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The rotor of the helicopter was rotating at high speed and strong airflow lifted up a cloud of dust.

Luo Qiu was not nervous at all though it was his first time seeing a helicopter at such a close range. He didn't know since when the feeling called nervousness had left him.

It might be since after he lived even after receiving headshot by Jin Zifu in the first deal, or perhaps the first time he protected Luo Dance who was about to fight with the mantis monster. That fight which could not be considered a fight

"Let's get off first," Luo Qiu said calmly.

Soon, two strong men had been sent down from the helicopter by rope. They of course aimed at the people in Luo Qiu's group getting off from the Wrangler.

"Thanks for your cooperation."

Looking at the guys that stood quietly at one side, the man in the helicopter said in a pleasant voice while sliding down the rope.

He was a typical western man, who should be around 35.

Professor Qin Fang frowned, saying beside Luo Qiu, "So we are just going to stay like this and not revolt?"

While Luo Qiu glanced at the inside of the pit, which was deeper than he thought. The underground palace was probably originally set in this large pit but the first layer had been blown up by Professor Qin's group because of their decision. It should sink deeper within these two decades.

It was clearly seen that quite a few heavy industry appliances had been set at a corner of the pit, with two blocks of portable houses for rest... It was fairly said that this tomb-robbing group was wealthy rather than professional.

"But our goal is going down right?" Luo Qiu indicated quietly. "And we don't plan to stay here forever. If we resist and ruin our jeep, it'll be troublesome when we want to leave away."

Qin Fang gave a start... Because an ordinary person would consider personal security as their first thought when they encounter such a condition. However, this guy... his student, thought whether the jeep would be destroyed or not?

"We'll talk about this later."

Boss Luo gave the final blow. "You've said that you wouldn't take away the objects in the underground palace. Yet in reality, you've indeed carried away the achievements they obtained after working hard. Hence, I don't think anything is wrong with their anger. To say the least, even if they did anything wrong, the victim should be this underground palace which has been disturbed."

Those words silenced Professor Qin Fang abruptly.

Zhang Qingrui, who was listening to all their conversation, felt this was exactly the Luo Qiu she knew. Though she was afraid of the well-equipped tomb-robbing group but Luo Qiu and You Ye's calm faces had her feel safe.

"That man is Sneijder, the leader of them," Qin Fang said while gazing at the man who jumped down in the end.

Sneijder was coming towards them. Two men behind him were holding rifles in both hands in front of their chests. Boss Luo found both of them had the same stride when walking, and the gesture they held rifles were as formal as soldiers who were waiting for a military parade.

At the very least, they received strict military training.

Sneijder approached them, taking a glance before speaking in a weird Mandarin tone, "Looks like Professor Qin Fang found several helpers. You came back this time because you discovered something new? About the thing that was stolen from us."

Professor Qin nodded, asking suddenly, "Have you went down after that?"

Sneijder thought for a while, "Yes, we sent another group there but there were no more messages from them later. Through the communication equipment, we only heard some screams and meaningless words. So we used unmanned planes to check but what we found were all the dead bodies of those who came before. They were disorderly shot dead by their partners."

"Disorderly shot?" Professor Qin frowned but was unwilling to ask the reason of their death.

Like it was probably that some mysterious power was keeping guard on the palace of the ancient tomb, another unearthly strength existed around him.

His blind eyes were healed and the old goatskin contract came out from nowhere--- though these were all achieved by deals.

"I want to go down again." Professor Qin Fang said, "I don't want to have a conflict with you guys here once more. And your purpose is merely trying to know what is buried beneath the underground palace."

As if this saying was what Sneijder expected earlier, who clapped his hands with a smile, "Since Professor Qin stole that item, I had a hunch that professor would certainly bring surprises again. So, go down please."

He gestured to invite him, and meanwhile, a scaling ladder was raised from that pit.

The helpers of Sneijder were more than imagined. The people here were like a multinational joint force.

But no matter those portable houses, the heavy equipment or their clothes, even that helicopter, neither of them carried any symbol.

Yet, Luo Qiu liked his behaviour style. At least he knew to hide his own identity and wouldn't divulge where he came from... Of course, it was not that friendly to the four who had been aimed by their weapons at such a short distance.

"I... I have a question to ask you."

Luo Qiu looked at Zhang Qingrui who walked towards him. Thinking that she had been able to bear it until now, he said 'Yes' to her.

"What do you actually do?"

Luo Qiu answered without thinking, "Well, I've inherited a special businesses, then I start to sell some weird items."

"Including the sudden recovery of the professor's eyes?" Zhang Qingrui gave a start.

"To be exact, that is considered to be a gift," Luo Qiu said coolly, "Because the professor gave more, and we are reluctant to cheat our customers."

Zhang Qingrui was stunned. She gathered up her courage and inquired after several seconds of hesitation, "Why did you tell me these?"

Luo Qiu answered as usual using the tone as if he was talking to a classmate, "It's nothing, you'll forget it after things finished here."

"Forget it? What do you mean?"

"Is that guy still in your body?" Luo Qiu asked her to stop her detailed inquiry.

This was a skill he achieved during those years because of a woman who had the gift of gab and a thirst for prying at home. So since long, Boss Luo had learned to give some questions others had to focus on, to interrupt their own questions.

As expected, when talking about herself, Zhang Qingrui became more focused on herself. She looked at that box with the skeleton in it that was being carried by the men. "I had some strange dreams."

Zhang Qingrui forced a smile. "I even heard the sound of that archaic music in my dreams, as if somebody was playing it. The first day we went to the professor's house, you wrote down the sentence of 'Hu Jia Eighteen Rhythm'. I wondered then if you knew something since then but after a second thought, it was me who dragged you to the professor's house… If I did not, will you be here now?"

"We arrived." Luo Qiu didn't say anything to comfort her... In front was the entrance leading to the underground palace that the Sneijder group had dug.

A slight hint of cold air could be sensed from the entrance. Watching this entrance, Luo Qiu could feel something much heavier.

Vaguely, he seemed to understand why Qin Chuyu chose such a roundabout way by having Professor Qin accomplish his wish through the transactions. Whatever was inside seemed to be quite hostile towards Qin Chuyu.

However, right then, Zhang Qingrui suddenly jumped down through the entrance without taking any of safety tools...

It seemed she had been possessed by the ghost once more.

Nevertheless ... If one jumped down without taking anything, it could be regarded as a leap of faith!

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