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It was exactly as what the Servant Girl said, if everything needed to be brought to the attention of the master, then what was the meaning of servants’ existing?

Hence, after the leap of faith, the servant girl followed Ms. Zhang by jumping into the pit without hesitation.

The tunnel was dug deep. Its depth reached the second floor, which was more than 23 meters. Even a person in good health would probably lose his life after falling down; even a more fortunate person would have been impacted by surrounding rocks if he jumped down from that height.

Sneijder who was aware of this frowned, "Professor Qin, who are your partners?"

However, Professor Qin was also shocked by the circumstances and could only look over to Luo Qiu by instinct, expecting to get an answer from him.

"It’s alright." Luo Qiu observed the inside for a good while before turning around and saying, "Let’s get down."

"Hold on!"

Unexpectedly, Sneijder shouted in a slightly loud voice, frowning, "Professor Qin, I think you’re not that sincerity in the re-cooperation with us. We need to have a thorough negotiation!"

"Sneijder, we’ve been so cooperative." Professor Qin Fang explained in a lower voice, "We didn’t resist all the way right? I promise, that we’ll never touch anything in the underground palace again."

Sneijder shook his head, "You’ve promised last time but I don’t want to make the same mistake a second time. Moreover, your companions make me rather uncomfortable. You can be free to go down but that man can’t. He has to stay here, under our observation! Please be cooperative!"

With this, Sneijder waved his hand and several brawny men with machine guns all aimed at Luo Qiu at the same moment. One black man pointed at him. "You, come over here!"

"If I don’t go down, it will be troublesome for us." Luo Qiu shook his head, "I only plan to help the professor with his wish and mean no harm, so please don’t have any bad intentions against me."

Nevertheless, though Sneijder was relatively polite at the beginning, this group was originally ferocious and had developed a habit of acting in a fierce and cruel way under their mighty military forces.

"Come here!!"


The black man holding a machine gun yelled again, pulling the trigger of his automatic rifle. The bullets swept by Luo Qiu’s feet as if it was their last warning.

The sound caused by the shots started to echo within this pit which made the atmosphere turn tense. Luo Qiu looked at the raising dust in front of him.

Boss Luo would sometimes get angry as well… and this grievance was like a signal.

At the entrance of the underground palace irradiated by accent lights, a figure suddenly flashed out! It made a somersault in the air, before falling in front of the black gunner with an extremely fast speed, just like a falling stone.

Merely in a flash, with a lightning speed, the gunner had been beheaded already.

Before his eyes, it was the second woman who had jumped down. She stretched out her hand, five fingers closed together like a dagger. A hint of bright red still remained on her crystal clear fingernails.

"What an inferior and dirt-cheap soul… How dare you humiliate my master?"

With no scream, the powerful, battle-scarred guy, who had been known as Old Black… quietly fell down in with his head and body separated!

His companions could even see his both eyes that opened to their max… but how had he been killed? The murderer was such a delicate, pretty woman?

And… she just killed him with her hand!

The neat incision on Old Black’s neck looked like it had been cut by a sharp cutter bar. The horrifying scene evoked fear in everyone's heart.

The other well-built men gnashed their teeth. They acted without hesitation because they owned formidable firepower!

Da Da Da---!!!

Flame-like bullets flew out in an instant. Yet within the short time, that delicately pretty woman fluttered like a ghost. Even high-speed bullets couldn’t lock onto her location.

Sneijder couldn’t imagine that how fast she acted, evading such a shot at such a short distance.

No screeches were heard… because one by one, each person collapsed like Old Black.

A being who had an attacking style that could behead others using nails obviously didn’t belong to human beings.

"Shoot it!! Shoot it!! It’s not human!!!"

The leader of the tomb-robbing group lost his initial calmness all at once!

"Let’s go down."

Luo Qiu didn’t continue watching; instead, he glanced at Professor Qin Fang, waving his hand.

The professor’s body started to float and the box not far away automatically went to Luo Qiu.

Such a conflict with death was definitely impossible to be pacified… Therefore, Boss Luo simply chopped off all the troubles here.

