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The grass on the prairie, dies and blooms in a cycle, year after year.

Zhang Qingrui thought of this poem miraculously. She was now sitting in a Jeep Wrangler, traversing through the prairie.

There was a large temperature difference between day and night. Zhang Qingrui unconsciously wrapped her clothing around her more tightly.

The heavy look could be seen from the professor's eyes. His words also became less since they entered the prairie. She didn't know how to describe it, merely sensing a slight hint determination from the professor.

The Jeep Wrangler drove for approximately 3 hours before eventually stopping in front of a soil pit. The professor locked the car and hung the key on his neck.

Zhang Qingrui smiled bitterly due to his caution.

Regardless of her waning intention to flee, only the pistol the professor carried about with him forbid her to step back.

After that, the professor set up the camping tent, picking some dry branches, lighting a fire and boiling the brick tea and adding some cheese finally. Whereupon, pure and fascinating scent spread about around the campfire.

Zhang Qingrui hands held the tepid milk tea, huddling and sitting at the edge of the fire while looking at the swaying flame in the steppe strong wind. It felt like demons were dancing madly.

Right the moment, Professor Qin Fang threw her some bags of chocolate biscuit, which could supply energy fast. There was no need for any special manners to eat at such a place. Hence, Zhang Qingrui tore open a bag, revealing a smile of self-mockery as her behavior of hiding a big bread was sort of embarrassing.

"Why do you laugh?"

Zhang Qingrui was stunned, but she reacted fast and replied thoughtlessly, "I just thought Luo Qiu would be coming to your house in vain, due to being unaware of your matters."

"You'd better avoid contact with that guy."

Zhang Qingrui shifted her attention to Professor Qin Fang curiously. She didn't understand why the professor was so afraid of Luo Qiu.

She fell silent. "It's true he's an eccentric student and always skips classes but it's unfair to count him as a bad person. Instead, he's a very quiet student."

Professor Qin Fang said stonily, "A quiet person will be even scarier."

Zhang Qingrui didn't refute him. It was said that honest people do not get mad easily. However, once they are enraged, even the god and ghosts will be somewhat scared.

The professor had lived half of his life, he was generous with plentiful of experiences. There must be some reason for him to do such crazy actions now. According to her impression of him, he should not shame a person intentionally, right?

"You're much more unperturbed than I thought."

Professor Qin Fang broke the silence after a while.

Zhang Qingrui didn't know whether it was because they were about to arrive the destination and he had a hint of anxiety hiding behind the craziness, hence desired communication.

"Keep calm when you encounter problems, especially large troubles." Zhang Qingrui watched the campfire, "My grandmother taught me this since I'm young."

Professor Qin Fang agreed, "Mrs. Zhang is this kind of person who would instruct people this way."

"Professor… Did you know my grandmother?"

The professor answered fishily, "In the hometown of your grandmother--- The Li Family, used to make a fortune out of dead people. Even if her peers might not know her they would have heard of her. You're the only successor of Gu Yue Zhai, don't you know about those businesses?"

Zhang Qingrui fell silent.

Professor Qin Fang seemed to speak more this time. Therefore, Zhang Qingrui gathered up the courage, "Professor, whom does the skeleton belong to?"

"I'm not quite clear of that, but…" Professor Qin Fang frowned.

This question seemed to have reminded him of something in his heart. Zhang Qingrui observed him a little more intensely. Nevertheless, just at this moment--- Boom!!

A thunder-like sound was let out abruptly on the endless prairie!

Zhang Qingrui was startled and that sound rang out in succession before she reacted.

The bullets hit the ground and the raising dust could be clearly seen under the blazing light. Several streaks of headlights were shining towards them in the distance!

Professor Qin Fang gritted his teeth and rushed towards Zhang Qingrui furiously, grasping her arm and dashing aside to hide behind a soil slope.

There was no use keeping calm in this case!

Under the rain of bullets, Zhang Qingrui hands held her head, huddling against herself while asking in panic, "Professor… Who are those guys?

"They are a crowd of unscrupulous bastards, fiercer than lions and tigers." As Professor Qin Fang was talking, he squatted and observed the front, "I took a detour to evade those guys; however, they still found us!"

Qin Fang deeply breathed, pulling out a pistol tied at his waist and passing it to Zhang Qingrui, "It's the time to inspect if 'keeping calm' is useless or not. If you do not want to die, shoot them."

Zhang Qingrui felt the heavy pistol with bullets, whereas the professor said, "When I count to three, rush to the jeep as soon as possible. If we get on it, at least we have the chance to escape."

Zhang Qingrui nodded with a pale face, taking a deep breath to stabilize her trembling arms. To avoid quivering, she had to hold the gun with both hands, waiting with extreme tension for the signal which the professor will send.

"One, two…"

Professor Qin Fang legs thrust against the ground, then lifted up his clothes to take out the other hidden pistol, before grimly firing some shots towards the attacking side, "Three!!"

Only one thought did Zhang Qingrui keep in mind now--- jumping into the jeep as fast as possible. It was about 10 meters' distance, not difficult to Zhang Qingrui who had a habit of exercising.

But every second to her was long.

Her heart had never beaten so quickly. Just as she was about to touch the car where Zhang Qingrui felt like that there was hope to survive--- She looked back by instinct, but saw Professor Qin Fang fall behind her.


A look of extreme pain appeared across Qin Fang's face.

Immediately, Zhang Qingrui became hesitant, to continue heading to the car or going back to save the professor.

Nevertheless, unexpectedly, there was no longer a need to waver.

Because two men dressed in racing apparels had shown up behind the Jeep Wrangler… When did they appear? They might have approached the jeep in advance and hid on the other side.

Zhang Qingrui thought that but could only retreat for now. Both the two men looked grim, walking step by step towards her.

Comparing with the two automatic rifles they held, Zhang Qingrui felt her small pistol was a joke.

However, she still aimed at them. Except the gun kept swaying due to her trembling from fear.

The two looked at each other, sneering in disdain. One whistled, while the other pulled the trigger.

The bullets were shot to the soil in front of Zhang Qingrui, causing a fistful of dust to rise.

The man seemed to have fun, giving bursts of fire constantly, which made Zhang Qingrui panic like a cat on a hot pan.

However, things turned for the worse for them. Such humiliation had ultimately broken the tense nerves of Ms. Zhang


Zhang Qingrui turned pale and ignored whether she had any experience in firearms, pulling the trigger mercilessly, shooting crazily!!

Bang, Bang, Bang!!!!

The bullets were shot near both men, giving them a fright. They rolled about on the ground for a short time; however, Ms. Zhang ran out the bullets soon.

"F*ckin B*tch!"

Taking the advantage of the moment she stopped shooting, the man that opened fire laughed coldly, drawing out a dagger from his boots and rushing towards her first!

Right then, the man screamed and was flung into the air, like a kite with a broken string.

A figure appeared ahead of Zhang Qingrui from nowhere. It knocked down the other man within a few seconds with terrifying attacking ability.

She didn't see the person clearly, merely knew it was a woman. She didn't appear to intend on staying. With a slight jump, her body went over the slope, going towards the other side.

Ms. Zhang was dumbfounded due to the scene that felt like it was added with special effects. In the meantime, footsteps were heard from the back!

Zhang Qingrui turned about, raising the pistol without bullets and aiming in haste.

"Take it easy."

"Luo, Luo Qiu!"

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