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Afterward, Zhang Qingrui felt her mind blanked out for a good long while before she realized the situation.

A few pathetic screeches came from the front.

"You… Why are you here?"

This question was what Boss Luo wanted to ask her. He answered, "I came for the professor."

While thinking about the warning words from the professor a while ago, Zhang Qingrui retreated half a step automatically.

"Don't think too much." Luo Qiu glanced at Zhang Qingrui before turning about.

Looking along his vision, Zhang Qingrui saw something… The figure was more and more clearly seen in the night sky, being reflected under the remaining flame--- The beautiful lady being with Luo Qiu she had met in the aeroplane.

His girlfriend?

She vaguely remembered this girl's name was You Ye… Last time, she wore pretty fashionably, with a memorable temperament. Yet, the person she saw at present was wearing a black long-sleeve sweater, camouflage pants and climbing boots.

A proverb could describe her, 'Like an orchid while calm, like a running rabbit while moving.'

What frightened Zhang Qingrui was, even though You Ye walked slowly, but at her back… on the ground were three men being dragged, following after her.

Luo Qiu knew they just fainted.

He came this time for wiping part of Professor Qin Fang's memory… Since he owned such a capable servant girl---You Ye, the lazy boss didn't intend to explain or hide anything from Zhang Qingrui.

Throwing the three men aside, then followed by throwing the first two men which were knocked down, at the same place, You Ye looked at her master. She walked towards Qin Fang with a tacit understanding, holding his forehead by her hands.

After a while.

"Master, he didn't get shot." You Ye raised her head with soft words, "Just some symptom showing their effect… Well, he did bring some medicine to control it himself but had no time to take it."

The professor's face was pale. Blood even flowed from his nostrils.


"Cerebral Cancer." You Ye stood up, "It's impossible to be cured with the current medical level. He might have less than 2 months."

Luo Qiu nodded, squatting and searching through the pockets of the professor's clothes.

A small bottle was found in the breast pocket, with no instruction. Luo Qiu poured out one tablet, looking up to Zhang Qingrui. "Is there some water?"

Zhang Qingrui gaped, nodding before getting a bottle of water in her car. She had to put aside the numerous questions for now until the professor had been saved.

Was there any other partner nearby who was with those terrorists? The purpose Luo Qiu sought the professor for… the girl called You Ye… and that superb martial arts skill… besides, Master?'

She was sure she didn't mishear the sentence.

Ms. Zhang sensed she would not be safe anywhere. She had to force herself to calm down and wait for the opportunity to communicate.

Soon after taking the medicine, Professor Qin Fang came round with a cough. He massaged his forehead, looking around with his hazy sight.

Both of his students and a woman he never met before.

"Luo Qiu… Did you save me?"

Professor Qin Fang had assembled an expedition during his early years so he was used to experiencing dangers during the time while traveling.

Speaking of calmness, Zhang Qingrui's was no match for the extreme calmness of the old man who was over 50.

"I've been to your home and the basement of the professor's as well." Luo Qiu simply explained, "There were still some records on the camera that the professor hadn't erased in time yet."

Qin Fang gazed at Luo Qiu with doubt. "I've heard of some odd people and their amazing achievements. In our field of work, mostly we try to avoid those disordered beings and strange powers… but it seems I could not avoid encountering it at last."

He shook his head, taking a deep breath before barely standing up. "But no matter how, I'm determined to enter the ancient tomb. Save your power if you intend to foil me.

"Professor Qin Fang, based on your current physical condition, you may collapse at any time. You probably will not have the chance to arrive at your destination." You Ye gave him a reminder gently.

"Who are you?" Qin Fang asked, "Why do you know my…"

Speaking of which, Qin Fang looked around, stretching out his hands to touch in front and asking nervously, "Did the fire get put out?"

He suddenly felt his vision turning dark, losing sight of everything.

Luo Qiu paused for a moment before answering in suspicion, "The fire is still there, only a little weaker."

Hearing this, Qin Fang's body quivered slightly. He touched his eyes, lifting his head up to see the sky.

At least, the starlight could be seen in the night sky of the prairie.

Professor Qin Fang let out a long sigh. "Really… the doctor said that I may go blind these days."

He forced a smile with some despair in his heart. "I didn't think I would have to stop here. I… have no way to go in again?"

"The student ahead can help you, only if it is your strongest desire."

All of a sudden, Qin Fang heard a vague voice… It was from his adopted daughter, Qin Chuyu, whom he was quite familiar through 20 years of coexisting.

"Chuyu? Or is it my illusion?"

Professor Qin Fang looked nervous. Luo Qiu's look furrowed his brows, looking towards a direction while thinking of something.

The weird Taoist, using the excuse she didn't want to have a direct meeting, didn't show herself.

At this moment, Qin Fang begged, "Luo Qiu… Can you take me in? If you are willing to bring me in, I can give you all my property! You should have the ability."

How did it feel to have business coming so suddenly?

Give directions to Professor Qin Fang, so that he spoke out his strongest yearning… seemed to be part of the way Ms. Taoist paid back the care and upbringing over those years.

Yu Sanniang could see the former boss so many years ago was perhaps due to understanding that the club accepted everybody--- or it could be said, she had seen through the essence, that the club loved to do this kind of transaction with pleasure ever since long ago.

Except, from the view of a person with special abilities, she should be able to help Professor Qin Fang as well.

Was she loath to do a favor or was it some other reasons that stopped her from helping?

Nevertheless, Qin Chuyu wasn't aware that this new club boss behaved as he liked. She thought Luo Qiu wouldn't enter the game until he was promised some benefits.

In fact, since arriving at the prairie, Luo Qiu also had the intention to go into the old tomb based on an adventurous impulse.

Yet, before he expressed this thought, Ms. Taoist had already gotten to the heart of the matter… She may have done it out of kind-heartedness but it was a terrible thing, setting off the transaction rules of the club.

Under these rules, Luo Qiu was not Luo Qiu… Instead, he was Boss Luo.

"As you wish, dear guest," Luo Qiu said slowly. "However, we don't accept money as the transaction fee…"

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