Professor Qin Fang was frightened, Luo Qiu descended slowly into the ground of the underground palace while listening to the sounds of shooting and crying voices.

On the other side, the depth of the underground palace was deeper than he thought.

Feeling that he had touched the ground, Professor Qin Fang fished out a glare flashlight and turned it on, sweeping the surroundings.

Zhang Qingrui stood there in a daze. Her face was pale but no fear was seen. Somehow, Luo Qiu thought the current her was even more beautiful than before.

That was probably because, the soul lurking in her body was exactly like this, more peaceful and natural.

The quietness was the most beautiful thing about her.

The ‘Zhang Qingrui’ now raised her head slightly. With slow words, she said "Concubine Wenji, greets the prince."

The sentence hiding in that skeleton and the name she called herself. Luo Qiu nodded, it was really Cai Wenji.

Under the irradiation of the surrounding accent lights, a dozen heads separated from their bodies laid on the ground. It was a shocking sight. They occupied approximately half of all the members here.

The situation had turned into a mess.

An Asian youth was shouting furiously at the moment. He took out a grenade from the hanging bag at his waist, pulling the safety catch by his mouth and was to throw it out regardlessly.

However, right at this moment, that horrifying woman that killed others without leaving a mark turned to stare at him. The royal blue eyes emitted a mysterious radiance.

The Asian youth could only feel his body turning stiff abruptly and was unable to breathe. The grenade exploded in his hand before he was able to throw it out in time.


The forceful explosion forced Sneijder lay on the ground by instinct. The flame at the center of explosion scattered. His henchman, with most of the body parts blown away to nowhere, had only both legs on his body left.

He looked at the horrifying woman in panic, whom was moving towards this pit… The way she moved and jumped seemed like the special effects of a film with CG effects.

Just then, Sneijder felt he was helped up by someone.

Beside him, a man with a little black skin appeared. He was middle-aged and bald with a red dot between both his eyebrows. He didn’t wear shoes and had only yellow clothes covering his body, showing off his muscular arms.

"Master Mu Jianzun! My God! I even forgot you because of the fright!" Sneijder seemed to catch on to a life-saving straw!

Because of the weird matter that happened in the underground palace had been reported back to the company, the clergy that cultivated in India had been invited through special channels!

He had even witnessed this magical Indian monk float in the air by himself which scared to high heaven!

"Mr. Sneijder." Master Mu Jianzun frowned. "There’s nothing about other forms of different species mentioned in the agreement between the company and I. The only requirement is to explore the underground palace."

"Different… species?"

Mu Jianzun gave a nod. "I don’t know what it is but at least it’s not human. No breath of human beings emits from it."

Sneijder, who only wanted to save his life, was too scared to think about whether it was human or not. He said hurriedly, "Mu Jianzun, whatever it is, please fight! I’ll provide the company with the whole report later and apply for an additional bonus for you!"

"Step back behind me," Mu Jianzun expressionlessly said.

Sneijder had no time to talk more, hiding behind Master Mu Jianzun at once. Mu Jianzun didn’t say anything, merely taking out a vajra pestle inset with colorful gems at both sides and reciting something.

The servant girl once again jumped to the back of a man that planned to attack using a grenade. Suddenly, her body turned stiff, the waving arm was remaining in the air.

When he saw this, that man dared not to stay put and escaped in fright!

As expected of the miraculous person from India who owned mysterious ancient power that had been hired at a high price! While witnessing this scene, Sneijder’s mood had been calmed down greatly.

Sneijeder heaved a sigh. However, all of a sudden, he watched that dreadful woman, whose body had stiffened, return to normal like nothing happened. She turned her head, looking over here with a disdainful smile.

"Ma, master…"

Sneijder looked over to Master Mu Jianzun in alarm but saw the master opening his eyes wide in fright. A mouthful of fresh blood erupted and his vajra pestle cracked unexpectedly at this moment!

"I… I should not be greedy…"

This was the last sentence Sneijder heard from Master Mu Jianzun… For this master’s breath had already stopped.

The sentence revealed his last thought right at the moment his breath stopped.

Then, sight disappeared like that.

Everything had been done at lightning speed.

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