu didn’t mention to take the objects from those people above the pit, but after You Ye took out the flashlight, he sighed with emotion again, feeling that he was taken care of very well.

"Those, those light wolves…" Professor Qin Fang still expressed nervousness and panic.

"Professor, you’re safe now. Those are merely illusions… which are difficult for common people to cope with." At this moment, a figure, who came from behind Luo Qiu’s back, walked to the professor and helped him up.

It was Ms. Zhang.

Qin Fang was stupefied. Meanwhile, he saw behind Luo Qiu and his female companion, a set of… bones were standing upright there!


Zhang Qingrui showed him a bitter smile while saying in a low voice, "I was scared as well when I first saw a set of bones walking by my eyes. Whatever, you’ll get used to it."

That was because Wenji had left Zhang Qingrui’s body and returned back to her skeleton, which made those scattered bones combine automatically. It was horrifying for Ms. Zhang, but compared with attaching a soul of an ancient lady to Zhang Qingrui’s body, it was much better.

This time was different from before. At the same time that Zhang Qingrui’s body was possessed by Wenji’s soul in the underground palace, Zhang Qingrui herself did not enter into a deep sleep and completely heard the whole story of this miserable lady.

Luo Qiu didn’t exactly say that he would send Wenji to her husband’s tomb chamber… And she dared not to beg him to do so. What she could only do was following them all the way.

The light wolves living in this underground palace would not only attack those who trespassed, she was also their target. The light wolves were just illusions without any real attacks. Their attacks would aim at one’s mind. Those who had firm mind would have a chance to be immune to light wolves but to ghosts, they were extremely harmful.

Wenji had been trapped in the rock coffin for thousands of years, but still couldn’t get close to her husband’s tomb because of the existence of those light wolves. Luo Qiu neither indicated the intention to help her seek the tomb of her husband, nor planned to drive her away, therefore she just followed them.

Zhang Qingrui didn’t know details of the so-called transaction between Luo Qiu and the professor, but what could be sure of, was that the professor found it hard to stay alive in this area without Luo Qiu and You Ye’s help to fight those horrifying light wolves.

Though countless light wolves had been annihilated all the way, there was still no clue to help find the professor’s former brothers.

Qin Fang bit his tongue along the way, but he turned more and more depressed. It was as if he became 10 years older in an instant. Ms. Zhang didn’t know why it happened.

He was not as refined as he was in the class, with disheveled hair and a dull gaze.

It was not clear that how long they walked in the palace. Luo Qiu, who was quite unperturbed and had been looking and feeling all the way, suddenly stopped.

"Let’s have a rest here."

Seeing Luo Qiu halted, Professor Qin Fang originally thought he had found something, but the mere sentence from Luo Qiu let him down. Whereupon, he sat down and leaned against the wall without words.

So did Wenji. It would be difficult to move a single step if she left Luo Qiu and You Ye.

Ms. Zhang dared not to take more glances at this Ms. Bones. She sat beside them while massaging her sore calfs.

She didn’t know what would happen next… After Wenji returned back to this tomb, Zhang Qingrui felt there was nothing for her to do. But to speak of leaving the tomb alone… ignoring the fact if she could escape from the prairie or not, it would be the first problem that how to climb out the pit or deal with those light wolves by herself.

Zhang Qingrui sighed, suddenly thinking of the naan bread she hid early. Then she fished it out from her clothes due to the hunger.

She thought of it for a second, then divided the bread into 4 portions… Well, Ms. Bones should not need these.

"Professor, have some food first… Don’t be too hungry to walk." She came to Qin Fang, passing him a portion.

Then she went towards Luo Qiu and You Ye.

The servant girl only smiled. "Thanks, but I don’t need it."

The servant girl really didn’t need it…

"I heard it’ll be delicious to eat bread with milk tea."

Luo Qiu grabbed one portion and bit it.

"You’ll be the only person that still in the mood to talk about such things in this situation." Zhang Qingrui tittered and felt relaxed suddenly.

Luo Qiu didn’t say anything, merely taking one more bite.

Right then, an extremely agitated voice came from Professor Qin Fang, "What did you put in it!!"

Qin Fang threw the bread to the ground, digging his throat painfully and trying to vomit.

"I… I just put some mutton, nothing else…" Zhang Qingrui was astounded, "Professor, did your disease show effect? I heard a patient who got brain cancer vomits periodically…"

"You, you!!!!" Professor Qin Fang rushed to Zhang Qingrui like crazy, his both hands pinched her throat!

His look was extremely hideous, "You… let me… let me!!!"

"Professor…" Zhang Qingrui caught his hands painfully, but was not able to cast off his hands.

Luo Qiu suddenly asked, "Professor, is this your decision?"

Professor Qin was originally out of control but now his body became stiff. And his expression turned terrified. Like getting an electric shock, he let go Zhang Qingrui’s neck, taking several steps back.

Zhang Qingrui took several hacking coughs, holding the wall hard but dared not to get close to him.

Qin Fang’s legs went weak, kneeling down to the ground, as if he lost his soul.

"What’s wrong… with the professor?" Zhang Qingrui looked over to Luo Qiu.

But the one who answered her, was Wenji sitting beside them, "This Mr. Qin and his partners entered into the underground palace and got attacked by light wolves. They then tried to escape but finally got separated and lost touch with each other. Mr. Qin and his partner had been trapped in a stone chamber and finished their food. And eventually… he survived by eating his partner’s meat and drinking his blood. The matter of blowing up the tomb palace happened after he survived."

Eating a person…

Professor Qin Fang lowered his head, like a body without soul. A small piece of mutton unexpectedly caused such a strong emotional reaction.

Thinking of the question she asked the professor, of why he insisted on coming back to this tomb palace again.

He said he needed to get something back.

Zhang Qingrui suddenly figured out the answer to it.

What he wanted to get back, was the humanity he lost.

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