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Luo Qiu planned to listen on despite it being a modified history.

In those days, the evil Taoist Zhang Jiao revolted, establishing ‘Taiping Taoism’ and rising up, but soon his tribe lost to the army of the Han Dynasty.

Zhang Jiao’s troop was defeated, but he escaped using the strategy of The Cicada Casting Away Its Shell and hid in the Wei Family located at River East. The father of Wei Zhongdao used to be classmates with evil Taoist Zhang Jiao when they were cultivating Taoism together from their master teacher but he was not talented enough to continue. Hence he went into the society and became a wealthy person of that area.

Wei Zhongdao’s father took him in due to their former relationship.

Not long after, Wei Zhongdao married Cai Wenji. Later he was afflicted by a serious illness that couldn’t be cured even though a lot of money had been spent on it. The moment he was about to die, Zhang Jiao sealed his soul using black arts. Though the person had died, his soul could be kept alive. It might be possible to save his life and resurrect himself.

Wei Zhongdao’s father was exalted, imploring his former senior brother to use the magical arts to save his son.

"I have to go on a long journey to find an appropriate place to use the magical art."

So, the Wei Family started to make preparation for this. Yet the news that Wei Zhongdao’s illness was too serious to be treated, had been spread out. The Wei Family that didn’t want to expose everything concealed the real situation and held a funeral. It avoided others being aware of the peculiarities of Wei Zhongdao or finding the trace of magical art, which would betray Zhang Jiao as well.

Not long after, when everything was fully prepared, the society entered into troubled times. Under the cover that the news Wenji had been kidnapped by the Hun’s soldiers, the zombie---Wei Zhongdao, was brought away noiselessly.

He was taken into the Hun’s lands.

"But actually everything was the trick of that evil Taoist!"

Luo Qiu and Professor Qin Fang heard the tiny bit of hatred from this ancient lady’s mouth at the same time.

"That evil Taoist had schemed everything long since. He robbed the body of the Sage King of the Hun, grasping the military power of the country and was trying to return to his former glory!"

While Luo Qiu frowned. "Since the evil Taoist lied to you, why do you say your husband was still alive at that time?"

Wenji sighed, "First off, that evil Taoist only had my husband act like a zombie by using sorcery, who didn’t drink or eat but could still walk and talk. However, he died due to the gradual decomposition of his body day by day. Only hiding it in an extreme Yin place could delay the rotting body. After, that evil Taoist found a magical stone from the outer space in the prairie, which could have a withered tree comes to life again. Therefore, that evil Taoist ordered people to build this underground palace and setting a magical array. He set that magical stone as the center and buried my husband in the tomb to ensure his dead body wouldn’t go bad."

While hearing this, Qin Fang raised his head furiously and asked emotionally, "Then the magical stone… managed to save your husband’s life later?"

Wenji shook her head, "Originally, I was hoping that he could recover, but everything was an illusion. Once leaving that array, my husband’s body would continue rotting… So for maintaining the Yin Qi for this tomb palace, Concubine could only come into this area twice a year."

Luo Qiu let out a sigh. "Is this the reason why you didn’t want to go back to Han Dynasty?"

Wenji shed tears softly. "Since Concubine has married husband, I should accompany him forever. If I return back to Han, there wouldn’t be any chance to meet each other in my lifetime. Even if we only meet twice every year, it’ll be better than leaving my husband alone in such a quiet and cold tomb palace. My husband once persuaded me to go back but concubine was rather reluctant. Concubine had even knelt in front of his tomb for three whole days. Eventually, my husband softened up and gave up his intentions."

"Concubine was always sick and weak since childhood, plus the living environment of this place, north of the Great Wall, was too tough. Therefore concubine begged that evil Taoist to lay Concubine myself into this tomb palace, for the only wish was that concubine could accompany my husband forever." Wenji’s face now turned more resentful, "Unexpectedly, that evil Taoist had known for a long time that the magical stone was useless in curing my husband’s illness. The reason that evil Taoist laid my husband in the tomb was just for letting my husband’s soul nourish that magical stone. But he laid me in another place within the array. Concubine’s soul that was locked in the rock coffin tried to rush out for several times, but it was to no avail. The patrolling light wolf had a tight guard, so I could only stay trapped in the rock coffin."

Luo Qiu couldn’t help asking, "What did he nourish the magical stone for?"

