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The situation had already entered into an unexplainable realm for Zhang Qingrui.

She suddenly became terrified of the dialogue going on between Luo Qiu and Professor Qin Fang. Besides, the woman called You Ye kept watching her with a spurious smile, which made Zhang Qingrui feel that her body was turning stiff.

Now, the prairie seemed too chilly to her.

An amazing thing happened the next few seconds. Luo Qiu's hand swept passed both of Qin Fang's eyes gently and the latter regain his vision.

This sudden change made Zhang Qingrui recall those who sold quack medicines for two coppers to deceive people. But… this was definitely not false.

Professor Qin Fang fell silent after he regained his vision. Soon, he walked to those people that were beaten down on the ground.

Zhang Qingrui caught the cold look that flashed across the professor's face and asked, "What's he going to do?"

"You had better get back to the car," Luo Qiu said coolly. "Well, it's nothing if you can accept the sight."

Zhang Qingrui opened her mouth due to the shock but she understood the real meaning of this sentence.

One shot, one kill. Qin Fang opened fire towards the heads of all the fallen men unambiguously--- Simply put, he was killing people. She had heard from her grandmother, that some of the people who had robbed tombs back in those years were extremely savage. It was common for several people, even a whole team, to be cheated and murdered. However, her family only needed the treasures buried underground; hence, they wouldn't participate in other matters.

Civilization had developed a lot now but the danger of this industry had never been reduced.

How could the 21-year-old Ms. Zhang manage to cultivate the ability to calm herself so well? Not screaming now is the best result from all her grandmother's teachings.

Qin Fang came back without any different expressions on his face after killing. Rather, he said calmly, "Those are not all the enemies. I wonder if their people might be waiting near the entrance of the ancient tomb. If these guys didn't report back, the people over there should know something happened."

"Don't worry, Mr. Qin." You Ye took the place of her boss in comforting him. "Since we promised you, we'll help achieve your wish."

"Then let's hit the road." Qin Fang nodded, then asking after a second of hesitation, "Chuyu… is she around here?"

Luo Qiu, on the other hand, asked a question unrelated to the answer, "Professor, are you able to drive?"

A frown appeared on Qin Fang's face. He gave up making a detailed inquiry and merely answered calmly, "I need rest to recover my energy."

Luo Qiu nodded.

To Zhang Qingrui's surprise, she became the driver of the Wrangler Jeep.

"I don't have a driving license, so I can't."--- Luo Qiu's exact words.

"Well… Since Master won't drive, me either."--- Ms. Servant Girl's exact words.

This was her most wonderful, but also her worst experience, ever since she was born. Zhang Qingrui sighed… yet strangely, the excitement in her heart became stronger and stronger, slowly replacing the fear that kept becoming fainter and fainter.

At this time, Luo Qiu was sitting in the backseat with the professor, communicating with each other.

Actually, it was mostly the professor that was speaking on his own--- perhaps he knew he didn't have much time left, so wanted to leave behind his own story.

"That happened 2 decades ago…"

Professor Qin Fang used to be a famous expert in this field. However, many individuals in this field chose to use code names, avoiding using their real identities.

There were only two people initially, going through fire and water. After that, the team gradually enlarged, becoming a big team little by little. They couldn't satisfy their inflated ambitions to dig out objects with only the history of hundreds of years. Instead, they became more interested in those thousand-year-old treasures.

"My partner, Gao Rui, bought a bronze pot in the market. But it was broken at the bottom because of a mistake during the transportation. That was the beginning of everything."

The professor was lost in his memory, "We found a map at the broken part. That pot should be a cultural relic from last period of Han Dynasty(around AD 220-280). The site marked on the map could have been some buried treasures, graveyard or something even more wonderful."

The professor suddenly showed a slight smile, "I still remember the excitement on that brat's, Gao Rui's face. Well, I was also too impatient to wait."

"We'd studied it for over 1 year, looking through many ancient books and finally located the place on the map." Qin Fang paused then continued, "Brat Gao Rui just got married not long ago, so we started off when his kid was one year old… I remember that it was the start of fall and it rained for a while. The name of his kid hadn't been given ever since she was born. On the day we set out, Gao Rui said the name must be given, so named her after the weather, Chuyu( the first rain)."

"I, Gao Rui and his wife, with 5 other brothers arrived at the prairie without stopping after we received the official documents of leaving the country." Professor Qin Fang observed the dim scenery through the window. "It was exactly this prairie."

"I remember, we had explored this area for a full two months that time. Some members of the team became impatient and started to doubt the facticity of this map. Gao Rui's wife missed the kid at home and wanted to return back. Because of this matter, the couple had quarreled a few times."

"One more month passed and most members felt depressed. Even I too." Professor Qin's face changed. "I remember that night… It was as quiet as tonight, which made people feel a sense of stifling dreadfulness!"

"We were discussing about the matter of leaving because after 3 months' searching, the new year was coming up and everyone was eager to go back home, especially those who got married. Yet as we were about to make a decision, one brother who went pee ran back in panic."

Qin Fang gazed at Luo Qiu. Those eyes seem to contain the same excited expression like him on that day. "He said he found something! On a hillside nearby!"

Qin Fang breathed deeply. "What we saw was a scene that none of us could forget for the rest of our lives."

Luo Qiu thought that the words said by the professor seemed like his last words before death. It needed to be listened to carefully, yet he felt annoyed about it.

'Can't you say it quickly…'

"A wolf. A wolf that emitted white light all over its body was looking up at the heavens!"

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