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A light-emitting… wolf?

Upon hearing this, You Ye turned her head slightly from the front passenger's seat. She then put her arms on the steering wheel.

At this time, Ms. Zhang who was listening became quite dumbfounded. The Wrangler continued driving straight ahead and was about to roll by a not small mud pit.

Obviously, she was able to drive!!

Anyway, they slid it over.

Professor Qin Fang didn't care these; instead, he continued, "Yes, it gave off white light. We found it, and it discovered us too. It turned about, looking at us from high above, both of its eyes filled with intelligence. Maybe it could be said it was measuring us with eyes, rather than looking at us."

"A wolf is the totem of the Huns," Professor Qin Fang said slowly. "The moon was round that night and it appeared exactly at the place we were seeking for! We all confirmed that the ancient map must be the real one."

"Afterward, that light wolf jumped off the hill towards us... It leaped over us, dashing along one direction! So we chased after it and finally chanced upon the place labeled on the map... The ancient tomb that has been buried underground! It was the tomb of one of the Left Sage Kings in the Huns' history! And it had never been robbed!"

"The unprecedented excitement almost shattered our mind." Qin Fang face turned gloomy, "Gao Rui was the bravest person with the best professional skills among us! We broke open a hole and after waiting for the air to be refreshed, Gao Rui took the lead and walked in."

"We never thought such a complex graveyard could be built in that period! Well, it was actually an intact underground palace. The complicated tunnels inside left us stuck in there for a long period of time. And ever since then, we have never witnessed that light wolf again. Though our food... food was almost all gone, we still not found the correct direction yet."

The professor looked outside through the window, "There seemed to be some force preventing us. In that labyrinth, we found the marks we carved again and again, which proved that we were circling the same place and had never moved forward... We were even not able to find the way back. Right then, an even more terrible mater happened to us. The wolf... The light wolf we saw! Not only one but a large amount! They came rushing out from the surrounding walls! They could weave through walls freely! They were pouncing on us! Biting our bodies! Pain! Bullets were totally useless against those light wolves and stabbing daggers into their bodies was like lunging into water! All we could do was run! Running all the way!"

"You know what?" Professor Qin Fang looked at Luo Qiu, forcing a smile suddenly. "When people despair, they would be able to do anything no matter how crazy the decision is... If we just stayed there, we would get trapped to death in that underground palace sooner or later. With no other method possible, we made the decision to use the explosives we brought, blowing up a way for us to escape."

"Do you know the consequence of detonating explosives in that underground palace?" Qin Fang looked at Luo Qiu and asked.

"It might collapse." Luo Qiu imagined the scene of that time.

Perhaps because he was feeling bitter, the professor merely gave a nod. "Finally, only I and Gao Rui's wife were still alive. In fact, his wife had a serious injury and wouldn't be able to live. Therefore, only I survived in the team."

The professor heaved a sigh, "During these years, the accident that night has been a nightmare to me. I'll never forget the sadness or the despair and the heartache of losing a good friend. I can't leave their skeletons hiding in the foreign country. I have to figure out a way to bring out their skeleton and take it back home. However, after the explosion, the ground collapsed. Plus our international relations were weak; hence, it was impossible to conduct a large-scale excavation. Furthermore, the ability to explore underground was not that advanced as that of nowadays."

The professor shook his head, "I got hurt that time, and had to bury Gao Rui's wife while taking care of their orphaned kid. I could not help but leave for the time being."

"These years, I always come here once I have the time, just to seek another way to enter. Just several months ago when I arrived once more, I met another group. Who knows where they got the clue and found out about this place. Maybe there was not only one map that was left behind. Anyhow, they didn't say the source of it."

"From the beginning, some conflicts occurred between us. But after I found they were equipped well, even with good-sized excavating tools..." Professor Qin furrowed his brows, "Some of them were domestic, while there were quite a few from foreign countries as well. It might be an overseas tomb-robbing group. And it was said that the ground nearby had been purchased by the company backing them... Because I've entered before and explained my condition, that I only want the dead bodies, hence they agreed with my demand."

"With those guys' help, it was easy to dig out the part that collapsed that time. Thus I could step into that nightmarish place again."

"The original labyrinth had been already buried long ago due to the collapsing soil. It was difficult to dig out anything, let alone finding a way. That group of people started to search around the excavated space using other instruments. At last, they came to an unexpected conclusion... There was another floor under the buried level in this underground palace!"

"This discovery was way too shocking! A double layered and enormous underground palace! We couldn't imagine that, in those remote times, how the ancient people managed to create such an amazing building! How did they calculate those supporting points and how could they design a labyrinth that confused people... But one point was confirmed. That was, in such a complicated labyrinth, there must not be merely some common ancient cultural relics stored there!"

"They couldn't wait to dig again, hence they blew open the ground of the first floor directly. Then we followed them, going deep into the second floor... This skeleton was discovered on the second floor. A stone coffin which was buried into the mudstone of the first layer had been found open. I estimated that the coffin had been buried due to the explosion we ignited which destabilized the weak spots all around thus burying it."

"They first brought out the broken coffin with mudstone gingerly because it was the first finding. After that, I joined them in exploring this second-layered labyrinth. However, we met those light wolves one more time!"

"I told them how terrible they were. Yet those people didn't believe me; instead, they intended to strike back due to the modern weapons they held." Qin Fang smiled bitterly. "But I know the horror of those light wolves... So I fled."

"Later, there was no message about those guys. I sensed things might turn worse, so I escaped back by myself while taking that coffin with me under the cover of chaos... Well, you know the rest."

Luo Qiu nodded, starting to analyze the information.

At that moment, the brakes of the Wrangler were stepped on. Zhang Qingrui turned about. "We seemed to get there but the situation is not that good."

There was a large hollow ahead. And then, a buzzing sound was emitting from that large hollow.

Two streaks of strong lights could be seen. A helicopter slowly emerged from that enormous hole!

There was a man standing on each door of the helicopter. They were holding automatic rifles in their hands, obviously aiming at this small Wrangler!

"Professor Qin Fang! You're here! I knew you would come back! Did you bring back what you stole from us?"

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