Wenji answered, "Concubine got the answer to that later. That evil Taoist knew the stone was useless to my husband, but he couldn’t discover all the secrets of the magical stone. He found the stone could absorb human’s souls. The more it absorbed, the stronger the power will become. His injury from the past had not recovered, plus he was injured again when going east and west to fight after transforming into the Left Sage King. He knew he wouldn’t have long to live, but was unwilling to die. Thus, before he was about to die, he buried himself here. You two think there are only two layers in this palace but that’s not true. Actually, another layer is hiding beneath the second layer. That is exactly the tomb of that evil Taoist! And there were also countless of people buried along before he died. The evil Taoist covered the coffin and waited for enough souls to be absorbed by the magical stone in a vain attempt to break out of the coffin obtain reincarnation some day."

After listening to the story of the miserable lady whose skeleton had been taken out, Professor Qin Fang fell into silence. No one knew what he was thinking about. After saying all these, this unlucky woman attached to Zhang Qingrui’s body might be complaining of how Professor Qin Fang’s group that time had dug into the underground palace for their own selfish desires.

Under the silence, You Ye jumped down from the upper entrance and landed on the ground steadily. Saying in a soft voice, "Master, the outside has been cleared up."

Because of the trust to You Ye’s working ability, Boss Luo nodded. He didn’t want to think about the matter of the tomb-robbing groups whose members had lost their lives.

One reason he chose to listen to this story was to wait for You Ye’s return.

"Bring along the skeleton," Luo Qiu said directly, "Professor, next, it is time to seek for the dead bodies of your former brothers. Do you have any clues?"

Professor Qin shook his head, sighing, "We couldn’t even go into the first layer. After the collapse of this place, we should pay more atten… Watch out!"

Qin Fang’s expression had a striking change!

Looking towards where he was gazing, a ray of faint light suddenly emitted from the front!

It was standing on four feet… a light wolf that was mentioned previously!

Professor Qin Fang, who witnessed such a horrifying situation, fished out his pistol unconsciously!

Yet at this time, that light wolf howled. The sound echoed throughout this tomb palace! Then light wolves rushed out one after another from all directions!

They appeared from the wall and underground, baring their fangs. Within a few seconds, dozens of light wolves had gathered!

Qin Fang’s expression turned ferocious all of a sudden. The emergence of these light wolves brought him back to the night 2 decades ago!


Along with extremely agitated emotions, Professor Qin shot the bullets from the pistol!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The bullets easily pierced through the light wolf’s body, yet it was like shooting into the water. Those bullet marks vanished in an instant! And that light wolf which had received attack kicked against the ground by rear legs furiously, pouncing on all the people!

"No! No! Don’t come over!!" Professor Qin Fang revealed fear beyond everyone’s expectation!

Watching the pouncing light wolf, the professor huddled himself up on the ground with both hands, holding his head while his body quivered!

Luo Qiu frowned. It seems that the memory caused an astonishing harm to the professor.

Yet, facing the pouncing light wolf, Luo Qiu stood still, letting that light wolf leap onto his body. It opened its mouth to bite Luo Qiu’s shoulder!

Unexpectedly, Boss Luo just waved his hand, as if dusting his shoulder. Then the light wolf was torn up like a shredded shadow.

Without blood stain or anything else, it purely turned into scraps of shadow and disappeared.

Its disappearance agitated all the other light wolves! Dozens of light wolves started pouncing towards him together at the same time.

"Merely some unreal beings, die."

Now, You Ye walked to Luo Qiu. While waving her hand, a lump of black flame was shot out. All the light wolves were annihilated directly, just like the first one.

Since those light wolves showed up, Luo Qiu had discovered these beings were meaningless. They were presumably some sort of illusion.

It was of no effect to him or You Ye.

Sneijder said those persons who died of indiscriminate shooting might be due to excessive fright. And the camera of unmanned plane definitely couldn’t film those fake and heatless objects.

Yet, the professor wasn’t squatting at the original place anymore. You Ye pointed to direction beside Luo Qiu. It seemed under the cover of the chaos, the professor ran away by himself due to the excessive fright.

Luo Qiu thought for a second before waving to let the box containing Wenji’s skeleton levitate to him. It was like he was carrying the box on his back.

He used to consider men who could carry boxes on their back were cool, there must some sort of golden clothes in it which could save the world!

But now he didn’t have that thought anymore.

"It’s not difficult for me to get used to it." Luo Qiu turned his head to look at ‘Zhang Qingrui’."

Then, that box broke apart. That skeleton fell out, scattering its pieces all over the ground.

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