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You Ye looked around under the firelight. She brought out a handkerchief and wiped her own palms slowly.

At this point, a black shadow slithered down outside the hole.

Looking carefully, it turned out the shadow was not just one person... The one that slid down from the top was Qin Chuyu with another man carried in her hand.

Qin Chuyu threw him down to the ground. "One of the fish escaped from the net."

You Ye didn’t say anything, merely throwing away the used handkerchief, which was then swallowed in an instance by a ball of black fire.

Almost at the same time, the body of the man thrown to the ground suddenly had a seizure! He opened his eyes furiously. It was then black flame erupted from his eyes and mouth!

In a flash, this fish that escaped from the net encountered the same fate as Fang Pa.

Qin Chuyu merely felt a touch of cold from her back. She couldn’t help taking a glance at You Ye but didn’t say anything. Actually he was not a fish that escaped from the net; instead, he did not even escape at all.

It was merely an extra matter she did.

The servant girl suddenly revealed a smile. "Ms. Qin, don’t you want to go down?"

Qin Chuyu shook her head. "Something in it was very hostile towards me. I intended to go down to explore 20 years ago but I stopped in the end."

You Ye said indifferently, "I’ve came into contact with the eastern way of cultivating Taoism and found the method of longevity to be fascinating. Yet, you seem to care about your Tao Heart as well. There is actually nothing horrible inside the palace."

"It seems you’ve known about it?" Qin Chuyu frowned.

"Since Ms. Qin doesn’t want to go down, then I won’t accompany you anymore," You Ye spoke coolly. "Master is waiting for me."

"Wait a minute!" Qin Chuyu shouted to stop her.

You Ye turned about, the servant girl gazed at her curiously, without dissatisfaction or impatience.

After a while of hesitation, Qin Chuyu asked, "Why did the former boss disappear?"

While You Ye gave a sudden smile, "Sorry, I won’t reveal these without master’s permission. However, if Ms. Qin longs for obtaining knowledge about these, then welcome to our shop and I’ll be a good host next time."

Qin Chuyu looked at this woman who called herself as ‘Servant Girl’. A feeling of unwavering loyalty from that odd lady could be easily sensed again.

"I’ll walk around this area," Qin Chuyu shook her head while answering.

You Ye said with a slight hint of pity, "Ms. Qin, please think it over because in Ms. Qin’s body, there is transaction fee whose value is hard to estimate. I believe you’ll certainly gain a lot of things."

Qin Chuyu stepped back gradually with a slight hint of dread.

Watching the ‘Zhang Qingrui’ who called herself concubine and Wenji, Professor Qin Fang opened his mouth a little, with an inconceivable look. "I discovered that this area should be the tomb palace of the Left Sage King of the Huns in Three Kingdom’s Period(around AD 208-280)… The place where the rock coffin was dug out is not where a common person could be laid to rest."

"The concubine has another name called ‘Cai Yan’," ‘Zhang Qingrui’ now gazed at Professor Qin Fang, saying stonily.

Professor Qin Fang gave a start, replying incredibly, "That’s impossible! It’s clearly written in ‘Book of the Later Han’, that Cai Wenji had returned back already and married Dong Si as his wife. Furthermore, the ‘Poem of Indignation’ had been created and spread after ‘Wen-Chi’s Captivity and Return’… If you were her, how could you show up in the tomb palace of the person who abducted you?"

"The person who returned back to Han Dynasty was not concubine myself." ‘Zhang Qingrui’ explained slowly, "I’ve no idea about how the future recorded it. However, the ‘Poem of Indignation’ was not what I wrote."

Professor Qin Fang shifted his attention to Luo Qiu unwittingly; nevertheless, he found an interested look emerging on his student’s face.

Luo Qiu was really interested in it.

It’s hard for later generations to distinguish the recorded historical incidents about which is true, false or an artistic creation. Even the research from an old professor who is knowledgeable could not be compared to the words from an ancient person.

‘Zhang Qingrui’ now said slowly, "That day, the prime minister ordered his henchmen to come to the Hun’s territory and exchange a thousand pieces of gold for my freedom. But it was not me; instead, it was one of my slave girls. She used to read lots of books since childhood and had a good upbringing. She was even more talented than me. After she returned back to the Han Dynasty, the slave girl mourns her miserable life experience, so she wrote down ‘Poem of Indignation’. The content of the poem is about the troubled times; on the other hand, it managed to tell me she had already replaced me."

If the professor was not inside the underground palace or had experienced so many unimaginable matters, he would probably think it was a tale from the Arabian Nights.

However, they were really the words told from Cai Wenji’s mouth… as one of the later generations, he couldn’t refute her at all.

Actually, there was no need to refute anything.

While Luo Qiu asked suddenly, "That day you possessed on Zhang Qingrui’s body and took me to the basement entrance of the professor’s house. Was that because you want me to find this place and bring you here?"

‘Zhang Qingrui’ made a slight bow. "Prince’s soul is too powerful, which is like a bright moon but compared with it, concubine’s just like a fluorescent light. It’s hard to explain the whole matter clearly. Furthermore, concubine’s real body is exposed and invaded by Yang Qi in the world. I have almost reached my limit in sustaining my soul in Ms. Zhang."

"Then how are you now?"

"There is enough Yin Qi to maintain concubine," ‘Zhang Qingrui’ said softly, "So that I can meet this prince."

Luo Qiu thought for a while, frowning, "Then why do you still remain in Zhang Qingrui’s body?"

"On one hand, concubine is reluctant to be found by something in this palace… and the other," ‘Zhang Qingrui’ told after sighing, "Neither of you wants to communicate with a walking skeleton, right?"

Now, Boss Luo wouldn’t mind talking to a skeleton but judging by the look on Qin Fang, he was rather unwilling to do so.

Boss Luo was originally interested in the hidden items in this underground palace. Additionally, extra curiosity had been raised, which was the story of what happened on Cai Wenji

Luo Qiu thought for a moment, asking curiously, "You’ve said the person going back to Han Dynasty was not yourself. Then whose idea it was to have the slave girl replace you? The Left Sage King or yourself?"

This girl in front who possessed by Wenji heaved a sigh slightly. "It was my husband’s decision and it was my will as well."

"You even stayed in the Southern area of the Hun’s territory of your own will, being with the person who kidnapped you?" Professor Qin Fang became tongue-tied. He didn’t know what to say.

It reminded the professor immediately of a lady from Hanzhong(her hometown) had been abducted but fell in love with the land of the Hun’s.

As if catching the thought of Professor Qin Fang, ‘Zhang Qingrui’ shook her head faintly, "Don’t think too much, Mr. Qin. Concubine’s husband was not Left Sage King and I didn’t remarry anyone in my life. My husband now had been buried in this tomb palace with me. However, I couldn’t be buried in the same grave as my husband during these thousands of years."

"Your husband… is he recorded in the book as the one who died earlier?" Luo Qiu furrowed his brows. Due to the knowledge he got from the books last time, some things could be recalled, "I remember his name is Wei Zhongdao."

"You’re right…" ‘Zhang Qingrui’ nodded her head slowly, "Everyone in the society said my husband was dead, but what they didn’t know, was that he was living healthily. All of these should be started with the rebellion of the evil Taoist Zhang Jiao…"


To what extent would she tamper with the history of that time…

① Wen-chi, the same as Wenji, the story happened to a woman called Cai Wenji, who had been kidnapped by the Huns’ soldiers in battle and sent to the Left Sage King of the Huns to become his wife. Because another dynasty was established, the governor asked the Left Sage King to return Cai Wenji back to her hometown. She was delighted that she could go back home, but felt loath to part with her kids who had been left behind in the Hun’s territory. Therefore, Hu Jia Eighteen Rhythm had been created under such circumstances by Cai Wenji.

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